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20+ Games Like The Legend of Zelda

20+ Games Like The Legend of Zelda

Games Like The Legend of Zelda

Here I’m going to present you some Games Like The Legend Of Zelda. The Legend of Zelda follows the concept of action and adventure genre that sets you in the fantasy world. The game’s main motive is to protect Princess Zelda from the opponent Ganon. The protection also comes from the kingdom of Hyrule that the protagonist provides.

Gameplay brings you several exciting elements of puzzle solving, combats, exploration other than action and adventure. These elements remain in every series of Zelda, and just the storyline goes further with several other improvements. Each new series brings you some additional features like Stealth in the gameplay so you can hide from the enemy and attack. Now, let’s know more about the similar games here.

Platforms: Super NES, Game Boy, Nintendo 64, Game Boy Color/Advance, GameCube, Wii, Nintendo DS/3DS, Wii U, Nintendo Switch

Games Like The Legend Of Zelda

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Dragon Quest Builders

Dragon Quest BuildersThe game seems like a mixture of sandbox and RPG genre that offer you a spectacular adventure over the rural land full of greenery. The game sets you in the world known as Alefgard that is full of monsters.

Now, the gameplay requires you to fight off all these monsters and evil things and make the settlement there or rebuild it to a living place. So you are the hero that abilities to create structures with material gathering and diminish the obstructions. To gather the material, you need to explore the world and gather from trees, mountain, monsters, and other sources that will enhance your survival and you will settle the world efficiently.

On what platforms can Dragon Quest Builders game be played?

Dragon Quest Builders can be played on PS Vita, PS4.

Portal Knights

Portal KnightsThe second game on the list that brings you lots of adventure with the survival genre. There is adventure and action too that you can experience in multiplayer mode. Here you take pleasure of activities like crafting, gathering resources, fighting against those monsters, construct structures and much more.

Gameplay feels just like the Minecraft that you play right after choosing from Warrior, Mage, and Ranger. Each of these has their skills so you can have a close look at the skills and choose. There is a third person camera, and you can use your mouse and keyboard to control all the actions.

On what platforms can Portal Knights game be played?

Portal Knights can be played on PC, PS4, Xbox One.

Hyper Light Drifter

Hyper Light DrifterThe third one among the Zelda like games, in the game you are a Drifter. You aim to gather the lost knowledge that affected by a strange illness. In the game, you explore several ancient looking areas to find that necessary thing that can keep the virus away.

Gameplay brings you several quests and all types of monsters to kill. There are several dungeons location if this is you are particularly interested in. Your sword is your mate that gets upgrades every time you achieve a mission. Also, other weapons like guns are there too. Strategy making is a part of the game as well that you use to defend against the enemy.

On what platforms can Hyper Light Driftergame be played?

Hyper Light Drifter can be played on Linux, Mac, PC, PS4, Xbox One.

Moon Hunters

Moon HuntersIn the Moon Hunters, you can feel the Greek era that includes mythology, and as a result, players are set on the mission to find the missing Moon. As per the story, the establishment of the Moon is essential, and without it, the world seems a place of monsters and other evil power.

Gameplay offers you several mechanics so you can put an end to it. As you started following the path, you get new events to be in, uncovered mysteries, and a lot of exploration. It even feels like an action RPG where your completed missions take you close to the main objective.

On what platforms can Moon Hunters game be played?

Moon Hunters can be played on Linux, Mac, PC, PS4, Xbox One.


TroveYour Trove adventure begins just after you choose one of the classes. Each of these features their own abilities and way of attack. The game puts you in the location after a basic tutorial, and here you start your adventurous journey by making loots and hunting down monsters.

Gameplay offers you equipment so you can perform the loots efficiently. There are other gears too that can be really helpful, and with the progress, you end up finding several additional abilities too. There is a number of quests, and each of them rewards you with something precious.

On what platforms can Trove game be played?

Trove can be played on Mac, PC ,PS4, Xbox One.

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OkamiWhile playing Okami, you can easily recognize the game’s settings to be in the Japanese style.

Here the main character is known as Amaterasu, a wolf-goddess and you aim to get the curse off from the land. Here the opponent is eight-headed demon Orochi who puts the curse, and now you have to fight back.

