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The Best Game Franchises of All Time

The Best Game Franchises of All Time

When you think of famous game franchises, pretty much everyone goes for Super Mario or Final Fantasy. Yes, these are amazing franchises, but they aren’t the only ones that deserve recognition. So, if you’re looking for the other gems in the world of gaming, then here are some suggestions:

The Red Dead Franchise

The Wild West has been one of the most popular genres in films and in gaming. The Red Dead franchise proves this. In it, you’ll take the role of a cowboy, and you’ll roam the lands of the West. You’ll complete all kinds of quests, and if you don’t feel like it, then you can visit the nearest saloon. The developers did an amazing job with Red Dead Redemption 2. It’s so real you can play poker and blackjack and even cheat in games. But be ready for a fight if you’re caught.

Poker and blackjack are popular games to this day. Casino fans enjoy them at online casino sites as well as other games like baccarat, roulette, craps, and slots. Besides this, fans can go for the best casino bonus or find a game they like and enjoy it. The main thing about visiting such sites and enjoying their games is to do so responsibly.


The Resident Evil Franchise

This is one of the well-known horror franchises in the gaming industry. When a dangerous virus is released, your job is to stop the spreading. It all starts with the Spencer mansion, and then things are taken to the next level when the virus hits Raccoon City. The first games are pretty old, but they’ve been remade and can be played with modern games.

You’ll meet Chris and Jill in the first game which is the eeriest in the series as the atmosphere is just haunting. Then you get to meet Leon and Claire in the second game, and you’ll even face Mr. X. Tyrants, and more zombies await you in the following games as you combat various mutations of the virus. Zombies will pop out when you least expect them, and bosses will give you the challenge you need. The franchise is ongoing as it had its eighth installment released some time ago.


The Call of Duty Franchise

First-person shooters have always been fun to play. The first 2 Call of Duty games put you in the roles of US, Russian and British soldiers on different fronts of WWII. Then you have the Modern Warfare franchise which made a name for itself. It got a remake in 2019 and gave players an interesting new story.

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In this franchise, you’ll meet all Soap, Ghost, and Price, and you’ll bond with them in such a short time. What happens to them will break your heart. But in the 3 Modern Warfare games, you’ll get a glimpse at what WWIII might look like. The other titles are new takes on WWII, and they’re amazing. You can start with whichever title you like, as the franchise won’t disappoint you. None of the games will.