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Online Casino Algorithm Getting More and More Advanced

Online Casino Algorithm Getting More and More Advanced

online casino

online casino

Over the past decades, online casinos have risen in popularity. Technological advancements, specifically with regards to the smartphones and internet, has resulted in many individuals spending most of their free time online.

For many industries in the world, this extra connectivity has resulted in an added convenience along with a couple of different modes of delivery. And the online gambling industry isn’t an exception. Some individuals might even argue that gaming websites have helped the entire gambling industry to build a strong reputation.

Many new online casinos and game developers use various algorithms that make their gaming websites and games fair enough. So when players play them and gamble in online casinos, they are sure that the results are random and fair. All of the top online casinos, including those available at, offer games that use random number generators, making players trust them. 

Before you can sign up with any of the recommended gambling websites, be sure to go through the following sections to learn more about online casino algorithms. 

Random Number Generators

Many online casino games use random number generators to create a random sequence every millisecond. The most common games that use random number generators are slot machines, which are also popular among players. Every time a gambler clicks on the spin button, the random number generator produces a brand new random series of different digits.

All online casino games have no memories, which means that no tracker is in place to record any losses or wins. Many games, including slot machines, are instant, with their outcomes determined in the shortest possible time based on mathematical algorithms that are communicated through random number generators.

There are many versions of games that players can play at reputable online casinos, which are available in different forms. Some are available free of charge, some for real money and some for membership-based. All of these games are programmed to provide players with a fair, reliable and trustworthy gaming environment.

What Are Random Number Generators?

Abbreviated as RNG, a random number generator is a programme that helps reveal the results of a given event at random. Anytime you play a casino game online, the outcomes are determined by a perfectly working random number generator programme. 

Currently, there’re various types of random number generators, and pseudo-random number generators are the most common ones. These are special generators since there is no need to have an external input like numbers or data to be in a position to produce an outcome. Seed numbers and algorithms are all they need.

Each millisecond, brand new seed numbers and results are produced. And they achieve this by taking the last digit or the first two produced and then use mathematical formulas such as division, multiplication, subtraction, addition and more to be in a position to form new random results.

You should keep in mind that there is nothing random when it comes to mathematical operations and that inputs will always yield the same outputs. That is the main reason why random number generators aren’t really random.

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Why Online Casinos Use an Algorithm

Originally, online gambling platforms did not need to use extra algorithms along with random number generators that were in a position to perform a fair shuffle of results with proper randomisation. However, with time, technology changed, and in 2001, when various information technology experts exposed some flaws in random number generators and the lack of ability to provide the corresponding amount of random decks, gambling websites had no option but to improve their RNG systems. 

And that is why many poker sites and those that offer online slot machines decided to change their systems. After improving the RNG systems, the main problem disappeared, but a wider variety of deck sequences was produced. 

As a result of this, online gambling platforms faced the next challenge, which included cheating and collusion of gamblers. However, these two challenges did not affect slot machines. The new challenges had solutions that involved setting different algorithms, which would lead to honest games by declining colluding. Deterministic algorithms were the main solution to the new challenges. And thanks to these solutions, players can now enjoy fair and trustworthy online gaming platforms.

How are Random Number Generators Used in Online Casinos?

Random number generators are primarily used in online casino games where there are no live dealers. The most common games that use random number generators are video slot machines, virtual blackjack, roulette games, video poker and keno.

The idea of how random number generator works is that they assign a value to every symbol on the reel of the game. For instance, if there are twelve symbols on a single reel in a five-reel slot, the random number generator would come up with a value of between one and twelve for every reel, and there would be five different icons. If the five random icons were part of the winning combination, the player who wins would be paid based on the chart.

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Any individual cannot cheat random number generators. This is because it is more difficult to guess or know the seed algorithms or numbers that online casinos use. If online casinos do not meddle with the random number generators, then they should be fair.

How Random Number Generators Keep Online Casinos Fair?

Third-party companies test each regulated and licensed online casino’s software. The most common companies that test and audit games are eCogra and Gaming Laboratories International. These companies offer a wide and full range of consulting and testing, not just for online games but also for their brick-and-mortar counterparts.

Some of the different types of testing evaluations and services are random number generators and mathematical evaluations, as well as game payout reporting, verification, security audits, and penetration testing, to name a few of them.

Online casinos that pass all the tests get a certificate and a little badge that say their respective games are 100% fair, meaning they’re random. Also, passing the tests mean that the games aren’t influenced by any outside variables like VIP cards, credits in play, the potential pay-off size and more. Additionally, the games meet the minimum payout percentages recognised by gambling commissions, local or federal authorities.

Random number generators keep online casinos fair since every game or slot machine will never undergo any changes without having to go through a complex and extensive process. In some countries, like the UK, if an online casino wants to make changes, they’ll need to notify their respective states first. 

Then they must use state-approved chips that come with paper trails. After that, state inspectors will check their games randomly for compliance. All these things are done to ensure that online games that casinos offer are fair and will always offer random results.

Final Thoughts

RNGs are indeed complex algorithms that can make sure online casino games are fair and provide random results. As long as they’re not interfered with by people, they will make the games as fair as possible. And to give you a fact, random number generators aren’t only used in online casino games but also in other technologies such as in tablets and smartphones. 

If you are looking for sites that use proven algorithms to offer fair gaming environments, then has got you covered. Visit the site and pick your favourite online casino to get started.