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Rocket League Season 9 End Date

Rocket League Season 9 End Date

Rocket League Season 9 End Date

Ready to take your Rocket League game to the next level? Not sure when the current season will end? Don’t worry, you’re in the right place.

This article will provide a clear answer on when Season 9 of Rocket League will conclude, so you can plan and maximize your gaming potential!

What Time Does Rocket League Season 3 Start

Rocket League Season 3 is scheduled to end on April 17th, 2020 at 11:59 pm PDT. It is important to note that all rewards will only become available after the Rocket Pass concludes and all progress earned will not be carried into the next season.

Players who participated in the current season should ensure they have completed all their challenges and Rocket Pass before the end of the season to receive the rewards. Rewards may include New Decals, Wheels, Boosts, Blasted Boron Toppers series 2 and other rewards specific to each expired Season.

Players must also collect XP (experience points) throughout Season 3 to unlock additional content. XP is earned through playing matches and completing challenges. As players reach various tiers in their Rocket Pass, more items are unlocked for them to use including new cars, Decals and Toppers. The reward structure is different for each season, so check what rewards are being offered before starting a new season.

Season 3 of Rocket League marks the first anniversary of its successful launch on Steam, which accumulated over 1 million concurrent players within a month! May this upcoming Rebirth of Rocket League bring great successes worldwide for all its passionate gamers!

Rocket League Season End

Rocket League Season 9 is coming to an end on November 6th. This season has been a wild ride for both veteran and new players alike and with the culmination of this season’s play, a new era of Rocket League is set to begin. Season 9 has had an impressive reach, spanning two consoles (PS4/XB1), all regions, and hundreds of tournaments worldwide. In order to ensure fairness among all competitors, Psyonix will implement new rulesets that may change how some players approach the game in the future.

With this season’s ending, a leaderboard reset will occur to provide everyone with a new start when the next season begins. A season reset can cause excitement and stress among competitors as they prepare for the upcoming changes in leaderboard placements, rewards, and rocket pass levels.

Competitive rewards such as titles have already been unlocked before the end date for Season 9 according to player ranking as of October 30th 2019 at 10am PDT (UTC-7). All unlocks obtained this season will still be available after November 6th with no increase in difficulty or decrease in rewards from their current levels; these items are yours to keep regardless! This lets players know that any hard work done during Season 9 was not for naught.


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Season 6 Rewards Rocket League

At the end of each season in Rocket League, players are rewarded based on their rank. Season 6 began on April 6, 2021 and will end on July 5th 2021. Rewards from Season 6 include cosmetics such as Player Banners, Goal Explosions, Wheels and Decals.

Players who achieved Gold Rank or higher at the end of a Competitive Playlist season will receive an in-game reward as recognition for their accomplishments at the end of the season. These rewards are unique to each rank and can range from titles and profile banners at lower rankings to specialized rocket boosts, wheels, decals and more at higher rankings. Below is a list of all the available rewards which players can achieve by playing competitively in Rocket League:

Bronze III & IV – Bronze Player Banner

Silver I & II – Silver Player Banner & Reusable Boost (1 Key)

Gold I & II – Gold Player Banner & Rare Reactive Wheels/Toppers (1 Key)

Platinum I & II – Platinum Player Banner & Very Rare Limited Goal Explosion (2 Keys)

Diamond I & II – Diamond Player Banner & Import Exotic Wheels/Toppers (3 Keys)

Champion I – Champion Player Title+Banner & Animated Exotic Decal w/Painted Color Variant (5 Keys)

Grand Champion – Grand Champion Title+Banner + Very Rare Special Edition Animated Decal w/Painted Color Variant (8 Keys).

What Time Does Rocket League Season 4 Come Out

Rocket League Season 4 is scheduled to officially start Tuesday, February 11, 2020 and will run for about two weeks until the end of February.

Rocket League Season 4 will be competitive and will be played according to the established competitive rules. Players of all levels are invited to participate in the season and compete against others in their appropriate competitive tiers.

The end date for this season is yet to be determined but it is expected that it will conclude on or around March 3, 2020. As the season progresses, players’ individual rankings may improve or deteriorate depending on their performance during each match.

At the end of the season, the best performing players in each tier will receive exclusive rewards such as special titles and exclusive cosmetic items.

When Does Rocket League Season 2 End

Rocket League Season 9 will end on April 13, 2021. This date marks the end of the season’s Competitive Playlist and its associated rewards. The Season 10 start date has not yet been announced.

