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4 Online Bingo Variations to Keep You Interested!

4 Online Bingo Variations to Keep You Interested!


Two fat ladies, 8-8, Eighty-eight!

Sweet 16!

Lucky number 7!

Retirement age 60!


Families, friends, and relatives all come together to have fun and get engaged with the game. Modern-day Housie would be bingo, which can be played both offline as well as online.

Bingo is mostly a game of chance. Each player is supposed to match numbers in a pattern on cards with the numbers that the game host will draw at random. When a player crosses off the drawn numbers arranged either in a row or column on their card, they claim ‘Bingo’. This is an indication to the game host to verify the numbers matched by the player, and if all goes well, the ticket is approved.

This is played among players to see who is able to scratch all numbers off from their card first so as to come closer to the winning arrangement for the prize or jackpot. After the winner is announced, the board is cleared for the next round.

It’s a traditional game that has come to be modified in more than several ways. There are different permutations and combinations chosen or invented to make the game interesting and to increase the difficulty level.

Since the digitized aspect is so in nowadays, online casinos have become a hub for traditional games like bingo as well, where you can play the same game online against hundreds of people all across the globe.

Like mentioned earlier, modifications have been made to raise the bar and make the experience more intriguing. You can even use bookie codes to get started.

Listed below are a few variations that are unique and bit thought of.

Facebook Bingo

Slightly different from the usual traditional bingo, facebook bingo involves awarding the players with certain ‘power-ups’ to give them an advantage over the others.

A community spirit is developed while playing bingo on this platform as space allows the players to virtually accept and give gifts and other features so as to make allies.

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Horse-Racing Bingo

Up-to 15 players come together and assign themselves numbers from 1 to 15 according to the numbers shown on the top row of the board on their screens.

The numbers are then drawn, and the first person to have all five numbers in the column be drawn wins!

As clear from the overview, this is a fast-paced form of bingo usually adopted in congenial organizations.

Death Bingo

A simpler version amongst all the variations is this death bingo. The player who eventually reaches bingo is eliminated, and the player with the maximum numbers cut off from his screen or card until the end of the round is where the winner is announced.

The 90-Ball Bingo Game

This is the traditional version from the UK where there are 90 balls and a card of 15 numbers on it. The aim of the game is to get numbers scratched off – either off a line or more than one line and to cut off all the numbers (full house).

Final Thoughts

One of the problems with online bingo is that it lacks the buzz and interaction that traditional bingo indulges in. To keep up the interest and excitement, variations are put in the space so as to witness combinations while playing virtually and enhance the play-time. So, you will get a lot of new things with online bingo that traditional bingo might just miss out on.