Gameplay can be felt similarly to Zelda where you experience puzzle solving, combats, quests, and overall action. There are side quests too, and each of it offers pretty good depth. There are dungeons too, and the combat system is quite fast-paced.

On what platforms can Okami game be played?

Okami can be played on PC, PS2, PS3, Wii.

3D Dot Game Heroes

3D Dot Game HeroesAnother one on the list of The Legends of Zelda like games, the game sets you as a hero who is aimed to protect the Dotnia Kingdom from the darkness. Everything was perfect, and suddenly the evil power arrives which you have to take back just like your grandfather.

The gameplay looks magnificent in the 3D environments even if there is nothing unique for the adventure and all their aspects. There are activities in which you can be engaged just like exploring dungeons, hunting monsters, loot things, solve puzzles, etc. the advancement of weapons happen as you level up and discover things, you can also make customizations in your sword.

On what platforms can 3D Dot Game Heroes game be played?

3D Dot Game Heroes can be played on PS3.

The Binding of Isaac

The Binding of IsaacThis is the story of Isaac, and you are in the role of it. The story starts from the basement when your other finds a letter from God. Things go on when you explore the basement and find strange things all around; it will be beyond your expectations from here you will encounter serial enemies and boss enemies.

Gameplay encodes a fine amount of fights and mystery revealing elements. It offers you 2D graphics, but all the mechanics and the storyline makes it worth to play. You can also set it to multiplayer where exploring dungeons also happen.

On what platforms can The Binding of Isaac game be played?

The Binding of Isaac can be played on Mac, PC.

Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale

Recettear- An Item Shops TaleRecette Lemongrass is the main character in the game, and you play as the protagonist. You start taking care of your father’s shop after he disappears one day. With this, you are also responsible for managing debts for the shop.

Gameplay brings you day to day activities where the player takes care of the shop and performs vital activities. So the activities remain exciting just like managing the store, seeking for items, paying debts, visiting locations and there is dungeons adventure too. You set things to sell and even hire someone to take help. All in all this customer and shop management along with the exploration remains pretty exciting.

On what platforms can Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale game be played?

Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale can be played on browser PC.

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PsychonautsThe next one among the Zelda alternatives, the game presents itself very beautifully that you stay in awe. The game gives you the role of a boy, Raz who has psychic abilities that you can experience on several platforms. By the time, you take place in a ground where children get trained and become Psychonauts.

Gameplay goes on with the exploration that takes place in the base. Here you search for the entire place, reveals mysteries, interact with others, purchase items, and much more. There are several levels to enjoy, and with the psychic abilities, it is even more fun.

On what platforms can Psychonauts game be played?

Psychonauts can be played on Linux, Mac, PC, PS2, Xbox 360, Xbox One.

Heroes of Loot

Heroes of LootYou get into the dungeon crawling after choosing one of the four characters. These characters offer you several abilities and strength, and you can choose what you love the most according to the skills.

Once you are done selecting the character, gameplay brings you to loot the objects and killing every object that stops you from doing so. Just like its name, the game is primarily based on looting system. So deep with it, gather objects, establish combats and use the rewards to upgrade your abilities and character. There are various types of fields to explore and loot and of course, dungeons are one of them.

On what platforms can Heroes of Loot game be played?

Heroes of Loot can be played on Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, PC, PS Vita.

Spiral Knights

Spiral KnightsA more innovative game that surely makes itself awe-inspiring and ready to give you the same experience. It can feel a lot more like Zelda series, but the game introduces MMO mode with advanced technologies and futuristic things. Users can either play it in the browser or download into the devices. Here your character is called knight which player chooses in the beginning. And this way the exploration begins and players get introduced to all the mechanics with tutorials.

Gameplay needs you to take part in battles where you face monsters and boss enemies. There is a broad content to explore that includes dungeons, quests, gathering, etc. The more you fight and go on the more upgrades you get for your weapons. Here you can take

Different armors with you along with two add-ons and four weapons.

On what platforms can Spiral Knights game be played?

Spiral Knights can be played on Browser, Mac, PC.

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Cube World

Cube WorldThis is like another variant of Minecraft but with some advanced elements. The game offers some features that put it here among all these legendary games of Zelda style. Cube World is a large world of games that means there is no end of lands to explore.

