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Best Skyrim Console Commands & Cheats. How to Use them?

Best Skyrim Console Commands & Cheats. How to Use them?

Best Skyrim Console Commands & Cheats. How to Use them?

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is widely recognized video game that works through an open world, and action role-playing genre. Bethesda Game Studios developed it, and Bethesda Softworks published it to a broader audience.

It is the fifth instalment of The Elder Scrolls series, while the previous version was Oblivion and it was released for PS3, Xbox 360 and Windows in 2011.

The main idea of the game is that revolves around player character and his quest to defeat a dragon that will destroy the world. The game is set two hundred years after the Oblivion in the province of Skyrim.

Throughout the game, your objective is to complete lots of quests and to improve skills. The best thing about it is open world possibility which allows you to travel as much as you can at any time, and to ignore missions if you like.

Skyrim Console Commands

skyrim special edition console commands

We all know that most games today are made with some cheats that will help you finish and enjoy the game without any hassle of passing everything.

So you have to know that there are lots of things going on under the hood of Skyrim, and if you feel that everything is technical, you can quickly start messing around with functions through developer console.

Few console commands Skyrim will help you instantly complete quests; access spells that you would have to work for and teleport across the world.

We created a list of all relevant commands that you can use in this particular game in a list so that you can check them and use them as much as you can. You just have to type them into developers console carefully, and everything will be over in a second.

How to use Skyrim Console Commands?

You can use Skyrim special edition console commands only in developer console screen. You can do that by pressing the tilde key (~) which is right under escape and left to 1 key on the American English keyboard. In case that you use British English, you have to tap (`) which you will find at the same place.

When you are entering console cheats, you have to remember that you can do write everything in both caps lock or not. In case that you see sections that say <itemID> <#>, you have to know that you don’t have to type <> and # but just replace it with some items that you need.

For example:

player .addItem <ItemID> <#> 

This is the command that will provide you with new items in inventory. In case that you want to add gold to your inventory you just have to type

player .addItem 00000f 100

Skyrim PC Commands:

Skyrim PC Cheats

Immortal Mode – TIM

It turns off and turns on the immortal mode. You will be able to take damage without getting killed.

God Mode – TGM –

You just have to type TGM to turn god mode on and off. You will get infinite magic, health, and stamina. At the same time, as you carry the weight that will not affect travel ability and movement speed.

Kill Target – KILL –

You will instantly be able to kill the target. But it won’t work on essential NPCs.

Skyrim Money Cheat – player .addItem 00000f 100 –

It adds 100 gold to your inventory, and in case that you want to use more or less gold, you just have to replace 100 with the amount of your choice.

Resurrect – Resurrect <#> –

It will bring a dead NPC to life. When you add instead of #, number 1 you will be able to resurrect it with all items. When you don’t use number, that will remove the corpse and create another copy of NPC.

Empty Inventory – REMOVEALLITEMS –

It will immediately remove all items from target’s inventory. In case that you want to take those items add  <player> and you will have it in your inventory.

Add Item – additem <ItemID> <#> –

This will add a specific item to target’s inventory. You just have to find the item ID and the number in inventory instead of #.

Set NPC Level – setlevel <1>,<2>,<3>,<4> –

The idea is to set the level of your targeted NPC. However, this is tricky because Skyrim contains scaling level system. You have to assign four values. Each number here means:

  • 1 – Instead of 1 you have to add NPC’s level when compared to the player, which is based on % of players level.
  • 2 – How many levels this NPC will be below or above your level that we have mentioned above.
  • 3 – The lowest level NPC can be.
  • 4 – The highest level the NPC can be.

Toggle Skyrim Cheats

Skyrim Toggle Commands

Toggle Run mode – RM – It will switch between walk and run modes

Toggle Grass – TG – You can turn the grass on and off

Toggle Trees – TT – It will help you turn trees on and off

Toggle Water Display – TWS – You can turn water display off and on when you are not underwater

Toggle Framework Border – TWF – This will turn off and on the framework border.

Toggle Skybox – TS – It turns on and off fog effects and skyboxes

Toggle Map Regions – TFOW – It will turn unexplored areas off and on

Toggle Level of Detail – TLL – It will create much better Level of Detail.

Toggle Image Settings – TEOFIS – It turns taxing image settings such as blur off and on

Toggle Script Processing – TSCR – It turns on and off script processing

Toggle Collision – TCL –

It toggles for a targeted item. In case that you have become stuck on the same item, it will target it and you will be able to move through it.

