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Subnautica Console Commands
 & Cheats

Subnautica Console Commands
 & Cheats

Subnautica Console commands
 & Cheats

Subnautica is a survival game that takes you to the underwater world where you experience the water species and make your journey in the sea. Additionally, it features amazing looking graphics and the sound experience that makes it a lot worthy to play. Now, there are things that can be added to make the game experience richer. This can be done using command console that lets you modify the game and you can set things as per your choice.

I know this sounds exciting and to fulfill your fascination with a different game world I bring you some of the best Subnautica console commands. You can also consider these as cheats as they alter the game as per your needs. So let’s start knowing these amazing commands.

Subnautica Console commands
 & Cheats

How to Enable the Command Console?

Before going any further, this is the important step in which you learn to enable the command console. Once you activate it, only then you can put the desired command and see the effects in the game world.

  • First, go to the game and press F3. This will open up a sub-menu.
  • Then make your controls mouse free by pressing F8.
  • Here, go to ‘Disable Console’ option and uncheck it. It will enable the command console.
  • Come back by repeating the process by pressing F3 and then F8.
  • In the next step, press tilde (~) key that will display the command console. Be ready to put the commands.

Subnautica Console Commands and Cheats

#1 Teleportation Commands

Teleportation Commands can be used to transport your character or your ships to a different location.

biome [name]-

grand reef
blood kelp

So, these are all the name of locations, type anyone you want and it will take you to the specific area.

Goto [name] – this command will transport you to the mentioned place. Just type the location in the given space and let console does the rest.
Warp [x] [y] [z] – another command that helps you in transportation but more specifically. Just enter the coordinates in the given space and see things transported.
Warpforward [meters] – with this command you get enabled to travel to the specified meters from your direction. For example, warpforward [800] will take you 800 meters forward from your location.
Warpme– this command will transport you to the vehicle or location you access last time.
Spawn– if ever you feel stuck in place, use this command to re-spawn at a different place near your location.
Randomstart– using this command means you want to be placed randomly at any locations of the lifepod.
Kill– if anyone wants to kill himself then this command works. In result, it spawns you at the lifepod.

#2 Spawning Items Commands

These console commands for Subnautica are useful when you want to experiment with the spawning of items or objects.

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Item [item] [number]- just type the item name and the number in which you want it and access it in that quantity.
Spawn [item] [number]- type the command to spawn any item or creature by giving a specific value.
Clearinventory– sometimes the inventory looks like a junk and to clean it fully, just use this command.
Sub cyclops– in a mood of meeting cyclops or giants then try this command. Make sure you use the command when you are in an open area as they are giants and take a big place.
Sub aurora– to spawn the aurora, use this command.
Seaglide– the command helps you by bringing the Seaglide near you.
Vehicleupgrades– use exciting upgrades in your vehicle by putting this command.
Seamothupgrades– if you want to access Seamoth modules then try this command.
Exosuitupgrades– this will unlock all the Suit modules for you.
Exosuitarms– just like the previous command except it brings you all Suit arms unlocked.
Spawnloot– the command brings you all the nearby loots such as copper ore, magnesium, salt, gold, etc.
Madloot– a really rich loot that will avail you precious things like glass, titanium, batteries, a survival knife, a habitat builder, and much more.
Resourcesfor [item] – if ever you feel like shortage of some resource then type the item name and it will offer you with that. The command seems very useful when you build something and feel a shortage.
Ency [name] – use the command if you want to unlock all the entries related to a specific product.
Unlock [blueprint]- as you can understand by the name, the command helps you unlocking the specific blueprint.
Unlockall– by putting on this command you can unlock all blueprints. These blueprints come useful when you want to build any structure.
Bobthebuilder– when you feel lack of things then put this command and it will bring you thing like survival knife, builder tool, scanner, and repair tool into your inventory.
Fastgrow– if you are a nature lover and wanna see plants grown up instantly then make use of this command.
Nocost– using this command all items will be free of cost so you can construct anything you want and you do not need any currency to purchase.
Noenergy– apply this command to power up your  so you can drive them without any energy
Nosurvival- using this command you will turn off the survival mode. In other words, you will not feel hunger or thirst anymore.
Oxygen– use this command if you are fed up with collecting oxygen. Use it and you won’t need oxygen ever again.
Nitrogen– nitrogen increases staying time in the water, by using this command you ensure that you are never going to face shortage of nitrogen. But, beware of the consequences too as more time in water means decompression sickness.
Invisible– if ever you want to have fun by being invisible so no one can see you then try this piece of cake.
Fastbuild– the command helps you building any structure instantly.
Fasthatch– want to get the eggs hatched all at once then use this command
Fastscan– many times you need to scan an object and that takes time, using this command you are gonna scan in no time
Filterfast– use it to get filtered water in a sec
Radiation– there will be no radiation while you explore the sea world.
Fixleaks– if you feel there are radiation leaks then use this one to fix all of them
Unlockdoors– no need to roam here and there, just use the command and get all doors unlocked
cure [range]- use any range and cure all creatures in the specific area
infect [range]- like the previous one except the curing factor. The command infects all the creatures in the specified radius.
Explodeship– explode the aurora using this command.
Restoreship– this will restore the blown up aurora.
Startsunbeamstoryevent– if you prefer initiating the particular even then use this one.
Sunbeamcountdownstart– for Sunbeam countdown try this command.
Day– use the command and choose the daytime as per your choice
Night– in the same way, use this command to change the night cycle.
daynightspeed [number]- put any number of your choice to speed up the day-night cycle
speed [number]- this command helps in setting the speed of the game. You can use it to increase or decrease the speed.
Entreset– if ever you want to reload all the aspects of the game expect terrains then use the command.
Gamereset– if you want to access your last saved game then put this command in the console.
Fog– you can turn on and off the fog using this one.
Freecam– move your camera to almost any direction using this command.
FPS– get the camera in FPS using this cheat.

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Commands or cheats work amazingly for any game as you start experiencing a new aura. You can make your choices for characters and initiate different environments and aspects. These are some of the best console commands for Subnautica that you can try and have a lot of fun. For more fun games check out gry maszyny za darmo – machine games for free.