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Rocket League Ranks In Order

Rocket League Ranks In Order

rocket league ranks in order

Do you ever feel stuck in low-level ranks and unable to progress further? You’re not alone! Knowing rocket league ranks in order is key to keeping track of your progress and improving your game.

This blog will help you understand the rocket league ranking system and give you the confidence to work up the ladder. Ready for launch? Let’s get started!

Rocket League Rank Tracker

To maintain the competitive integrity of Rocket League, the developers at Psyonix introduced the ranking system. This tracking system consists of 10 ranks players can reach while competing in online game modes. Each rank is determined by several skill & performance-based factors, therefore it’s important to work on developing your skills and staying motivated to earn better rankings.

The various ranks found in Rocket League are listed below, beginning with the lowest rank, then in ascending order:

  • Unranked
  • Bronze I
  • Bronze II
  • Bronze III
  • Silver I
  • Silver II
  • Silver III
  • Gold I
  • Gold II
  • Gold III
  • Platinum I
  • Platinum II
  • Platinum III
  • Diamond I
  • Diamond II
  • Diamond III
  • Champion I
  • Champion II
  • Champion III
  • Grand Champion

Rocket League Ranking Distribution

Rocket League is a sports-action game that offers an extensive ranking system that players can progress through throughout their gaming experience. The ranking system works seasonal and consists of numerous divisions ranging from Bronze to Grand Champion. The ranking system is designed to match players of similar skill level together for an enjoyable and competitive match.

The distribution of players in each rank changes from season to season. Still, it typically follows a bell curve with the majority concentrated in the lower tiers — Bronze, Silver, and Gold — and fewer numbers in the higher tiers. Between 5-10% of all Rocket League Players are considered Grand Champions, representing one of the toughest achievements you can reach.

Below is a breakdown of each rank as well as their corresponding percentiles:

  • Bronze (60%)
  • Silver (25%)
  • Gold (8%)
  • Platinum (5%)
  • Diamond (2%)
  • Champion (1%)
  • Grand Champion (.35%)


rocket league ranked mmr


Rocket League Rank Points

Ranking up in Rocket League is predominantly determined by your skill level in a process known as MMR (Matchmaking Rating). The biggest factor in rank determination is what opponents you have successfully defended against, combined with the average rank of the team-mates you are queuing with. As a result, rank points determine the rank players have achieved.

Below is a breakdown of the ranks and their associated total points:

– Unranked 0 Points

– Provisional 10 Points

– Bronze I 10 Points

– Bronze II 20 Points

– Bronze III 30 Points

– Silver I 40 Points

– Silver II 50 Points

– Silver III 60 Points

– Gold I 70 Points

– Gold II 80 Points

– Gold III 90 Points

– Platinum I 100 Points

– Platinum II 110 Points

– Platinum III 120 Points

Rocket League Ranks Chart

In Rocket League, players must climb the ranks to become an expert. This chart provides a clear overview of all the ranks available in Rocket League.

Unranked: Players have not yet played their first 10 placement matches at this level. Once 10 placement matches have been played, they will be placed into one of the ranked levels.

Bronze I – Bronze III: These are considered entry-level ranks and require relatively little skill to master. A key factor here is understanding how propelling works and being able to focus shots accurately.

Silver I – Silver III: Player skill increases at these levels as more advanced maneuvers are introduced such as double tapping and air-dribbling. The ability to predict where your opponents shots will land is also important if you want to rank quickly through this section.

Gold I – Gold III: This is a mid-level range that requires an increased level of understanding when it comes to dribbling, boosting and identifying defensive weak spots in enemy defenses. Here players must develop their passing skills to rank up faster.

Platinum I – Platinum III: The highest level before Grand Champion, passing skills, precise ball strikes and perfect aerial manoeuvres become essential for success during matches. Players should play with a greater level of awareness and be willing to switch roles within teams if they want maximum success during games at this level

Diamond I – Champion I: This is not only the highest ranking before Grand Champion but it’s also where most professional Rocket League players compete at globally which makes reaching into this section more difficult than ever before as both individual skill, precise following movement to stay in front of enemies cars with ease is important for success at this Level

Grand Champion : This is the topmost ranking within Rocket League which awards those who succeed with prestigious rewards such as exclusive titles and rare virtual items that cannot be obtained anywhere else! Reaching and maintaining this position takes extreme dedication beyond simply playing well but developing overall game knowledge across all positions.

Rocket League Ranking Chart

Rocket League is an exciting, high energy game that has captivated players worldwide. The game features a ranking system that determines how players match up against each other in skill level. The Rocket League Ranking Chart helps players navigate the game by providing an easy-to-follow reference of the eight leagues, their ranks, and rewards.

