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Sharing The Jackpot: How Social Media Campaigns Can Drive Success in iGaming

Sharing The Jackpot: How Social Media Campaigns Can Drive Success in iGaming


If you are following the online gaming market, you will notice how popular iGaming businesses have become in recent years. It all started as a remedy and alternative to avoid taking trips and going a few miles just to play games. Now, it is a shortcut to having fun and engaging in casino entertainment all from the comfort of your home.

It takes more than just bonuses and promotions for iGaming businesses to attract the ideal customer numbers. Though there are enough bonuses to make anyone start winning at OC88 Casino today, promoting the brand still takes an extra hand.

And social media campaigns have been the extra hand in helping these businesses market and reach out to potential players.

If you also wonder how social media campaigns assist iGaming brands, you are reading the right review.

The Role of Social Media in the iGaming Market

Since the advancement of the internet, social media has been a very effective tool in promoting all kinds of businesses in different industries. The iGaming market may be a newbie to outstanding works of this tool, but it is reaping goods from it. That said, here are some of the roles of social media in the online gaming industry:

Building Brand Awareness and Community Engagement

Let’s take a good look at how things used to be done!

Some decades back, when social media was not as popular as now, what do you think was used to promote brands and businesses? None. Many brands had no choice but to rely on the local audiences they could get to.

But today, with the help of social media campaigns and promotion, any brand, including iGaming brands, is reaching out globally. Especially with the gambling industry, it is much easier to reach wider audiences than ever. They use several social media tools including:

●            Facebook

●            Instagram

●            Twitter

●            Youtube

●            Discord

●            Tiktok

●            Twitch

With activities as simple as posting on social media platforms, online casinos can draw in a few number of players. Other techniques fostering brand awareness and engagement also include hosting interactive quizzes and challenges for users to get on. And these are the few basic things most casino businesses do these days.

Targeted Advertising and Personalization

There is a popular conception that promoting certain businesses through media social media content may have negative impacts on consumers. Either directly or indirectly, iGaming businesses may have this impact on certain people.

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Thanks to social media campaigns, this is no longer an issue. Now that these communicative tools use data analytics, it is easier for online casino brands to promote and personalize ads to increase conversion on targeted people.

Leveraging Viral Marketing Through Sharing Narratives (List Social Media Platforms)

By creating captivating and viral content through social media, it has been easier for iGaming brands to reach more players. By now, you should have come across popular influencers and stars promoting casinos. Seeing influencers advertising alone is enough viral content to get people interested.

A good example is Betfair’s “Tap Tap Boom”. Betfair incorporated social marketing by creating a seamless game called Tap Tap Boom, which was smoothly integrated with netizens. By ultimate engagement and sharing from users, the betting company was able to boost visibility and attract more customers.

The PokerStars “#RaiseIt” is another exceptional case study of this tool. For this campaign, celebrities across several industries were invited to perform in entertaining stunts. Consumers were urged to post their videos and participate in these stunts. Not only did this brand amass more potential users, but it was also able to promote visibility across the globe.

Promotions, Contests, and Incentives: What This Means for Interested Players

If you do not know, the fact that you see casino promotions and bonuses everywhere is a form of social media campaign. In addition to that, iGaming labels use online contests and giveaways to attract and retain players via different platforms.

The motive behind this involves users being promised a good number of prizes and rewards for winning contests or completing tasks. Upon hearing this, you can expect what will happen. While this is a great tool for online casinos, it is also an exceptional tool for players looking to start their gambling adventure at a low cost.


With bonuses and Incentives, welcome offers and deposit rewards are incorporated and advertised across different platforms. Even third-party trademarks promote iGaming services by showing users the ideal way to claim these offers. For players, hearing that they can get such rewards may seem like a scam, but the truth is that online casinos gain a user when they click and register to get this offer.

Final Thought

The iGaming industry is currently a successful niche for many businesses online, thanks to social media. It has provided many platforms and ideas for these businesses to grow and get customers. While this sounds cool, the industry is failing to realize the insane competition of iGaming brands that are also waiting for the limelight. That said, here are the various ways social media campaigns drive success in iGaming.