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How to Earn UEC in Star Citizen – Beginner Guide

How to Earn UEC in Star Citizen – Beginner Guide

Star Citizen is massive both in terms of size and gameplay, so this justifies all the delays in the final release. For now, the Alpha version of Star Citizen is alive that comes up with most of the features that the final version will also contain. The Alpha version is a testing version, so gamers can look for room for improvement and provide feedback to developers. The grinding for Star Citizen UEC and other stuff remains the same in both versions. For beginners, this Star Citizen money-making guide features a ranking of the best methods to earn United Earth Credits.

Delivery Missions

If you complete enough delivery missions, you can make anywhere from thirty to forty thousand credits in just one hour. There is no combat involved in these missions, so the risk is very low, but you may need a spaceship with good storage to keep all that stuff. The best way to double up your income with this method is by taking multiple delivery missions with the destination on the same route and completing them in one go. The world of Star Citizen is vast, and your ship will burn fuel.

Skimmer Missions

This method is the easiest method that you can opt for united earth credits. It enables you to earn anywhere from five to ten thousand credits for each mission, and you can complete between five to ten missions in one hour.

Bounty Hunting

If you want to enjoy the fighting side of Star Citizen, bounty-hunting missions are your best option, but they are intense to a great extent. Although you can do these missions on basic spaceships, avenger spaceships are recommended. They are very rewarding, and you can make around one hundred thousand credits with just one hour of grinding. You will sign a contract with those who are providing you with the bounty mission.


When it comes to mining resources in Star Citizen, there are three steps involved that you should remember, and they are given below.

● Scanning

● Fracturing

● Extraction

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If you are on a planet where there are many mining nodes, you can start mining. This starts with scanning for resources. Once you identify a resource, the next step is to fracture it with a high-power laser beam or some other mining method. After the node is fractured, you have to extract it and load it in the cargo holding area of your ship. Once the cargo is full, the next step is to travel to any nearby port or hub to sell these resources.

Hand Mining

Hand mining is the same as mining in terms of functionalities, and only the methods are changed here. Sometimes, you may also find fractured resources on a planet. If you find some, you can collect them with portable devices. Hand mining will take more time, but there is zero investment here. These hand-mined resources can be sold at shipping and trading consoles abroad space stations. These special portable devices are available at shops on space stations, and they are a must-have tool for miners.

Escorting Missions

In escorting missions, you will need to escort a non-playing character to their destination and charge them credits for this purpose. The risk of these missions is that you will have to avoid pirates because these NPCs are high profile in most cases. Go prepared for escorting missions, as you don’t know who is waiting for you ahead. Enemies won’t target just the NPC but you and your ship as well. If you go unprepared, you may lose your ship. If you need a good ship,  Buy Star Citizen aUEC to get it from the store.

Personal Missions

Personal missions are the highest-paid missions in Star Citizen, but they are very difficult and require a lot of time. According to professional space voyagers, these missions are riskers compared to bounty hunting missions where you need to fight.

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There are many roles in Star Citizen, and one of them is mercenary, which means being a hired gun. These missions involve combat, so you need a good ship and skills. If you have done any security work in Star Citizen, you will easily become a mercenary. Once you are hired, you will be assigned targets that you have to take out. Most of the time, these targets are outlaws declared by the government, so the payout is good.

Shared Missions

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Shared missions have less revenue, but you have to do less work because the work is divided among all the participants. Once you accept a mission in Star Citizen from the contract manager section, you will need to share it on the platform, and other players will accept your invite. You can also make new friends in shared missions.

 Box Delivery Missions

Box delivery missions are similar to cargo hauling missions, and it is easy money in most cases. After accepting a box delivery mission, you will have to travel to a location and load the box onto the ship to deliver it to the given address.

Cargo Hauling (mid-tier)

By completing mid-tier cargo hauling missions, you can earn around one hundred thousand United Earth Credits in one hour. You will have to determine a route for completing these missions where you can accomplish multiple missions and less fuel is required. There is a separate route calculator in Star Citizen where you can check for all the costs of the mission. Although the option to haul legal or illegal cargo is available, you should haul legal cargo to avoid dealing with the law.

Cargo Hauling (high-tier)

As the name suggests, high-tier cargo hauling missions will also earn you three hundred thousand or more credits in just one hour because of the value of the cargo. These are similar to mid-tier cargo hauling missions. The key is to set a good route for completing various cargo missions at a time. MMOpixel provides space voyagers with United Earth Credits so they can invest in ships and other equipment.