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The Forest Console Commands & Cheats

The Forest Console Commands & Cheats

The Forest Console Commands

The forest is a survival video game that gives you the first-person view in the open world environment. The game features the locations of British Columbia and Canada where the player with a child faces the plane crash and now they are alone on survival. There is no fixed objective and you survive on your decisions. Player just goes along and experience different quests.

Gameplay happens in the forested peninsula where your plane crashes and your son is taken away by a cannibal. This way you go on the search while surviving there. You find weapons, resources, and other survival tools.

The Forest Console Commands

Well, console commands just make your journey a bit smoother. They work well by offering you the required items and rest when you feel the need. This way they ease your way on survival and finding tools to make your journey forward. So just go with these commands and let’s see how putting these in the console help you.

How to Activate the Console Command?

It is an easy process to activate the console command for The Forest.

  • Just go to the game and enter the main menu of The Forest.
  • Here you need to type ‘developer mode on.’ The text stays invisible so make sure you are typing it right.
  • You can press F1 and F2 keys. F1 for the box that appears on the screen and F2 confirm if the developer mode is turned on.
  • Now you can type any commands and they will be visible. Press F2 again if any command you type is invisible, it will make it visible.

The Forest Console Commands

Vegetarian Mode: the mode activates the enemies to show only in the night.

Meatmode: the cheat disables all other cheats and commands.

Ironforest: applying the code no one can destroy any buildings, reapplying the code makes them destructible.

Rawmeatmode: the cheat enables permanent death; you can type it again to reverse the cheat.

Regrow Mode: all the fallen trees regrow while you are in sleep mode.

Veganmode: using this cheat you will see no enemies except those stay in caves.

Godmode on: it means you have turned on the god mode.  God mode brings you several advantages such as Stamina, unlimited health, no thirst, no hunger, and no damage.

God, mode off: this one turns off the god mode.

Item hack on: this means the items that are in your inventory are unlimited. You no longer need to recollect them.

Fast run on: just as its name, it can be used to run really fast.

Buildhack on: this one brings up building supplies in unlimited form.

Logback on: if ever you need logs then use it and it will carry infinite logs.

Enemies on: it will get you all the enemies like before and turning it off means no enemies.

Energy Hack on: this one brings you energy in infinite mode.

Survival on: nose you can feel the survival features.

Add Items: this one brings every single item to your inventory.

Buildall Ghosts: the command brings you the blueprints of all the buildings so it gets way to build them.

Set Difficulty Mode <difficulty>: now, you can set the difficulty level of the game all by yourself.

Spawn Enemy <enemy type>: this command is useful when you want to spawn a specific type of enemy.

You can choose from the below list for the enemy types-

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Fat, Female, Army, Vags, Male-skinny, Female-skinny, Male, Pale-skinny, Baby, Fireman, Pale

Spawn Animal: just like the enemies, you can spawn any type of animals. Follow the list to pick up-

Crocodile, Lizard, Deer, Rabbit, Raccoon, Squirrel, Boar, Turtle, Tortoise

Reporterrorsnow: this one is to report errors.

Kill All Enemies: it means you can kill all the enemies.

Kill Closest Enemy: this command only kills the enemies that are close to your distance.

Kill Localplayer: it kills a local player.

Clear: use it clear all the logs.

Reset Enemies: it brings all the enemies back so you can get them again to kill.

Removeitem <item>: just press the item name and it will be removed from your inventory.


I hope you will find The Forest console commands exciting to try. Just follow the command console activation and enjoy putting the cheats and commands.