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20 Games that Don’t need Wifi for Android & iPhone

20 Games that Don’t need Wifi for Android & iPhone

Games that Dont need Wifi

Every game lover is looking for the no internet games that don’t need wifi to save their internet data. We have mentioned some free mobile offline games without wifi which are available for both Android and iOS. These games are also called as Offline games. Android market is flooding these days with such mode of entertainment giving you many options from which you can quickly make your choice.

Android & iOS is accepted worldwide, so the games available in their stores are played by every other human. Now it does not always demand you to be online every time to play those games. You can also look for some New casino sites games

Some Games can also be played offline as well as online on all the android & iOS devices that too by providing you with not one or two option but multiple options. If you want to play GBA Games you need to download best GBA emulator for Android.

For those who are looking for offline games that don’t need internet for their free pass time can use this article where we have listed 20 no internet offline android games.

Fun Mobile Games that Don’t need Wifi


Badland-gameIt is on the top of the android chart as many users recently play it. Badland, as the name suggests, is an action game, best suited for action lovers as offline feature makes it compulsory downloading. Forest scenes which are occupied by dwellers trees and flowers. This forest is a replica of any heavenly garden. The player is the dweller of the forest and is made to overcome the obstacles. It supports multiplayer mode which allows the user to play with other players maximum four players at a time. It goes with the mythology “survival for fittest” and by following the rules. Over 30 million people are using this app and now its time for you to add yourself to the list.

Android | iOS

Make More

Make-More-gameThis offline game you provide a player who is a factory manager and has to produce Rubik’s cube, car, wheel, toys, birdhouses, padlocks and many other wings. It gives you an idea of how to make the profit in business and how can you make the profit through employs. You have to hire fools workers, train your employees so that they can work faster so that they can produce new products, so each factory has its specialty for what they have to create like candies cakes or any other agricultural products. Gifts and surprises are always applauded to you with every productive work. More fortune you have more benefits, you will get. That means you have to ensure that your employees are working as asses of the factory.

Android | iOS


Duet-gameThis is mind attention game, which demands all concentration level, it is simple if you have high concentration level, this free offline game can even help you improve your motivation. Your life depends on the two dots, how long you can make them sustain. It motivates you and gives immense power to save the dots every time. This game provides you eight parts, and you can repeat each step. And come through 25 more achievements.

Android | iOS

Quizoid Trivia Quiz

Quizoid-Trivia-QuizIt is a fantastic android offline game which engages use at his free time.It is a questionnaire type of a game which includes over 7000 trivia questions and 6 level, if you want to enhance your general knowledge, then this is the perfect option. Items from different genres like art, sports, geography, language, history, food, nature and related to everything around you. It gives you three option classic arcade or 3 lifelines, in classics you have an endless play without time boundation. In arcade you have limited time in lifelines you can play 50/50 or change question. This app is regularly updated, and every time you answer a new problem. Quizoid is exciting and is available free of cost.

Android | iOS

Smash Hit

Smash-Hit-gameIt is another offline and affordable game so smash it. It is an endless arcade journey into the complete unknown world, to stand as a winner all you need is to throw the ball accurately it is a matter of technique and patience. However, it is exciting. There is no main hero involved in it you are in the air and have to destroy all the glass obstacles which come your way. It is a fun gameplay.

Android | iOS

Crossy Road

Crossy-Road-gameAll the way to an infinite offline game where the player has to go through endless roads, railways, and turbulent rivers. It is exciting and straightforward venture jumping popping tripping all is included in this small offline package.

Android | iOS

Alto’s Adventure

Altos-Adventure-gameIt has a free runner who goes on running on beautiful snowboard game and exciting, on the other hand, this snowboard man has to passes the slopes and jump over it and go on and just go on.

Android | iOS



Townsmen-gameThere is a king who sends people to various town to encourage people and to improvise city, this game is best for those who are looking for architecture change into society, and so you can practice. You can download it on windows, mac or phone tablets.

