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Online Games For Friends Virtually Gathering

Online Games For Friends Virtually Gathering

The idea of gathering virtually has become more and more popular over the years. Fifteen years ago, online interactions were limited to chat room discussions with strangers and gambling games with robots. Fast forward to present times, and there is an entire culture dedicated to the world of online communities and gaming. Apps like Tinder, Zoom, and (obviously) Facebook have allowed people to connect with one another from the comfort of their homes while building strong relationships worldwide.  

These online communities haven’t been exclusive to social media, however. The gaming world has been revolutionized by the advances in streaming and live chat features. The online gaming community has seen a massive influx of users over the years, with the internet connecting millions of players from around the world. The sub-culture of virtual gatherings has stretched its wings into the gaming society, with groups of friends now able to compete and play against each other online from their own homes.  

So, let’s look at some of the best online games that facilitate these virtual gatherings. 

Mario Kart Tour 

One of the greatest multiplayer games ever created has made a pit-stop on the mobile app circuit. Mario Kart Tour is now available to download and play for free with up to seven friends at a time! Race against your friends as well as your enemies (like Luigi, Wario, and many more from the Mario Universe) and rack up points on the leaderboard to be crowned champion. What a time to be alive! If you and your friends need something fun to do, this should be your first stop.  


The world’s #1 card game has gone digital! The classic and much-beloved UNO is now available to play online through the unique and wonderful UNO app. The same rules apply from when you’ve played it in-person (literally anywhere because UNO is flexible like that!); the only difference is you draw and play your cards digitally. A suggestion would be to video call your friends while you play to heighten the gamesmanship!  


Created in 2013, this cooperative game blends teamwork with panic to form a whirlwind of emotions and sounds between friends. Each person is assigned a random control panel with (confusing) buttons and sliders that they have to use correctly according to instructions they’re given. The goal of the game is not to let your ship blow up. Played with up to eight players, you’ll have to have a video chat going simultaneously to shout instructions to your friends (because your instructions are sent to your teammates) as you try to save your ship from exploding. What fun! 


The classic “board game of board games” is timeless and has been responsible for many arguments, debates, and hours of people’s lives. Thankfully, you can now play it at the click of a button, from your own couch via the app. Again, you should have a video chat open with the other 3 players while you roll dice, buy property, and avoid jail. You really can’t go wrong with Monopoly. Is there a better game to play virtually? You decide!  


Fun for the whole crew; this game literally encourages players to lie in order to win. When everyone has downloaded the app, each player is asked a trivia question, and everyone is required to make up a fake answer. Everyone then votes on what the real answer is, and if your answer is voted as the real one, you “psyched” them, and you get some points! As you can probably imagine, this game can get quite creative and out of the box, leading to laughs and banter all game long. 

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Would You Rather 

If you and your friends are looking to find out more about each other, for example, if Jake would rather have broccoli grow under his arms or sweat cheese, then this is the game for you. It’s a straightforward game with no other goal than to decide what your preferences are between two options. The entertainment that this game provides is unparalleled, so be careful not to get carried away into the early hours!  

Words With Friends 

Founded in 2009, this modern classic has thrilled millions of players around the world. The point of the game is in the name. You make words with friends! You can compete against your friends online in a crossword-like game where you unscramble the highest scoring words to emerge victorious. This game will improve your vocabulary, too. That’s a bonus to the fun! 

When’s the Next Virtual Game Night? 

Whether you live far away from your friends or you just want to stay in bed, there’s always a good reason to organize a virtual game night with your group of friends. Choose a few of the games in this list to start what will inevitably be a night of great fun and laughter!