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The History of Slot Games and How They Have Evolved Over Time

The History of Slot Games and How They Have Evolved Over Time

Whether online or land-based, every casino on the planet features tons of slot machines for enthusiastic players. You can play with coins, credit cards, or even cryptocurrencies, and every time you pull the lever, wish for the jackpot! Do you hear the sound of your upcoming monetary prize that’ll liberate you? Carry a clover for luck because you might be in for a loss or a starburst!

Slots are in everyone’s thoughts, and it is one of the most popular casino games, if not the most popular of all time. Therefore, this article will introduce slot games excitingly for those interested in learning more about them. We’ll start from the old days to tell their story and how they developed over the years to become what they are today.

The History of the Slots Machine

There are several milestones in the history of slot machines, and they contributed to their widespread popularity in today’s gambling world. The following are the most impactful ones:


The history of the slots is as old as the times, and it first dates back to the late 19th century. Sittman and Pitt created the first-ever machine in 1891. Five drums and a total of fifty playing cards. It cost a nickel to start the bet; all you had to do was insert the coin and pull the lever. If you were lucky enough to strike a win, payment would be at the bar, a free drink, and a cigar.


In 1902 slot machines were banned. However, some manufacturers continued producing them, and it became the era of fruit. New machines would use fruit symbols instead of the usual card deck figures. You could win yourself chewing gum and a handful of sweets resembling the fruit flavors.


If you like honey, then you’d certainly like Money Honey. In 1964 the first electromechanical machine was released. You still had to pull the lever, but it was entirely operated by electricity. It was also the first machine to introduce automatic payout, and you could win as many as 500 coins!

Spot the Slot. It Is Fey or Sittman and Pitt

You can only say that you played the slots once you’ve played the Liberty Bell. Despite Sittman and Pitt’s brilliant contributions, they were sadly overlooked as soon as Fey entered the picture.

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Charles Fey was titled the father of slot machines, and they even compared him to Thomas Edison. For all his trials and variations that he introduced to the slot games. We, indeed, dare say he was a visionary. He made significant changes to eliminate cheating and cunning skills. He knew how to avert problems. A favorite among the proprietors but not among the scam artists.

Who is Charles Fey?

Both historians and gamblers agree that Charles Fey was the inventor of the infamous slot machine. The mighty Liberty Bell was the first to display an automated payout system, and it used symbols that we recognize in the machines we use today. August Fey was born in Bavaria in the year 1862. Gus wasn’t such a big fan of his nickname, so he decided to change it, which led us to know him as the famous Charles Fey.

His love for mechanics began at a young age, and he discovered it while working at a farm manufacturing equipment. He traveled a lot before he settled in the United States of America, where he worked on various things, such as compasses, calculators, and chronometers. He even worked with telephones and electrical equipment. He launched his own company with a fellow coworker. They both went on to create their own versions of slot games, and together they came up with the automated payment system.

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Somewhere between 1887 & 1898, Charles Fey and his coworker stumbled upon one of their most popular innovations. It was called the 4-11-44. After that, he left his business partner and started a separate business.

Color Me Impressed

Slot machines have certainly made their way into the digital age. When it first started, it wasn’t a welcomed change, and it took away from the thrill of the casino lights, sounds, and, most importantly, that slot lever.

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The new era “online era,” came and shed some hope for online players introducing breathtaking animations. They added incentives making the game much more interesting by offering bonuses and unlimited or free rounds.

It has made the game accessible; traveling won’t get in the way of your gaming habits. Internet access means that you can take your game wherever you want to—no more waiting for someone to get off the machine. Get your personalized self-picked machine with the variety that websites and online apps offer.

If you’re looking for your next best local spot to catch a thrill, sensibly have some fun. Suppose you’re a player who likes to enjoy premium slots with luring and captivating animation. Looking to spend a funky evening unwinding from the stress of the day. Then online slot games are what you’re looking for.