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Top 5 Arcade Games for Real Money

Top 5 Arcade Games for Real Money

Top 5 Arcade Games for Real Money

Online casinos using Playtech software are known to offer a wide range of Arcade games available both in a fun mode and real money. Though these games are not everyone’s cup of tea, they have intriguing gameplay and offer chances of winning real money. Unlike other gambling games that have embraced new technology, most arcade games have maintained the same concept since the 70s. In this article, we have listed our top five arcade games at casinos today.

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 Best Arcade Games

Arcade games belong to the special category of online casino games. They comprise different types of video games like a pinball and others. These games are now available in leading online casinos in the industry. Most Playtech arcade games are not different from childhood games at school.

This means they are fun to play and provide multiple ways to win real money with the best sites at CasinoDeps list with a lot of reliable operators. Playtech arcade games also guarantee total entertainment and high payouts, that’s why they are the best alternative for the usual casino games. High quality games including puzzle games, racing games, sports games and fun arcade games. The following are the top 5 arcade games that you can try out either for fun or real money at Playtech powered online casinos:

Cash Blox


Cash Blox by Playtech is a fantastic game that resembles the good old Tetris game. This game is optimized to be played on all devices, including smartphones, tablets and personal computers. The interface is quite simple to understand, with all the betting options outlined on the screen. The goal of the game is to fill the whole playing area. The highest rewarding valuables are the doubles, triple and quads.

Keno Game

kenoKeno is another exciting game that you often come across under the ‘Specialty Games’ category in Playtech powered games. The best part about this game is that both low and high roller players can play it as it accepts different denominations. The objective of the game is to let the ball fall on a series of selected numbers. The amount you win will depend on the matched numbers. Playtech’s Keno Game can be played for free or real money across all devices.

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Pop Bingo

pop bingoThis is a 90-ball version of Bingo available in the bluechip app, and Playtech powered online casinos. It has a fast loading speed and fun to play as well. To start, the player is given a card marked with 15 numbers. The player then pops the balls on the screen at the right while trying to hit the selected numbers on the left. The amount you’ll win depends on how fast the balls will land on the numbers listed on the left. Also, the game rules will vary depending on the number of pops it took to hit the bingo!


knockoutThis is a free arcade game by Playtech, whereby you’re supposed to hit the opponent. The amount you win will be based on the set multipliers. You can wager from 10 cents to 100 dollars an any Playtech powered online casino. The gameplay is quite straightforward at this well-tested application, and you can start with the trial mode before you gamble for real money. Unfortunately, there are no bonus payouts in this boxing arcade game.

Derby Day

derby dayWith the Derby Day arcade game, you get to enjoy on-demand and on-track betting experience. It has a wide betting range from 10 cents up to a maximum of $100. Some Playtech casinos allow you to stake on up to 10 wagers per race, meaning you can win up to $1000 per run. The exciting thing about the Playtech game is that you can bet on a particular horse to win, place or show. You’re provided with the Pick IV-V feature that lets you predict finishing places for four or five of the six horses.