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PS5 Sports Games

PS5 Sports Games


Sports games have always been among the most popular PS games, with a wide base of players. The biggest franchises usually come out once a year for each new season. The games are usually easy to pick up and learn, and for many players, sports and competitive games are the only games they try.

There’s also a growing industry of eSports and casinos that support Bitcoin wagers, allowing players to bet on the outcome of these games as they would on a real sports match. This article will go over some of the best PS5 sports games to try and possibly wager on.


Undisputed is a realistic boxing game coming out of Steel City Interactive. The game boasts to be the most realistic one in the genre of martial arts games, and there’s a good case to be made that it’s the case.

There are more than 60 individual punches the players can learn, and these can come from all angles. There’s also a career mode in which the player goes from amateur boxer to World Champ, and it includes elements of management and strategy.

EA Sports FC 24

EA Sports FC 2024 is a success in the famous FIFA soccer game. It’s the first time the game produced by EA Sports hasn’t been associated with FIFA, which created its own game. The game was anticipated, and some thought fans would be divided between the two new soccer games.

Generally speaking, however, little to nothing has changed. The game still has similar mechanics; it’s based on the same principle, but it does have a somewhat better tutorial, allowing you to get better at it quickly. There are also Evolutions, a new feature of Ultimate Team that lets you level up your players with various skills so that you’re not so reliant on simply earning (or buying) better squad members via packs.


Tiebreak is a game produced by Nacon, a team behind Tennis World Tour 2 and AO Tennis 2, and it’s the game officially endorsed by TPA and WPA. This means that for the first time, the game will include the 100 best players from the TPA and WPA list.

There’s a single-player, multiplayer, and local multiplayer mode. The game supports online tournaments, quick matches, and extensive careers similar to the ones you could have with soccer and basketball games. Tiebreak features realistic graphics and physics.

MLB the Show

MLB the Show is the official baseball game that comes out every year, and in March, we’ll have the installment for the next season.


It was developed by San Diego Studio and published by MLB Advanced Media and Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game will be available for all platforms, but it will be free for Xbox players with the Xbox pass.

This is also the first time that it will include a career mode for female players. It has had one for male players for years now. The so-called Negro League will return to the game a separate storyline mode will follow the career of Derek Jeter.


Skate is the fourth installment of the skateboarding game, but there’s a chance it won’t be called Skate 4. It’s coming out more than a decade after Skate 3, and it boasts the introduction of realistic graphics and physics that sports games already have.

Electronic Arts created the game, and it will be the first one to have a PC version. It will be a free-to-play game set in a new city called San Vansterdam.

Ghost Bike

Sports games are usually the product of big companies that have the right to license player’s images. However, this game is an indie title produced by a small company called Messhof. Ghost Bike has us playing as a kid from Freehub City, planning to revive the last Ghost Bike capable of traveling to the afterlife.

This means that the focus will be on the aesthetic and interesting storyline rather than the realistic graphics and gameplay. The game has been announced to be playable on PCs and the biggest platforms, including PS5. It will also feature a semi-open world to explore and a vehicle customization system.

Spin 2K25

Top Spin 2K25 is another tennis installment on our list. It’s not officially supported by WTP and ATP lists, so it won’t have all of the greatest names in tennis to play with. It does have the official license from some of the biggest tournaments in the game, including Wimbledon, Roland-Garros, the US Open, and the Australian Open.

The players can also create a tennis star of their own and start a career from the ground up. There will be a lot of competition between this game and the first tennis game that comes with ATP endorsement Tiebreak.

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Cool Boarders

Snowboarding is a popular and exciting sport, but surprisingly, there are few games that deal with it. This will be one of the first to do so while providing modern graphics, gameplay options, and realistic physics. The game will be available for major consoles.

Not much is known about the game at this point when it comes to which races can be played and whether there will be a career or a multiplayer mode. However, it’s not wrong to assume that it will since most other sports games do provide those modes.

Tour de France 2024

Tour de France 2024 is a bike simulation game made for all the big consoles. The Cynide Studio develops it, and one comes with many improvements compared to the previous installment. It manages to capture the atmosphere of the sport, which is crucial for such a game.


The game has a great tutorial, which is important for those who are new to the game, as there are many such players for which this game will be the introduction to cycling. It supports online races with up to six players. Tour de France features 900 real cyclists to choose from.

F1 23

F1 23 is another installment bringing Formula 1 races to the average PS 5 player. It’s one of the greatest and slickest racing simulations out there, and it manages to bring the excitement of high-speed racing to the consoles. It can be played with a joystick, but the steering wheel would make it better.

The Career Mode and the My Team Mode haven’t changed from the previous version, however, and they are the way most players will experience the game. F1 World, on the other hand, covers the same material, but it’s an arcade game rather than a simulation, and some players prefer that.

EA Sports College Football

EA Sports College Football is a sports simulation game covering college football. EA Sports will produce it, and it will come at some point in 2025. It will be the first game in the EA sports series that covers college sports. The game will be available for PS and Xbox.

The game boasts over 10,000 player opt-ins, ensuring a comprehensive roster representing various schools. Some claim that there will also be an integration with Madden, but this has not yet been officially announced by EA Sports. There’s a lot of hype for it online, as the fans always wanted a college football game.