Toggle Menus – TM – It turns interface menus off and od and it will completely remove the HUD.

Toggle Freefly Camera – TFC – It turns free-flying camera off and on and if you want to pause the game just type TFC1

Toggle Artificial Intelligence – TAI – It turns AI on and off and therefore characters will not react to you.

Toggle Combat Artificial Intelligence – TCAI –

It will turn combat for AI off and on. When you use its characters won’t attack but they may become hostile. You can combine it with TAI so that you completely disable NPCs.

Toggle Detection – TDETECT – It detects all AI so that you can understand in which direction to go.

Toggle Player Control – TC –

It turns on and off the control of NPC. If you want to use it, just target NPC and type this in the command. You will be able to control the NPC and you will have the two commands simultaneously.

Toggle Map Markers – TMM <#> 3 –

It will turn markers on your map on and off. Change # with 0 to disable everything and 1 to enable.

Skyrim Item Cheats

Skyrim Item Commands

Equip Item – equipitem <itemID> <#> <left/right> –

It will force a target unit to equip everything that contains in its inventory. Instead of left/right you can select which hand they will use for it.

Equip Spell – Equipspell <SpellID> <left/right> –

It forces your target to equip a spell. You cannot acquire this only through command, you have to select the target and then press the button.

Unequip Item – Unequipitem <ItemID> <#><left/right> – It forces the target to let down and unequip everything that they are using.

Make NPC immortal/mortal – setessential <BaseID> <#> 3 – You can set mortality of the target. If you enter 1 instead of # it will be immortal and 0 is for mortality.

Disappear – DISABLE – It makes your target disappear, which means that he will not be visible but still in the game.

Re-appear – ENABLE – It will make your disappeared target re-appear.

Delete – MARKFORDELETE – It permanently deletes selected item. It can remove the target completely and not just make them disappear.

Set Ownership – SETOWNERSHIP – It gives you a possibility to make your item ownerless.

Unlock – UNLOCK – You will be able to unlock the targeted door or chest

Lock – LOCK <#> –

It will allow you to lock the person, door or chest. Instead of # the idea is to enter the level of lock difficulty that could go between 0 and 100.

Resurrect – RESURECT <#> –

It will bring any NPC back to life. When you enter 1 it will come with all items intact, but if you don’t use any number it will create a fresh new copy of it.

Empty Inventory – REMOVEALLITEMS –

It will remove all items that you have in your inventory or target’s inventory. In case that you want to get everything from other player or character, just add PLAYER.

Gender Change – SEXCHANGE –

It will change the gender of your targeted NPC or yourself. That will help you change the body shape, but the face and head will remain the same.

Set Scale – SETSCALE <#> –

You just have to target the object so that you can set the scale. If you don’t target anything, it will by applied to your character. It will increase damage and speed.

Teleport NPC – MOVETO PLAYER – It will teleport NPC next to you

Set Player Relationship – player.setrelationshiprank <RefID> <#> –

It will change the relationship between you and NPC, which will create a different disposition. You can replace # with numbers between 1 and 4.

Add or Take Items from NPC Inventory – openactorcontainer <#> –

Every single NPC contains different items based on faction ranking. When you use this command you can access their inventory. Just add instead # number between 1 and 4 based on actor’s rank status.

Return Position – GetPos <axis> –

It returns the position value of your target, and you just have to replace axis with x, y, or z values of the axis that you can find out. Therefore, you can position items without any additional problem.

Set Position – SetPos <axis> <#> –

You can set the position value for your target. Just replace the axis with x, y, z and this will give you possibility to get any number.

Return Angle – GetAngle <axis> – It will return the rotational axis to your target. Just replace axis with x, y, or z in case that this is required.

Set Angle – SetAngle <axis> <#>2 –

You can easily set the rotational axis of your target, but you have to replace axis with x, y, or z values of the axis so that you can position items much more precise.

Quest Commands

Quest Commands

Get Current Stage – GetStage <QuestID> – If you want to enter the current stage of the chosen quest this is the best way to do it.

Display Quest Stages – player.sqs <quest id> – It will show all stages that you have to pass so that you can win and finish the quest.

Set Quest Stage completed/uncompleted – SetObjectiveCompleted <QuestID> <stage> <1 to set, 0 to unset> – The main idea between this particular Skyrim cheat is that you can mark the quest completed or uncompleted.

