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9 Best PC Gaming Accessories You Need

9 Best PC Gaming Accessories You Need

9 Best PC Gaming Accessories You Need

Wondering why you’re losing games? It could be your gaming accessories to blame.

When it comes to gaming, choosing the right accessories can determine more than you’d think. In fact, it’s so important that there are constant global gamer conversations happening on what to choose and what to lose.

But with so many options out there, choosing the right pc gaming accessories can be a little overwhelming. So we did some sleuthing. We investigated the highest-rated accessories and interviewed gaming pros to find out which accessories every gamer should have.

Best PC Gaming Accessories You Need

Whether you’re a PC proponent or a Mac master, you simply cannot do without these sweet gaming accessories. Looking to improve your gaming experience? Read on.

The Wire-free Gaming Mouse

If you’re still using a standard computer mouse for gaming, you’re overdue for an upgrade. Using these old-fashioned mice can slow your gaming response speed down, making every click and movement in your gaming action less effective than they could be. That’s where the Basilisk X Hyperspeed Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse comes in.

This mouse has a reputation for its lightning-like speed. With the Basilisk X in hand, lagging actions become thing of the past. And because this mouse is wireless, you’ll have more freedom to move and fewer wires in your path when you’re kicking butt and taking names.

The Keyboard

You may have noticed that colorful keyboards are all the rage right now. Apex keyboards followed suit with some mechanical masterpieces that are seriously turning heads.

While they have a ton of vibrant (and affordable) keyboard options to choose from, we’re big fans of their Apex 3 keyboard. This keyboard is totally waterproof, so even if you have a spill on your keyboard you can play on without missing a beat.

It’s also highly customizable, so you can adjust your keyboard to optimize your gaming experience. And as one of the cheapest Apex keyboard models, you won’t be breaking your bank to afford this eye-catching accessory. On the downside, Apex keyboards are quite big and don’t work that well on smaller desks. Luckily, there is always the option to choose a small gaming keyboard that is ideal for action-packed games where you need to be fast.

The PC Gaming Accessories Must Have: Amazing Gaming Monitors

Guys, if you don’t have a good screen for gaming, it’s time to indulge. Dell is known for its reliable products and fantastic screen quality, and it’s 32” LED Curved QHD FreeSync Monitor is nothing short of perfection.

This monitor’s curved screen optimizes every gaming experience with extra immersion capabilities that adds a whole new level of realism to your gameplay. It’s designed to mount on a wall or sit atop a desk, so you can build your dream gaming den however you’d like it best. If you’re gaming on Mac, fear not – this monitor is compatible with it, too (you’ll just need to set it up the right way).

Extra Gaming Storage

If you’re a big-time gamer, you’re likely going to need to tack on some additional storage to save all the deets in your games. The Seagate expansion drive has great analysis and is available in several storage size options. From 2 terabytes to 10, you can find just the right amount of space for your gaming needs at a very reasonable price range.

A Hand-friendly Gaming Mouse

Getting hand cramps? Worried about developing arthritis from all those mouse clicks? Protect your phalanges with an ergonomic mouse.

Ergonomic gaming mice are made to ensure your hands aren’t overworking during your gaming sessions so you can have more game time and less pain in the aftermath. But of all the options out there, the Red Dragon Ergonomic gaming mouse takes the cake.

This bad boy is crafted specifically for gaming – and when you feel it, you’ll know what we mean. It’s super comfortable to use and has an anti-skid tactile wheel so you can play on with ultimate precision.

It can also be customized to suit your gaming and aesthetic taste best. With several color options to choose from (and with a rainbow backlight), it adds vibrance and flair to every gamer’s station.

The Heavenly Headset

Poor sound quality can cost you the game. And if you’re planning on wearing a headset for a few hours, you don’t want to sacrifice comfort to communicate with your friends. While there are loads of headsets out there, it’s been hard to find something that offers stellar sound quality and comfort – until now.

The Astro A40 TR Headset + Mixamp Pro TR combines supreme comfort with superior sound quality. It isolates noise in the headset itself as well as in the microphone, so you can play on interruption-free with crystal-clear sound quality.

With the Mixamp pro, you can switch channels and communicate easily with your teammates. And if you’re thinking such a combination couldn’t possibly look good, too, guess again. This headset redefines the meaning of fresh with its design and color combo.

Eye Savers

Blue light emitted from computer screens can do a number on your eyes, especially if you’re staring at it for long periods of time. Don’t let your vision go to waste – treat your eyes to some top-of-the-line protection. Gunnar gaming glasses are just as fun to say as they are to wear.

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These glasses are crafted to eliminate eye strain and reduce eye damage caused by blue light. Since they reduce eye exhaustion, you can extend the length of playtime and even better your ability to see during your gaming sessions.

There are tons of different frame options to choose from, so you can still look stylish while you protect your vision. The Gunnar website also lets you try on glasses virtually, so you can stay at home while you find the perfect pair for your face’s frame.

The Gamer’s Throne

There’s no shortage of office swivel chairs to choose from. But when you’re gaming, you need comfort and airflow to ensure your only concern is the game you’re playing.

The Maxnomic Ergocepter Pro comes with several layers of padding to maximize comfort (including lumbar support and a head pillow). It even has a dedicated place for your fingers to rest. Despite the multiple layers of comfortable material, it’s still highly breathable, so you can play on without getting stuck to your seat.

In short, this chair puts sticky pleather to shame. It’s easy to assemble and even easier to sit in. This gamer’s analysis provides more detail on why this chair is a must-have.

A High-Tech Mousepad

You may have found the best mouse for your gaming experience, but no mouse is complete without a good pad to run on. If you’re using a standard-sized mousepad for gaming, we already know you’re frustrated with the limitations of your mouse’s movement.

The Corsair MM1000 Qi provides enough space for your mouse to roam freely. This mousepad’s smooth material reduces dust and debris collection, so your mouse will experience nothing but smooth sailing while you’re playing.

But that’s not all this mousepad can do – with the Qi charging capabilities, you can charge your phone (and other devices) on it while you play. While your personal battery may run low from gaming, you can be assured that your electronic devices are fully charged when it’s time for a gaming break.

Create Your Gamer’s Paradise

While there may be a lot of pc gaming accessories out there, some of them are far better than others. Now that you know more about all of these great options, you can treat yourself to an optimized gaming station and excel in your gaming skills.

Interested in learning more about the newest tech trends? Check out more of our articles to stay in the know and see what’s in store in the gaming world.