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Stellaris Console Commands & Cheats

Stellaris Console Commands & Cheats

Stellaris Console Commands & Cheats

Stellaris undoubtedly an outstanding game that makes your journey in the space and lets you explore there with several other aspects like cloning and facing wars. There are a lot of campaigns going on that makes it overwhelming. The graphics feel like heaven and the gameplay seems the best one. But have you ever thought of making it even more amazing? If yes, then you are at the right place. 

Stellaris Console Commands

Here in this article, I bring you some spectacular commands that are going to fill up a lot of charm in the strategic gameplay of Stellaris. There are tons of commands that you can put in the console and change the gaming experience forever. These are known as Stellaris console commands and cheat where user alter some aspects of the game to have an excellent gameplay. Without taking any further, let’s start with the commands and understand their functionality. Here are some more posts like this, if you’re interested, too: XCOM 2 console commands, Elder Scrolls IV console commandsFallout 4 Console Commands, and more!

Stellaris Console Commands & Cheats

Before initiating the process of having an ultimate game world, just press the tilde button that looks like this ~. This will bring you the space to enter the cheats and commands.

Help – put this command to access the list of commands.

Cash [amount] – add just any amount of cash by putting it here. For example, Cash [10000]

Engineering [amount] – add engineering points by inserting them here in the space using the command console.

Minerals [amount] – add any amount of minerals by putting the required value in the space.

Influence [amount] – you can get any quantity of influence points using this command.

Physics 50000 – enhance the physics by entering the value of your choice.

Society [amount] – society points can be added using this cheat and you just need to enter the value you want.

Add_trait_species – this one for adding up a trait or some intelligence to the species

Instant_Build – do not try hard with the building when you have this command that builds instantly.

Research_technologies – there is nothing to worry about unlocking technologies. Just put the command and let these be unlocked.

Resource [resource] [amount] – add any amount of resources by just specifying them with the value. This one is to add the specified resource to a particular value.

Skills [amount] – get your skills to a high level by just following the command in the console.

Invincible – want to be super powerful then try this command and do not get noticed by your opponents.

Damage [amount] – it is pretty cool that make the huge amount of damage to the enemy’s ship. Just select the value of damage you want to make.

Crash – this one simply crashes the game.

Ftl – want to access any number of Ftl then follow this command.

[Selected Planet] populate – this works by filling up all the empty slots for your own good.

Survey – do not waste time and let it does the job by surveying all planets in a blink.

Techuptade – get your tech tree reset using this command.

AI – use it if you want to enable or disable any specific AI.

Debug_Yesmen – this one works by forcing the AIs to accept your demands.

Instant_Build – like its name, this one is really a blessing when you want to build any structure instantly.

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Finish_Research – use this one to finish all running projects in just a sec.

Play [Insert Faction ID] – go to any sector or faction just by putting the faction ID and play there.

Planet_Class [Class ID] – choose the class of planet you want to play in by knowing the class ID.

Planet_Happiness [Desired Amount Here] – change the happiness level of a planet by inserting the value in the provided space. For example, planet_happiness 70

Planet_Size [Desired Amount Here] – as you can understand by its name, this one allows you to alter the size of a planet. Maximum can be 25.

Democratic_Election – make the presidential election using this cheat on the console.

Fast_Forward [Desired Amount Here] – see you in an advanced year by putting it beside the command.

Instant_Colony – perform an instant colonization just by putting the command in the console.

Instant_Move – facing a problem, in the transportation of ships, then try this one.

Observe – want to play in the observer mode, then enter this tiny command.


Now you know all the amazing console commands for Stellaris. There are many more out there that you can try and experience a different game. So folks, just try them out and share your experience with us.