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The Safest Online Casinos 2023 – How To Choose

The Safest Online Casinos 2023 – How To Choose

Gambling is directly related to money. That is why it is so important to choose the most reliable New Zealand online casino to play in. Any newbie gambler is bound to encounter scammers. And his fears are justified. After all, there are enough portals with fake slots on the Internet. The question is how to protect your safety, how to find an honest and reliable licensed casino to play for money? There are methods that allow you to check the activity of the resource and assess its reliability. From the review below you will learn what are the most important criteria to pay attention to in order to assess the honesty and reliability of the club.

What Are Script Casinos?

A script is a specific code in a program. It gave the name to script casinos – these are fraudulent sites aimed at deceiving their users. Honest clubs use slots provided by their official manufacturers. In this case, the operator can not make any changes to the slots for real money. Thus, it does not affect your winnings in any way.

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Slots with a script are hacked programs that have a third-party script code embedded in them. It affects the operation of the machine, reducing the probability of winning. The use of scripts in casinos leads to the fact that the gambler only spends money, or rarely receives small winnings that do not pay off the bets. Of course, script codes show that all games installed on the site are fake. Script codes in slots are illegal, their installation is prosecuted by manufacturers. No honest platform will install such programs on its site, only scammers do it.

How to Make a Rating of Reliable Online Casinos in 2023

The Period of Work of a Gambling Club

The next criterion that we take into account when compiling a casino rating with integrity control is the period of existence of the site. By itself, a long period of operation of a gambling portal does not confirm anything. However, the longer the casino exists – the more reviews about it on the Internet. If it is a scripted club, it will very quickly gain a negative reputation among players. Such an institution simply will not exist for 10 or 20 years on the market – it will lose all users too quickly. Therefore, if you see a casino without verification with a good reputation and a long period of existence, it confirms its honest activity and stable payments.

Audits: Control of Casino Integrity

Audits are another means of controlling casino integrity. This is a comprehensive assessment carried out by special certifying bodies with an impeccable reputation. The most famous of such organizations is Ecogra. This is a British testing agency that deals with player protection and compliance with gambling standards. Ecogra was the first in the world to offer a regulation program in the field of gambling. The badge of this organization on the site confirms that it is a verified platform that meets the best international standards. Marks that indicate verified online casinos are usually placed at the bottom of the page. Next to them there may be symbols of payment systems, 18+ mark, etc.

Original Slots Directly From Providers

The main condition that distinguishes honest casinos from scripted ones is the use of official software directly from providers. The official software means that the slot machine manufacturer transfers the program to the gambling establishment without the possibility to make any changes to it. Therefore, clubs are sometimes called slot machine operators, showing that they do not manage slots. They simply provide them to customers “as is”, acting as a platform for gambling. Therefore, no safe platform will use fake games on its website. There are several ways to check whether an operator uses official slots. First, in this case, honest online casinos do not place the logos of providers at the bottom of the page as a sign of cooperation. Secondly, you can always look for the names of official sites on the resources of slot machine manufacturers. Or even send them a request to confirm this cooperation.

Honest Bonuses and Promotions From Online Casinos

Perhaps there is not a single gambling establishment that would not offer bonuses to its users. However, the quality of these promotions is very different. If on some gambling resources you can easily get bonuses, then in others it is unrealistic to wager and withdraw them. You can evaluate casino promotions even before registration. To do this, just read their terms and conditions carefully.

First of all, pay attention to what bonuses the site gives and how easy it is to get them. If to participate in the promotion you need to replenish the deposit for half a salary or play slots for a huge amount, you have come across scammers. The promotion is designed so that almost no one can take part in it. Another important indicator is the wager. A review of statistics shows that the real wagering wager cannot exceed x50. The more it is from this indicator – the less chances to withdraw bonus money.

Deposit and Withdrawal Speed

Of course, the most important thing in casino payouts is their honesty. If the portal freezes money on the account and refuses to withdraw it under far-fetched reasons, all its other advantages are meaningless. At the same time, a gambling resource can honestly make payments but still not have a reputation of a reliable site such as Captain Cooks casino online. This happens if payments are delayed or have a very low withdrawal speed. After all, who wants to wait for their money for several weeks. This definitely does not encourage playing slots on such a site. Another important factor is the restriction on depositing and withdrawing money. Too high minimum limits show that the online resource is doing everything to prevent you from withdrawing your funds.

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Data Security: SSL Encryption

Secure data transfer protocol is a mandatory security measure in modern casinos. It allows you to control access to your personal information. And most importantly, thanks to SSL connection, no one can steal your payment card details when you make a deposit. Therefore, it is very important to choose for registration only those sites that guarantee the reliability of the connection. In particular, this is a prerequisite for the resource to enter our TOP.

Support Service and Assistance to Gamblers

Have you encountered clubs whose technical support does not respond to requests? Or responds in a week with a standard unsubscribe? Then you know why a real support service is so important for gamblers.

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Among the requirements for licensed casinos, there is even a condition for really working technical support. After all, it is she who helps customers of the institution with all the problems on the site, including difficulties with withdrawal, etc.

Evaluation of Real Players About The Gambling Club

Player reviews are the best way to control the reputation of the site. It is enough to read reviews on the Internet to understand whether the institution pays winnings, what is the speed of payments, whether it is suspected of fraud, etc. It is important to understand that even the best “white” online casinos can have negative comments about their work. After all, there are always gamblers who are unlucky. However, the situation can be assessed by the ratio of negative and positive comments. And also by what exactly is written in them.