Rocket League Divisions: The lowest division is Unranked, while the highest is Grand Champion. The divisions are listed below in ascending order:

  • Unranked
  • Prospect I
  • Prospect II
  • Challenger I
  • Challenger II
  • Rising Star
  • All-Star
  • Superstar
  • Champion
  • Grand Champion

Each division has its own rewards for achieving certain ranks within it. Prospect I has Bronze I to Gold I levels, Challenger I has Platinum I to Diamond I levels, and so on. As you progress through each division in league play, rewards become increasingly more attractive and exclusive. These rewards can range from limited edition items to exclusive tournaments with special prizes. Once you reach Grand Champion rank in Rocket League, you won’t receive any more exclusive rewards – instead you will be rewarded with bragging rights!


rocket league ranking mmr


Rocket League Ranks 2020

Rocket League ranks in 2020 are designed to be a reflection of player skill level. The ranking system begins at Unranked and progresses up to a maximum of Grand Champion.

Below is a list of the Rocket League ranks in order from lowest to highest as per July 2020:

  • Unranked
  • Prospect 1
  • Prospect 2
  • Prospect 3
  • Challenger 1
  • Challenger 2
  • Challenger 3
  • Rising Star 1
  • Rising Star 2
  • Rising Star 3
  • All Star 1
  • All Star 2
  • All Star 3
  • Superstar 1
  • Superstar 2
  • Superstar 3
  • Champion I
  • Champion II
  • Champion III
  • Grand Champion

Rocket League Rank Tiers

Rocket League, the popular vehicular soccer game, is divided into several tiers of ranked battles. These tiers, in descending order of difficulty, are Grand Champion, Champion, Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Players are promoted to a higher tier if their ranking points allow them to do so.

Grand Champion

Grand Champion is the highest rank in Rocket League. This rank requires extensive skill and experience as well as a consistent performance against high-level opponents. Only 1% of players are able to reach this rank due to its extreme difficulty.


Champion is the second highest rank in Rocket League. Achieving this rank requires a player to have mastered most fundamental aspects of the game as most opponents that you face will also be highly skilled and experienced participants who can easily take advantage of your mistakes or miscalculations if you don’t play at an optimal level. The Champion difficulty depends on the specific Competitive Season since the challenges that might arise during one season might not feel heavy during another season depending on the balance changes made by Psyonix between competitive seasons.


Diamond ranks require players to be good at all skill set required for a given match – shooting accuracy; positioning; goalkeeping; powerups; etc – while still exhibiting tactical knowledge and decision making abilities while playing games with more experienced players like themselves who share similar preferences when it comes to rocket league playstyles. Reaching Diamond Rank proves that you understand how all key aspect integrate together and can perform under pressure for long hours at a time


The Platinum Rank is considered high end gameplay in Rocket League where teams have figured out their strengths & weaknesses when playing with each other but still should be considered an intermediate level of excellence when it comes to strategy implementation. In order for players to reach this Rank they must consistently improve upon their existing strategies and expand upon new ones from watching other competitors.

Gold Tier

Gold Tier is where teams come into existence as teammates learn how to incorporate strategies that suit every member’s strengths into offense or defense into their games. It also consists of honing key mechanics like aerial control & predicting moments in a match either offensively or defensively which could make all the difference between winning or losing.

Silver Tier

Silver Tier requires players to understand basic objectives & mastery of basic mechanics both offensive & defensive within each match they play while learning some more advanced tactics along the way. This tier normally consists mostly of 4v4 games compared to 5v5 thus teamwork tends to factor a lot more than any other platinum or diamond levels.

Bronze Tier

Bronze Tier installment basics Rocket league uses such ball control, boost management, decision making, dodging counter plays etc which must be done right away to win games at this level since majority being fresh new arrivals mistakes will cost them round within minutes if mettle properly familiarize themselves with the game without need look up guides before hand.

Rocket League Ranked Tiers

Rocket League ranks are a way for players to assess their skills in comparison to other players. The ranking system is divided into seven tiers, beginning with ‘Unranked’ and culminating at ‘Grand Champion’. Each tier contains five divisions except for the Grand Champion tier which has only one division. As players win matches, they gain points which can help them climb through the different tiers. New players start at Unranked while experienced players may already be placed in higher tiers based on their experience and previous rankings in other competitive video games.

Unranked – Players who are new to competitive Rocket League begin here.

