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Looking to Become a Pro in Destiny? Find Out More About Competitive PvP Carry

Looking to Become a Pro in Destiny? Find Out More About Competitive PvP Carry

Looking to Become a Pro in Destiny? Find Out More About Competitive PvP Carry

Destiny is an excellent choice if you like playing shooter games, or RPG, and MMO games. It is described to be a combination of the three. Although with only minor MMO elements, Destiny is a video game worth a try.

Destiny: Gameplay

Destiny is a role-playing first-person shooter type of video game that has developed by Bungie. It’s one of the excellent loot-focused RPGs in an MMO-like style environment. Destiny’s gameplay is quite different from other video games’ gameplay.

When players have created their character, they are automatically and directly launched into the game while selecting their destination in the game and what activity they want to play. It utilizes an on-the-fly matchmaking system, pairing players with each other without them knowing.


Activities in Destiny

There are two main game categories in Destiny: PvE and PvP. You should also try Destiny 2 boost.

The Player versus Environment (PvE) is where players, either solo gaming or with a team, get to fight computer-controlled enemies. While the Player versus Player (PvP), on the other hand, is a multiplayer mode where players fight with each other in the game.


Since it is a loot-focused game, Destiny player’s main benefits when they win are the rewards such as loots or bounties. Each time a player wins a match, they earn a stamp for their ticket. Players also gain better EXP, which powers up their characters, improves their statistics, and helps them level up in the game. Players also have greater chances of winning with some Destiny Competitive Carry.

Player versus Player

Also called The Crucible, this activity is where players fight one another. Players prefer this game type in Destiny as they can enjoy and win against other real human players in a match, unlike in the PvE.

destiny pvp

Destiny’s PvP is a fast-paced, chaotic, and intense game type where after winning, players can gain new weapons to add to their collection, upgrade and level up their characters, and finish some exotic quests for rewards.

Destiny’s PvP Modes

A player can choose six crucible modes after they have unlocked the PvP game mode in Destiny. These modes are:

  1. Clash – This is a six versus six players mode and is all-out warfare without any special modifiers.
  2. Rumble – This mode is free for all and has six players. In this crucible mode, the first one to reach the target or cap score will be the winner.
  3. Supremacy – This is another six versus six mode and is similar to CoD’s Kill Confirmed mode. Players in this mode should pick up an enemy’s crest to gain points. The game kills don’t count for victory, and players can prevent the other team from getting points by getting friendly crests.
  4. Rift – Another six versus six PvP mode where players must battle for the “spark” in the center of the game field and bring it to the enemy rift.
  5. Skirmish – The only three versus three mode where players can kill enemies and revive their teammates for extra points.
  6. Control – The last six versus six mode. Players in this mode shall fight to control three zones around each of the maps for extra points.

game activity

Tips in Playing PvP

Playing PvP is hard, especially if you’re trying to be a pro in Destiny. For a better gaming experience and a higher chance of success in PvPs, here are some tips to take note of:

Make your main character strong.

Leveling up and winning is quite impossible without a strong character. Make sure that your character is powerful enough to win against other players. Give your character the best weapons and materials in your collection. Also, ensure that your seasonal rank is high.

Remember that you have teammates when playing.

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Playing as a team and sticking together is a good strategy when playing. With a team-minded play, concentrated fires and cooperative movements make victory more possible. Don’t hog kills or take action that will only benefit you. Think and play as a team – this way, your team wins.

Don’t always go to clash points.

Clash points in a PvP map are easy to spot and are most likely tempting to go to because that’s where intense fights between teams are happening. However, you’ll just get tangled up with the battle and might end up losing if you push through a clash point.

Destiny: Battles

Battles in Destiny are always fun events to play in the game. These battles are always PvP matches. Currently, for this season, the upcoming battle called “Season of the Chose.” Rewards from winning or passing this battle include:

  • Gears
  • XP boost
  • Season Pass
  • New seasonal armor set
  • Unlocking the new Solar Bow
  • Unlocking Ticuu’s Divination

destiny levelupLeveling Up: Destiny’s Competitive Carry

Leveling up and becoming a pro in Destiny is quite hard, especially if you seem to be in bad luck with your matches and can hardly win. However, the Destiny Competitive Carry exists for player versus player modes.

Destiny Competitive Carry is a type of boost for players to help them gain higher chances of winning, allowing them to upgrade their characters faster and in only a short time. Aside from the character’s upgrade, the players can also gain significant rewards from the wins and carries while they level up.

If you want to win in a battle, here are a few final tips on how to prepare:

  • Prepare your weapons and choose what to use in the battle wisely.
  • Make sure you have good armor and mods.
  • Be knowledgeable of what your weapons and armor can and can’t do.
  • Study and learn how to use your weapons efficiently.
  • Remember to incorporate all techniques you can when playing.
  • Finish weekly challenges to gain more powerful gears or to gain more EXP.