Season 9 began on January 14, 2021 and featured several changes to Rocket League’s gameplay and features, including a new arena for casual players called “Neo Tokyo FrostyFest” and new Clubs/Teams functionality for players to team up with friends in-game. Additionally, two brand-new vehicles were added – the Centio V17 and Takumi RX-T – as well as new items, including Antennas, Boosts and Wheels.

Players can compete in Casual or Competitive ranked playlists to earn rewards at the end of each season. Season 9 brought with it even more ranked rewards than ever before – including monthly rewards (Diamond or Champion I/II), a special Title Reward (“Season 9 Honor Guard”) and a unique Player Banner reward that changes based on rank. At the end of Rocket League Season 9 all players will have their ranks reset for Season 10, with Diamond III being the starting rank for everyone.

Rocket League Season Rewards Season 4

Season 4 of Rocket League has officially come to an end on April 9th 2021. Players who participated in the season are now able to collect their rewards that have been earned through the completion of their respective Season Rank. Server specific rewards can be found within the “SEASON REWARDS” tab from within the Rocket Pass Premium screen.

Depending on your rank within the season, rewards will consist of either new Decals, Wheels, Toppers, Goal Explosions, Antennae and Titles or Credits. Your Season Rank is determined based on your top 12 weeks during a given season, and your position at the end of all three seasons gets combined in order to decide a player’s ability to earn even more rewards in Season 4.

Players will have until April 16th 2021 to redeem any unclaimed season rewards before they go into retirement until they become available again (this rule applies exclusively for unclaimed rewards).


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Season 2 Rewards Rocket League

Rocket League Season 9 ended on November 9, 2020. As the season comes to a close, players are eligible to receive exclusive in-game rewards based on their rank at the end of the season. In order to qualify for rewards, players must have completed a minimum of 10 games in Ranked playlists during the season. The greater a player’s rank, the more rewards and XP bonuses are available for collection.

Bronze and Silver players who have achieved at least Rank 10 will earn a Bronze or Silver Season Reward Level Flash FX and XP Challenge Boosts. Gold ranked players that reach at least Rank 20 will be rewarded with a Gold Season Reward Level Flash FX and XP Challenge Boosts. Platinum ranked players that have achieved at least Rank 25 will receive an exclusive Platinum Season Reward Level Flash FX and XP Challenge Boosts along with an extra Goal Explosion for all seven platforms available for Rocket League play: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch PC/Mac/Steam OS, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 Capsule series and macOS Big Sur (M1).

Finally, Diamond ranked players that attain Rank 30 or higher gain all of these bonuses plus even more exclusive content like Animated Wheels! As you work your way up through Titan ranks you continue to receive striking new visuals like Animated Decals quality rewards with as much as 1000 XP per challenge completion!

There is something rewarding waiting for everyone who participated in this amazing Rocket league season! Be sure to claim your rewards before they expire!

Season 2 Rocket League Rewards

Rocket League Season 9 remains in full swing, with plenty of rewards yet to be obtained. To ensure players can receive their rewards before the end of the season, Psyonix has now announced when Season 9 will be coming to a close. The Season 2 Rocket League rewards will become available on December 9, 2020 at 4 p.m. PT (7 p.m. ET).

Players who reach Ranks Silver II or higher in Competitive and Silver III or higher in Extra Mode will earn items from the Season 2 Reward Levels: Gold, Champion and Grand Champion. As usual, Prizes range from new Player Banners and Titles to unique Decals for a variety of Rocket League-licensed cars such as ’89 Batmobile and Dodge® Charger R/T; as well as universal Decals such as Sensei and Cloudburst Trails: Fire Chief and Pink Fuzzy Bunny Toppers; Decal Wheels like Kurumin20XX and Corsa; Boosts like Triplicate and Sparkler, and new Goal Explosions like Color Streak 2!

Season 4 Rocket League Rewards

At the end of every season, players are rewarded for their accomplishments with rewards based on their final rank. These season rewards and exclusives are exclusive to Season 9 and remain as part of your inventory until you recycle them.

