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Classic Game Titles for Any True Gamer

Classic Game Titles for Any True Gamer

Gaming developers don’t seem to take a day off because they’ve put out so many games in the past couple of years. But the quality of games has somewhat diminished in the past couple of years. There are exclusions to this as some studios have taken games to the next level. Nevertheless, the classics remain enjoyed by millions of fans. If you’re looking for such games, then here are some suggestions:

Fallout: New Vegas

Once a nuclear bomb drops, it destroys life as we know it. Some people were put in vaults and survived this ordeal, and now they have to deal with a post-apocalyptic world. Various factions and challenges will be thrown your way. It’s also set in a new kind of Vegas, and yes, you can visit casinos if you want to. There are 6 of them, and you can win bottle caps, gear, and if you’re good enough, you’ll get the keys to the luxury suites of these resorts.

Vegas is the gem of the casino industry, although the industry is mostly online nowadays. In other words, casino fans can go online and enjoy new casino sites as well as established casino sites. These online venues offer all kinds of games to fans. Yet the main thing about visiting them and enjoying their games is to do so responsibly.

There’s no Internet in New Vegas, but there will be a variety of missions for you to complete. There’s also a gripping story that makes this game the masterpiece it is today.

Half-Life 2

This is arguably one of the best sci-fi games in existence. The first one is a must-play as well. After you’ve dealt with the threats in the first game, the G-man wakes you up because the right man in the wrong place can make all the difference. This time you’ll deal with the Combine, an alien race that managed to enslave Earth in mere days.

As Gordon Freeman, you’ll help the Resistance take arms against the Combine, and you’ll lead the final battle. Half-Life 2 has an unusual ending that’s continued in Episodes 1 and 2. The story got a sequel in Half-Life: Alyx, which was something the fans have been longing for. Half-Life 2 is a classic, and as such, it’s another game you can enjoy. The visuals might not look like much compared to other games, but it has more to offer than today’s titles.

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Dead Space

This is another must-play sci-fi title, but it’s also a horror game. In it, you take on the role of Isaac, a man part of a skeleton crew sent to investigate a mining facility. Your girlfriend is on the ship, and you’ve got a personal stake in this mission as well. Moments after you land, you find out that the facility is overrun by creatures out of hell, and you’ll need to go through them to fix the facility.

You’ll also find out the role of a mysterious artifact called the Marker and the truth of your girlfriend. Dead Space is one of the few games that doesn’t have any loading screens. Also, to kill the creatures, you need to cut their limbs off, going for the head will only make them charge at you.