Bronze -The first rank a player can get once they enter ranked play. This rank generally means that there are 10 or more games left before players get into Silver divisions

Silver – This is usually the middle point of player skill level and marks a transition from casual play to competitive play

Gold – Players who have achieved Gold have demonstrated higher levels of skill and experience, indicating that they are more likely to win than their opponents

Platinum – Players who reach Platinum consistently display expertise in multiple aspects of the game, like mechanics and strategy

Diamond – Reaching this rank shows that a player’s Rocket League skills are even better than those who previously reached Platinum level

Champion – Reaching this highest tier marks expert level proficiency in all areas of Rocket League

Grand Champion -The highest rank achievable, only few attain this level each season. Players at this rank demonstrate excellent mechanical ability and strategic thinking throughout top-level competition.


rocket league rank tracker


Rocket League Ranking List

Rocket League has a competitive ranking system, players will be allocated a rank depending on their results in the competitive mode. The ranking system runs from 1-2000, with each tier containing around fifty ranks. Players begin at Rank Unranked and each win in the Competitive Mode increases their score and consequently rank. As they win games they will progress up the tiers starting at Bronze I, followed by Bronze II, Bronze III, and so on. As players reach higher tiers, they will then enter matches against opponents of similar skill levels.

The following is a list of Rocket League ranks in order from lowest to highest:

  • Unranked
  • Bronze I
  • Bronze II
  • Bronze III
  • Silver I
  • Silver II
  • Silver III
  • Gold I
  • Gold II
  • Gold III
  • Platinum I
  • Platinum II
  • Platinum III
  • Diamond I
  • Diamond II
  • Diamond III
  • Champion I
  • Champion II
  • Champion III
  • Grand Champion

Rocket League Ranks 2021

In Rocket League, the competitive ranks are divided into eighteen tiers and each tier has its own rank icon, name and numerical range. The ranks are reset at the end of each competitive season. The ranks in Rocket League ascend from Bronze (lowest) to Grand Champion (highest). The general ranking system is as follows:

Bronze – The lowest skill tier in Rocket League. Players in Bronze will typically have low mechanical skill, infield awareness, and car aerials.

Silver – Players here have basic control of the car and a rudimentary understanding of the game. They will have improved aerial skills over Bronze players but usually lack strong game sense.

Gold – Gold players understand fundamentals such as positioning battles and are able to effectively set up plays for their teammates. They more often win 50/50 situations against similarly ranked opponents but may struggle against higher graded players in team play scenarios.

Platinum – This is an average-level tier where most mid-level tournaments populate with its competitors. In Platinum, doing well requires a deeper level of understanding for gaming fundamentals including game sense and situational awareness techniques.

Diamond – Players vying for Masters division points need to reach Diamond status firstly as this is one step below Champions division rankings; Diamond players need advanced knowledge of the game overall to be successful when pitted against their higher rated opponents like Grand Champions or Champion’s division competitors that they may encounter during online matchmaking or tournaments alike

Master – Master ranked individuals exhibit exceptional car control feats coupled with good decision making abilities during tense matches; a mastery level generally provides Master players with an advantage over Masters opponents whose decision making skills do not match up to their mechanical pacesetter level counterparts

Grand Champion – These elite few outclass all other contenders in virtually every aspect of Rocket League; Grand Champions must demonstrate not only excellent mechanics but also superior tactical insight, understanding how the pros domestically accomplished professional results thus far.

Rocket League Season 2 Rank Distribution

Rocket League Season 2 was the first full season of Competitive Play. It began on September 8, 2016 and ended on December 6, 2016. Prior to Season 2, a system known as Competitive Tiers was used, which progressed players through 3 tiers (Bronze, Silver and Gold) before providing a final Rank.

During the Rocket League Season 2 Ranked play period, competitive players were placed into one of seven divisions to compete in 10 placement matches before earning their initial rank. Ranking was based upon an ELO-based rating system which utilized the average skill level of each individual player in order to determine matchmaking and opponents; match outcomes had a greater effect on ratings for those at the higher end of Elite ranks.

Below is a table displaying all 7 divisions ranked in order from highest to lowest:

– Grand Champion

– Champion III

– Champion II

– Champion I

– Diamond III

– Diamond II

– Diamond I

Rocket League Ranked Divisions

Rocket League has many different competitive divisions and ranked tiers across which players can compete with each other. Being placed into a specific rocket league ranked division depends on the current skill level of the player and is determined by their performance during each season. Divisions are divided into seven levels, starting at Unranked and progressing through Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and finally Champion.

Here is a more detailed look at what each rocket league rank entails.

Unranked: Unranked is for players who have yet to become eligible for placement matches in competitive playlists. In order to be eligible for placement matches you must have played at least 10 provisional matches within the past season in which case your rank will be calculated by the system based on game data retrieved from those games and you will be given an appropriate from one of the ten following tiers depending on your performance:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Champion

Once you reach a specific tier in Rocket League Competitive Playlists then your rank is officially locked until the end of the current season or until you reach another tier after playing multiple placement games again in a new season or special event.


rocket league ranking distribution


Rocket League Ranks 2022

Rocket League ranks are used to determine a player’s skill level within the game. They are updated seasonally and have been in use since the game’s release in 2015. The rankings system operates on a tiered structure, with each tier containing multiple divisions that slowly increase in difficulty. Each tier is made up of 10 divisions, starting at division one and progressing up to division 10 – representing a player’s peak skill level.