Android | iOS

Shadow Fight 2

Shadow-Fight-2This no internet game is the best way to kill your free time. In this player has to act as a fighter as well as a role player, it aims at that the player has to close the gates of shadow. In this you will have to fight many demons evil monsters etc. series of short battles will be followed and will end after two victories. After every win, you get some amount of money that will be spent in buying tools. 

Android | iOS

Earn to Die 2

vIt is regarded as an excellent arcade, which allows zombies and blood and salvation to fill horror and play just to get helicopters so that you can reach a safer place. You can upgrade cars zombies so to have better gameplay. You always get an option to crush and move must try this no internet game.

Android | iOS

Punch Quest

Punch-QuestIt has all the features of all classic NES games. His hero is “jock” with a naked and huge gloves in his hands. It is an action series, so it has to be exciting every time. Dragons saber-toothed ours, monks-ninja, flying spheres are it interesting is free and doesn’t consume more memories.

Android | iOS

Geometry Dash Lite

Geometry-Dash-LiteIt is an interesting arcade where the hero has to go through a lot of obstacles in the colorful world. The difficulty level of the game rises to increasing levels. Excellent music companies you fighting obstacles. Geometry dash light is available easily and offline with extra excitement with each new level.

Android | iOS

Swamp Attack

Swamp-Attack-It is one of the best android game, it has pleasing graphics. Swamp attacks divided into four episodes and 78 exciting level in it, apparently as you go forward difficulty level will be increased. It shows your repelling behavior how long you can fight your enemy monster. It keeps your mind engaged and is worth time spending game.

Android | iOS

Asphalt 8 Airborne

Asphalt-8-Airborne-For all the game freak this game is popular since very long but requires a lot of memory or phone storage. It is considered to be the best racing game it has amazing graphical interface high-speed stunts get its gear always in player’s hand.

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Android | iOS

Plants vs Zombies 2

Plants-vs-Zombies-2This offline game will give you attractive graphics, an incredible adventure of fighting with zombies and beat them. Your army will be nature power that is planted. You have to save your brain through fertilisation of the plant, after completion of every task players gets the reward. Download the brain protection right now and start fighting with monsters.

Android | iOS

Minion Rush: Despicable Me

Minion-Rush-Despicable-MeOkay this game gets the 3-d image in the form of DAVE’S minion who jumps through rockets, bombs, collect bananas and power-ups to play faster without letting down. Minion rush is a comic game and inspires you for the jog to all the other level. If you are the minion fan than this is the best version for you, and for those who still don’t fall for will start loving the game.

Android | iOS

Six Guns – Gang Showdown

Six-Guns-Gang-ShowdownThis offline android game is more or less a travel log where you go to the wild west and meet the bunch of people and another local habitat of other nation. Witches spirits demons monster, and you have to kill them with 19 weapons provided to you to escape the death. Yes, this is fascinating game must try.

Android | iOS

Zenonia 5 wheel of destiny

Zenonia-5-wheel-of-destinyWitness the Action on android with the fight between rich and poor, after rich people, started to exploit weak and humiliated them. Amazing game for those of you is looking to pass the time.

Android | iOS


Assasin’s Creed Pirates

Assasins-Creed-PiratesIt welcomes you in the pirate’s world, where pirates find a treasure and go on the searching clue, finding clues and achieving destination is a mind game and goes on to search la Buza with its team. This tells all the hiding places and treasure gardens in its travels.

Android | iOS

Cars fast as lightning

Cars-fast-as-lightningIt is car racing game which is the parody of cartoon lately being installed by many users, it is not comprised of only racing but some other exciting features, start playing and to know more.

Android | iOS


No internet Games and games like 20 euro bez depozytu – 20 euro no deposit games are pleasing depending on its graphics all of the above-listed free offline android games provides fantastic graphics as well as can keep you busy for a long time. Choose your favorite type of game from the top chart listed above.

I hope this article reading provided you with your desired answer to the queries, for more questions, suggestion, and reviews you can comment and don’t forget to share & like for this content.

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