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Responsible Gaming and Rules to Incorporate for Online Gaming

Responsible Gaming and Rules to Incorporate for Online Gaming

Online gaming is an excellent form of entertainment and relaxation. But as we know, excessive indulgence in anything can lead to problems; it is the same with online gaming. As the industry grows, certain checks and balances need to be incorporated by all the online gaming platforms.

Numerous card games online apps incorporate rules, guidance, limits, and some dedicated safety resources, etc., to make the players feel secure and promote good playing practices.

Most online rummy gaming apps run safe and secure games and promote responsible behavior among the millions of gamers that flock to their platforms to play daily. According to various reports (, the Indian online gaming industry will grow to about 350 million users by 2022 and will be worth nearly $2 billion by 2023.

Looking at the growing numbers, the various gaming apps proactively aim to educate players about making responsible gaming decisions and encourage balanced healthy play. 

Most importantly, there is The Rummy Federation (TRF), which has set up norms and regulations for guidance on a number of issues in the industry. They required the online rummy gaming platforms to bar underage players; flag any addiction to the game; ensure all fair and above-board rules are followed with complete transparency; no fraudulent activities are entertained in terms of transactions, and promote safe gaming behavior.

Here we address concerns regarding the fairness, safety, and gaming behavior associated with playing online rummy.

Safe Payment Modes

Certified online rummy apps and portals adopt advanced technology features to ensure that players can play rummy in a safe environment. All online transactions are made safe with the latest cyber security features. Any possibility of human error is eliminated with everything transparent and automatic.


Most online rummy game platforms have a separate detailed section on rules. This is to enable players to learn the online gaming rules for every variation of the game. Some people are overly confident and believe that offline rules also translate to online games. But the online world is slightly more strict than the offline world, and people need to be clear about what is allowed or not.

Fair Distribution of Cards

The online rummy game is all about cards. Shuffling, dealing, picking of cards, and collecting points are all made through automation. This automation is ensured through a Random Number Generator or RNG, which is a must for all certified online Rummy platforms. This RNG is a software that ensures random outcomes for any task undertaken in the playing of rummy—be it shuffling, dealing, etc.

Responsible Gaming

The whole aim of online gaming platforms is to give a plain credible experience, and for that, authenticity is crucial. This comes with maintaining a reputation of fair play. There are restrictions on age. No underage access is allowed as credentials are double-checked.

Players are encouraged to set self-spending limits. Any untoward gameplay or activity evokes intervention from the platform. It comes in the form of warnings of excess spending than the norm.

Self-Assessment Surveys

A player is encouraged to take a self-assessment survey to gauge his or her spending habits, gameplay, frequency of playing the game, etc. In-house support is extended if the survey throws up addictive behavior.

A risk management team constantly monitors player statistics, and any anomalies in playing behavior are noted through algorithms and actions taken accordingly. If needed, some players are sometimes blocked from playing temporarily or permanently.

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There are certain precautions that the players need to follow on their own to ensure fair and ethical play.

Always remember rummy is a game, and the app is there for your entertainment and sport. Treat it as such and not become obsessed with it.


Like any other daily activity, playing online should be treated as something of a break from the daily routine. Prioritize your other activities such as work, family, and other social obligations over it. Set aside some time and consciously follow that. Practice self-regulation

The rummy gaming platforms need to make a collective effort to follow transparency and integrity in their businesses. An organized forum of regulations and rules protects players and enterprises both and promotes healthy behavior across the gaming ecosystem.