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The Perfect Gaming Categories for Brainiacs

The Perfect Gaming Categories for Brainiacs

Feel as though you’re just a little smarter than the average person? If you enjoy gaming, too, then you might find that some video games just don’t give you the challenge that you’d expected. Sometimes it’s nice to breeze through the levels, but when things get too easy, even the video games with the best graphics can feel a little dull. If all of this sounds familiar, then maybe you’re choosing games from the wrong categories. This is our list of the very best gaming genres for those who are intellectually gifted.

Card Games

First up are card games. They’re easily accessible, and there is a ton of information online about how to play the vast majority of them. Those who enjoy playing for money should probably focus on poker or blackjack, and when it comes to how to play poker, you could spend hours in a YouTube deep dive or get properly engrossed in a Google search. There’s so much information on cards that just researching new strategies can become a hobby in itself.

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Plus, once you feel like you’ve mastered one card game, there’s always another to move on to. In terms of where to play card games, other than in real life with a deck of actual cards, casino sites are a good option for many of them. Beyond this, the classic games of Solitaire and Hearts come as standard with Microsoft computers, so you don’t even need to be online to enjoy those!

Puzzle Games

Next up are puzzle games. These could mean jigsaw puzzles on the kitchen table, but nowadays, it’s possible to play exactly these kinds of games online and on your smartphone, too. Online jigsaw puzzles have a huge benefit that you don’t need to tidy them away when you want to pause your play. These sorts of games will suit those with high visual intelligence. So, if you often notice yourself spotting patterns in things, then you ought to give online jigsaws a go. Of course, it isn’t just jigsaw puzzles that fit into this category; things like daily riddle apps are puzzles too, and they will suit people who have strong lateral thinking skills. A daily riddle can be a great way to warm up your brain before a day at the office.

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Word Games

If your kind of intelligence is more related to language, then you’ll likely want to investigate word games some more. There are all different kinds that you can play: some that will test your vocabulary, some that will test your understanding of how words are created, and others that might test your pattern-spotting skills.

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Scrabble is a great choice for those with an excellent vocabulary, but you’ll need to have a strategic brain and be quick at mental mathematics in order to make the most of the special score squares. Wordle is a brilliant choice for those who enjoy linguistics, as you’ll want to understand the most common combinations of letters in your quest to find the five-letter word of the day. Finally, word searches will suit those who enjoy games from the puzzle category, as spotting patterns is the name of the game here!