At the conclusion of Season 9, players will receive a unique set of cosmetic items depending on the rank they achieved. Here’s what you can expect to see in your inventory after summer 2020:

  • Grand Champion I or higher – 2000 Plus XP, 5 Decryptors and Unique Prime & Boost Wheels
  • Champion I or higher – 2000 Plus XP, 2 Decryptors, 1 Crate and Unique Goal Explosion
  • Diamond III or higher – 1000 Plus XP and 1 Crate
  • Platinum III or higher – 500 Plus XP and 1 Player Banner
  • Silver III or lower – 200 Plus XP

Season 6 Rocket League Rewards

Season 6 of Rocket League ended on February 10, 2021 and gave players the chance to unlock rewards for completing the season’s challenges. Rewards include the new ‘Gears’ Boost, Season 6 Player Banners, Titles, and XP coins. The highest tier of rewards were available for Gold II – Champion III players; higher tiers were available for Grand Champion and Supersonic Legend ranking players.

With the end of Season 6, Season 7 kicks off and all rewards from previous Seasons are no longer obtainable. For those who haven’t already completed their challenges in Season 6, they can still complete them when the new season begins but will not earn any rewards from them.

All challenges reset at the beginning of every season, so now is a great time to get a head start on completing challenges before Season 7 begins!


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Season Rewards Rocket League Season 4

As the end of Season 9 in Rocket League draws near on April 20 at 5 p.m. PDT (8 p.m EDT), players of the hit car soccer game should start to prepare for what rewards are waiting for them at the end of the season. Rocket League Season 4 will bring a bunch of new reward tiers which players can earn throughout the course of their playtime within the game, ultimately culminating in an array of different rewards commensurate with their effort and dedication to this title from Psyonix.

Players will be rewarded based on their performance in Competitive Playlists as well as other ways they can progress through Rocket Pass, Tournaments, and Free Play. Depending on how far you make it within each mode, you can receive upward of 10 different tiers’ worth of rewards in addition to consistent seasonal rewards according to your current placement at the end of Season 9:

  • Bronze I or higher will receive an exclusive Season 9 Bronze Wheels;
  • Silver I or higher will receive an exclusive Season 9 Silver Wheels;
  • Gold I or higher will receive an Exclusive Season 4 Gold Wheels;
  • Platinum I or higher will receive an Exclusive Platinum Raise Wheels;
  • Diamond I or higher will get exclusive Diamond Boosts as well as a select ” Loading Screen” for use within matches;
  • Champion I or higher , you’ll get even more amazing prizes such as exclusive ‘ Termination ‘ Decal and animated Car Glider for use during car soccer matches!

What Time Does Rocket League Season 5 Start

Rocket League Season 9 has been underway since February 5, 2021, and it’s set to come to a close on April 30. Starting at 12PM PDT, the Action in Psyonix’s ridiculously popular car-football hybrid will draw to a close after two months of gaming mayhem. Depending on what Rocket Pass you purchased earlier this season (Free or Premium), you might still be able to earn rewards with limited-time objectives crafted especially for the occasion.

It’s important to bear in mind that while the main ranked season will draw to an end on April 30, any Competitive Leagues playlists that were created during Season 9 won’t conclude until May 8 at 12PM UTC. Depending on how much you like to play online comps and if you’re one of the best players in your League Rank, you may have plenty of time left for climbing those ranks before the time runs out this coming Saturday. Remember: achieving Rank 10 or above before then will net you a rare Champion title!

Players can get ready for a new season by either selecting their favorite car manually or picking from customizable options based on appearance themes like Hawaiian Vacation, Burning Hot Wheels and more. Rocket League’s ninth season marks the conclusion of its first year under Epic Games and is scheduled to return with improved visuals once again this June for Season 10. Until then, hop into any playlist normally available in the game and look forward to one final chance to make some massive leaps up those leaderboards!

Rocket League Season Challenges Stage 4

Players participating in Rocket League Season 9 have been competing in seasonal challenges since early April. While the first stage of challenges was all about completing certain objectives in-game, Stage 2 focused on Competitive 3v3 match wins and goals scored. In Stage 3, players earned rewards by playing different roles each match.

All players must now complete the last stage of challenges to wrap up their Season 9 journey before the end of June 2021.

Rocket League’s fourth and final stage will receive rewards for achieving seven wins in any combination of Casual 1v1, Casual 2v2 and/or Competitive 3v3 matches. All seasonal challenges must be completed by June 30, 2021 to earn maximum rewards including exclusive seasonal titles, XP boosts and other in-game items. Players can still earn some rewards after the end date but their progress will be reset at the beginning of the next season – so remember to race to completion before your chance runs out!

