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Sims 4 Reveals More Details of New Packs Coming Later in 2020

Sims 4 Reveals More Details of New Packs Coming Later in 2020

Sims 4 Reveals More Details of New Packs Coming Later in 2020

During these uncertain times that we are all trying to stay healthy as we wait for normality to return, high-quality games are certainly a comfort. While we are forced to stay at home, we can at least enjoy our guilty gaming pleasures.

Another option for those stuck at home is to get started on a new project that will put all of that extra time to good use. The best way of getting things moving is to create your own website that can allow you to connect with others and showcase your content.

It is always good to check the news in the gaming industry and listen to the new announcements. One such recent development comes from Electronic Arts, the games company that brings us Sims 4. The team is hard at work on new games packs that will be available to us in the near future.

SimGuruDuke has announced the changes, in a personal note from his stay-at-home office. The senior producer for The Sims 4 acknowledges the difficult changes for everyone in recent weeks. Still, he is also optimistic about the future and excited to bring a word of the new packs.

Over the next six months, Sims 4 will be releasing three new packs: the Expansion Pack, the Stuff Pack, and the Game Pack. The Stuff Pack is community voted, and the name has yet to be determined.

The Sims 4 team put the theme of the stuff pack to a community vote for fans to decide on. The five themes to choose from were: Arts & Crafts, Fun-Tech, Happy Haunts, Science & Technology, and Self-Care Routines. Arts & Crafts was the winning theme, and a high number of players expressed their preference for this activity for their Sims. Happy Haunts came in second place, which could have involved ghouls and grim reapers.

In the vote on gameplay features, Knitting was found to be the most popular. This was followed by Sculpting, then Glass Fabrication. As Knitting is not typically seen as the most exciting of pastimes, this choice may not be what some fans were expecting. But the people have spoken, so we must respect the democratic decision.

The final community vote on the Stuff Pack is currently underway, and this will decide the name and the icon that will be used. There are six names to choose from, and these include Luv 2 Knit Stuff Pack, and Rock ‘n’ Knit Stuff Pack. The icons to choose from including a rocking chair, and a ball of yarn with a knitting needle.

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The theme of the expansion pack has not been revealed, though SimGuruDuke hints that it may be something of a surprise to fans. More details on the Game Pack are also yet to be confirmed, but the producer says that it represents a ‘major first’ for the team.

He suggests that there will be some additional extras coming to the game over the course of the summer. These will not be integral changes, but they are at least fun updates that fans will appreciate.

SimGuruDuke also promises that the team is working on a Stay Home Play Together program. This will be an effort to connect players through the physical distancing period and help to promote positivity. However, this will not be a multiplayer, as the name may suggest.

With many disruptions in the world right now, it’s good to know that gaming can provide us with an enjoyable diversion. The new packs from Sims in the not-too-distant future are something to look forward to, so watch this space for more news.