Gameplay is identical that provides you missions and dungeons to go through. The victory sets your rewards, and there are endless structures to explore like castles, pyramids, catacombs, etc. To be with the flow, just choose the class from warrior, ranger, mage, and rogue and get ready to be in the Cube World that makes itself as one of the PC Games Like The Legend Of Zelda.

On what platforms can Cube World game be played?

Cube World can be played on PC.

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Dust: An Elysian Tale

Dust- An Elysian TaleThe journey is mythical, and that is what sets it different in this list. The game puts you in the town of Aurora that just started facing the presence of monsters. There are several side quests too with a lot of content, so you get additional bonuses and rewards on the way. The rewards get you extra skills that you can use further.

Gameplay allows trading your items that means you collect things by killing monsters and sell them. Merchants often travel in town and the nearby areas. There are maps so you can track your location and find new places to explore.

On what platforms can Dust: An Elysian Tale game be played?

Dust: An Elysian Tale can be played on iOS, Mac, PC, PS4, Xbox 360.


BastionThe game offers a unique RPG experience, and the availability of major platforms is another impressive thing about it. Being the player, you explore the beautiful world of Bastion and solve the needed mysteries in the colorful world. Here battling against enemies and victory gives you rewards while you can carry two weapons with you.

Gameplay remains same just like any other game on this list, but the impressive graphics set it apart from other ones. Here the character brings really exciting gameplay and leveling up upgrade your abilities. The weapons come with a normal and special attack that you decide when you should use the special one.

On what platforms can Bastion game be played?

Bastion can be played on iOS, Mac, PC, PS4, Xbox 360.

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Anodyne is a popular action-adventure game that leaves you baffled due to the gameplay. The game took almost over a year of brainstorming and developing. This game’s unique feature is the interactive yet straightforward plotline wherein everything is happening in the character’s brain. The layout and backdrop of the game are pretty abstract and dismantled from reality. It does have a little Minecraft influence on its layout. The game has some tough and confusing challenges, and levels are do make it hard to make it through.

On what platforms can Anodyne be played?

Anodyne can be played on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

Dark Souls

Another popular action role-playing game that is worth looking into is Dark Souls. The game has many similar themes like Zelda, mimicking the backdrop, layout and the overall gaming experience. It is the successor to the popular game series and succeeds the Demon’s Souls, which is hands down one of the most challenging games. The game is developed by FromSoftware Inc. and Bluepoint games.

On what platforms can Dark Souls be played?

Dark Souls can be played on PlayStation 3.

Ittle Dew 2

For a game that is rated 9/10 on Steam, Ittle Dew 2 is quite a popular action-adventure game that you can get yourself into. It involves themes of adventure puzzles that you will witness in Zelda as well. Also, it is filled with fierce enemies whom you have to face, battle and win over. So, that keeps the players engaged in the game as well. It is a single-player video game that was released back in 2016.

On what platforms can Ittle Dew 2 be played?

Ittle Dew 2 can be played on Steam, Nintendo Switch, etc.


Another popular video game series that is a worthy alternative to Zelda is Fable. It is a popular action role-playing adventure game with 3D effects and a very realistic looking landscape. It is one of the few video games that come with the standalone alignment feature, making this one of the best available options that you can play. It enhanced the player’s decisions in the game and enabled them to collect more points and rewards along the way. For a game that was released back in 2004, it sure outdid itself to the other options.

On what platforms can Fable be played?

Fable can be played on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Xbox One, Xbox 360.

Beyond Good And Evil

Beyond Good And Evil is a popular puzzle adventure game that mimics the layout and gameplay of Zelda, enabling you to enjoy a quick alternative if you have been looking for one. The game is played from the protagonist, Jade’s point of view, wherein you need to improve your stealth and performance skills to keep her alive. The game was supposed to have two more successors but the poor reception of the game ended up canceling the sequel altogether.

On what platforms can Beyond Good And Evil be played?

Beyond Good And Evil can be played on PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows, Xbox.


This way, the list of Games Like The Legend Of Zelda on steam and PC ends up. I hope you will find all these games entertaining enough to keep you engaged for hours.