Rocket League Season Rewards Season 6

Rocket League Season 9 Rewards are now available to all players. As the ninth season draws to a close, all players who achieved rank 24 or higher in Competitive, extra modes and/or casual playlists will receive some rewards. The Season 9 rewards have been designed to represent the exceptional accomplishments of your team throughout the season.

In addition to the standard rewards, Rocket League also offers a special reward for its top 100 players in the world on each of the three platforms (PS4, Xbox One and PC). Each eligible player will receive an animated decal with unique championship animation frame poses, as well as a unique in-game title that displays their respective rank when viewed by their opponents.

Commemorate your achievements during Rocket League’s ninth season with these exclusive rewards! Rewards will remain in player inventories after Season 9 ends on April 2 at 1:00 PM PDT / 4:00 PM EDT / 10:00 PM CEST.


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Season 3 Rocket League MMR

Season 3 of Rocket League began during the first week of February 2021 and will come to a close at the end of June. Players in all platforms can track their Progress Points and MMR (Matchmaking Rating) throughout the season. Each time you play a ranked game or complete a Placement Match, your MMR will be updated based on your performance. The higher your MMR, the better chance you have at earning rewards in the end-of-season rewards.

Players should note that since Rocket League introduced crossplay at the beginning of Season 3, MMR calculations will now take into account all versions of Ranked play (including PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch). As such, due to crossplay affecting Skill Rating calculations differently than it did prior to Season 3’s launch, players may continue to experience variation in their Rank Rating results until a more permanent solution is put in place by Psyonix.

In addition to tracking your own progress points and MMR through Ranked Play, players are able to earn additional points that contribute towards their overall Team Rank rating each game by leaving post game “compliments” for teammates or opponents. Earning Team Rank Points with compliments promotes positive behavior within the game and adds an optional extra layer for players looking for ways to potentially increase rewards earned from Ranked Play at the end of each season. For more information about Team Rankings and Criteria involved during Season 9 please visit

Season Rewards Rocket League Season 2

At the end of Rocket League Season 9, all players who competed in Competitive and Extra Modes playlists will receive a variety of rewards based on their highest achieved rank during the season. Depending on your rank, you will earn rewards as follows:

Grand Champion Division I-IV – ‘Grand Champion’ in-game title plus an Animated Decal related to the Season 2 theme, selectable Style and Color of Wheels, selectable combination of Decals and Boosts
Champion Division I-IV – ‘Champion’ in-game title plus a Special Edition Animated Decal related to the season 2 theme, selectable Style and Color of Wheels, selectable combination of Decals and Boosts
Diamond 1-4 – Special Edition Player Banner plus three (3) Uncommon War Paints
Platinum 1-4 – player banner plus one (1) uncommon War Paint
Gold 1-4 – player banner
Silver 1-4 – placement in Competitive Playlist + 75% XP boost for next season
Bronze and Unranked players will get a 75% XP boost for their next season.

Note: Rewards are not cumulative; each rank only earns what is listed above. Grand Champions also earn the bonuses listed for Champion Division IV. All rewards become available with the start of Season 10. Players may check their current rankings at any time within Rocket League’s main menu by selecting ‘Competitive’ then “View Rank”.

Season Rewards Rocket League Season 6

Rocket League Season 6 (December 10, 2019–March 25, 2020) was the sixth season of competitive play for Rocket League. At the end of the season, Rewards including a Decal and Title will be granted to all players depending on their rank. In addition to this, Competitive Tournament Credits (CTCs), XP, and Competitive Tournament Tokens (CTTs) can also be earned.

Ranking up during the season will grant CTCs and XP which can be used in a variety of ways; these include adding an extra Tournament Token to Prize Crates you open in-game. CTCs are not tradable or marketable items and cannot be used outside of Rocket League tournaments.

At the conclusion of Season 6 all players will receive a Decal and an in-game Title that corresponds with their highest rank achieved during this season. The different rewards are as follows:

Bronze III Rank or Lower: Bronze Decal and “The Challenger” Title
Bronze I Rank or Higher: Silver Decal and “The Competitor” Title
Silver I Rank or Higher: Gold Decal and “The Contender” Title
Gold I Rank or Higher: Platinum Decal and “The Elite” Title
Platinum I Rank or Higher: Diamond Decal and “The Champion” Title