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No More Distractions While Streaming Your Favorite Hotstar Content in the US

No More Distractions While Streaming Your Favorite Hotstar Content in the US

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Hotstar – an India-based streaming service – has gained much momentum in The US on account of the world of content the service offers.

Americans gain access to regional and international movies, shows, documenters, and sporting events. They offer over 100000 hours of content in 17 different languages.

But there is a catch, the Indian service is geo-restricted in the States. So, to stream Hotstar in USA, you need a premium VPN that can power through the toughest of limitations.

Now, with the VPN setup – connected to an Indian server – it would be in your best interest to opt for Hotstar premium to enjoy an ad-free and distraction-free streaming experience.

How to Get a Hotstar Premium Account

A subscription-based service called Hotstar Premium provides various exclusive content, such as movies, TV series, sports, and more. Take the following steps to get a Hotstar Premium account:

  • Subscribe to a premium VPN service
  • Download its app for the device in use
  • Sign in to your account and connect to an Indian server
  • Click the “Start Your Free Trial” button while you are on the Hotstar website
  • To register, enter your email address and password
  • Choose the Premium membership option
  • For the subscription procedure to be complete, provide your payment information
  • You will have access to Hotstar Premium content after your payment has been processed

The Benefit of Having a Disney+Hotstar Premium Account

A Disney+Hotstar premium account has a variety of benefits, such as:

Access to a Large Selection of Exclusive Content

You can access premium content not accessible to regular users when you sign up for Hotstar Premium. You will enjoy unrestricted access to the most recent films, TV series, Hotstar original programs, and sporting events from across the globe with a Hotstar Premium subscription. Also, you can access exclusive VIP events that are not open to others.

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Access to the award-winning film, documentary, and other content libraries of Novi Digital Entertainment is also available only with Hotstar Premium. Subscribers can watch their preferred movies without any limits with Novi Digital Entertainment, even if they aren’t available on other streaming sites.

It’s an excellent method to catch up on movies without committing to buying them; subscribers can rent movies. In addition, Novi Digital Entertainment provides a unique selection of content available only on its website.

Ad-free Streaming

With a premium subscription, you can watch your preferred content undisturbed by advertisements or other commercials, providing a more exciting viewing experience.

Compared to other providers, Hotstar’s streaming offers a significantly better experience due to the absence of ads. Furthermore, there is no need to pause or wait for a commercial break to end when you can just resume watching the material.

Without having to worry about commercial interruptions, it is now simple to binge-watch episodes or movies.

Simultaneous Streaming on Multiple Devices

You can share your account with family or friends using a single premium account to stream video on up to four devices simultaneously.

It’s crucial to have a quick and dependable internet connection, select a streaming provider and subscription package that suits your needs, and ensure a smooth streaming experience.

Downloading Media for Offline Viewing

Users of Hotstar have limitless access to download movies and TV shows that are included in their premium content. You may store your favorite TV series and movies on your device with a few simple clicks to watch them whenever you want.

Moreover, Hotstar allows you access to exclusive content, including sports, news, and more. You can easily download specific episodes, seasons, or movies of your favorite show or film. You may now easily watch your favorite series and movies offline or catch up on missed episodes. You have instant access to all the available premium content with Hotstar.

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Watch Live TV

You may watch live TV on Hotstar Premium, including Star India programs, films, and Tamil and Telugu networks. You can keep up with the most recent international news, sports, and entertainment with access to many channels.

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You won’t miss any of your favorite shows with Hotstar because it offers a variety of genres to fit your interests. You now have access to the most recent television programming whenever you want, thanks to the inclusion of live TV on Hotstar Premium. Watch all your favorite Star India programs, sports, movies, and more without dealing with annoying advertising or commercials!

Disney+ Hotstar Premium Cost

To get the most reasonable rates for your Hotstar account, you need a VPN, an Indian number, and a way to pay. Things are easy to access by turning to friends and family with Indian roots.

Because subscribing to a Hotstar premium account from anywhere other than India will cost $299 per month or $999 per year, a new plan called Hotstar VIP costs $365 per year.

However, the Indian Disney+ Hotstar premium will cost you INR 1499 ($18.20) per year or INR 299 ($3.63) monthly.


The above post mentioned that purchasing a Hotstar premium account subscription is a great way to avoid distraction. The article also covered how to get the account and its benefits and costs.

With a premium plan, you get exclusive access to highlights like cricket, the Premier League, Hotstar specials, star serials, early movie screenings, and more.