In 2022, Rocket League ranks were as followed:

  • Grand Champion: This is the highest rank possible; players must place in this tier to be considered a professional player .
  •  Champion I through III: A skilled and experienced player who has achieved high levels of success; this rank requires further proficiency for continued progression.
  • Diamond I through IV: A solid understanding of the game with experience playing at the higher levels; consistent practice is key for advancement in this rank.
  • Platinum I through III: Competent players who still require more experience and practice for higher tiers; this tier provides good experience for future progression .
  • Gold I through III: Beginner players who have gained experience with the mechanics but need further development to reach higher tiers .
  • Silver I through III: Players new to the competitive world of Rocket League that are at an intermediate level of knowledge ; they should hone their skills before attempting the next tier.
  • BronzeI through III: Entry level players who may only be familiar with basic mechanics ; these newcomers should be mindful when taking on more experienced opponents .

Rocket League Rank Percentages 2021

The Rocket League rank system requires players to play 10 placement matches before they are placed into one of the following tiers in the game:

-Grand Champion (2.02%)

-Champion (5.68%)

-Diamond (11.68%)

-Platinum (19.06%)

-Gold (27.53%)

-Silver (31.47%)

-Bronze (19.77%)

When entering placement matches, players are ranked based on their MMR and then placed into divisions, tracking their progress against fellow players even closer and with greater accuracy. After playing all ten games, the player’s MMR and division will be compared against those of all others who have also taken part in 10 placement matches and a tier rank will then be assigned accordingly. For example, if your Division is Platinum II or lower, you will be placed in Gold V; Platinum III or higher is considered Diamond I/II and Diamond III/IV is Champions I/II/III/IV respectively. As your skill advances between tiers you will experience different competitive levels which require a higher degree of skill from the player base to master the game’s mechanics or strategies accordingly.

Rocket League Ranks Season 6

Rocket League ranks cover eight levels, each divided into three sub-levels, except for Grand Champion where there are no sub-levels. The Rocket League ranking system is based on a player’s solo performance in Competitive Matches. Each ranked win awards players with 10 Rank Points which will help them towards their new rank and tier. Grand Champion is the highest link of competitive ranking, where the best Rocket League players are competing at.

Season 6 ranks:

•Bronze I

•Bronze II

•Bronze III

•Silver I

•Silver II

•Silver III

•Gold I

•Gold II

•Gold III

•Platinum I

•Platinum II

•Platinum III

•Diamond I

•Diamond II

•Diamond III

•Champion I

•Champion II

•Champion III

•Grand Champion


rocket league rank points


Rocket League Season 1 Ranks

Rocket League Season 1 ranks are the first set of competitive gaming ranks in the game for players to climb and compete for rewards. These ranks span from Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Grand Champion.

Each rank requires a certain amount of Rocket League points in order to pass through the ranks and receive rewards.

The amount of points required to pass from each rank is as follows: Bronze requires 0-1299 RP; Silver requires 1300-1799 RP; Gold requires 1800-2200 RP; Platinum requires 2200-2900 RP; Diamond requires 2900-3699 RP; Grand Champion I, II & III require 3700+RP.

Rewards include XP boosts and rewards based on players’ rank at the end of each Competitive Season.

Rocket League Season 2 Rank Rewards

Rocket League Season 2 peak rankings were attained in the 2017 Competitive season and are determined by the total number of points earned during a season. Players who reach particular milestones within their rank will receive a particular reward, such as currency or Rocket League items. Each rank title has its own rewards and requirements as outlined below.

Bronze Rewards: Players ranked Bronze I, Bronze II, or Bronze III will receive 10 Rare Decay upon entering the rank at the start of that competitive season.

Silver Rewards: Players ranked Silver I, Silver II, Silver III, or Silver IV will receive 20 Rare Decals upon entering the rank at the start of that competitive season.

Gold Rewards: Players ranked Gold I, Gold II, Gold III, or Gold IV will receive one Black Market Decal and 10 Rare Decals upon entering the rank at the start of that competitive season.

Platinum Rewards: Players ranked Platinum I , Platinum II , Platinum III , or Platinum IV will receive one Import Rocket Boost set and 15 Common Decay upon entering the rank at the start of that competitive season.

Diamond Rewards: Players ranked Diamond I , Diamond II , Diamond III , Diamond IV , or Champion will be rewarded 100Xp upon entering their respective tiers at the start of each Season 2 Ranked Play session .