Set Quest Stage – SetStage <quest id> <stage value> – It will provide you a quest to specific stage. It is a perfect way to do it in case that you couldn’t pass the quest before because of some glitch.

Move to Target – movetoqt <QuestID> – It moves you next to target of your quest.

Show all current quests – SHOWQUSTTARGETS – It will show all IDs of current quests.

Complete All Quests – CAQS – It will complete all stages of every quest that is in the game.

Complete Quest – CompleteQuest <QuestID> – You just have to type this Skyrim command in console and you can complete any quest you want.

Skyrim Player Commands

Skyrim Player Commands

Unlock Shout – player.unlockword <shoutID> – It will unlock Dragon Shout so that you can use it to defeat your enemies.

Add Shout – Addshout <ShoutID> – It will add this particular attack in skills list. You have to unlock it first.

Change Race – SetPlayerRace <Raceid> – Just type this in command and you can change the race of your character.

Set Race – Player.SetRace <RaceID> – It is a variant of Change Race cheat because it gives you the possibility to become any race that is not available in character creation. You can become DragonRace just by entering its race ID.

Adjust Field of View – fov <#> – It gives you the possibility to set a field of view. The maximum is 160 and default is 75.

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Set Free-Flying Camera Speed – SUCSM <#> – If you want to enjoy in free-flying camera, you can set the speed through the console. If you type 2 it will double up the speed, and 0.5 will do it half a speed. The default is 1.

Camera Angles – ANIMCAM – It gives you the possibility to change the angle of the camera without changing the direction of your character. It will make camera independent of movement of the character.

Activate both 3rd and 1st person views – S1ST – When you are in third person view, you will get the display behind the character which will give you the possibility to enjoy in 3rd and 1st person in the same time.

Open Character Customization Menu – SHOWRACEMENU – It will open the character menu where you will see health, stamina and magica. You can easily make changes to your character inside the menu.

Add Perk – player.addperk <PerkID> – It will provide your character specific perk.

Remove Perk – player.removeperk <PerkID> – This way you will remove any perk that you have, but have in mind that it won’t refund you points that you have spent to unlock perk.

Add Spell – player.addspell <variable> – It will give you the possibility to add a specific spell, power or disease to your abilities. You can use it in the game and choose some spells that are not included in the game such as Conjure Dragon Priest spell.

Remove Spell – Player.removespell <variable> – It will remove the targeted spell, power or disease from the player.

Add Item to Inventory – player.additem <ItemID> <#> – You can add whatever you want to the inventory.

Remove Item from Inventory – player.removeitem <ItemID> <#> – You can remove whatever you want from your inventory.

Drop Item – player.drop <ItemID> <#> – You will drop the specific item on the ground.

List Inventory – player.showinventory – It will list all items from your inventory as well as itemID codes. You just have to use PageUp and PageDown to scroll the list.

Add Bounty – player.setcrimegold <#> <FactionID> – It adds some amount of gold to the bounty so that you can achieve the goal and objective

Pay Bounty – player.paycrimegold <X> <Y> <FactionID> – It will remove the bounty from your head. You have to change the X to 1 so that you can remove the items you have stolen or 0 if you want to keep them. The Y has to be 1 if you want to go to jail or 0 if you don’t want to go to jail.

Set Player Level – player.setlevel <#> – It will set your player to any level that you add in Skyrim console command.

Teach Word of Power – player.teachword <WOOP> – It will teach your player a World of Power.

Set Actor Value – player.setav <AV> <#> – You just have to add the value to the actor.

Modify Actor Value – player.modav <AV> <+/-#> – You just have to enter Actor Value so that you can modify it.

Place Item – player.placeatme <Item/NPCID> <#> – It will place an actor or an item next to the player.

Add Enhanced Object – playerEnchantObject <ItemID> <mgef> <mgef> – It will add an item to your inventory with magic effects.

Increase Skill Points – IncPCS <AVskill> – It will increase your skill points by one point.

Give Skill Points – AdvSkill <AV> <#> – It will increase specific skill points to the required amount.

Player Spell Book – PSB – It will unlock all shouts and spells, even ones that you cannot use in the regular Skyrim game.

Level Up – PLAYER.ADVLEVEL – It provides you the possibility to level up, and you can choose a new perk because of it.

Enable Control in Cinematics – enableplayercontrols – You can now control your player during cinematic cutscenes

Give Dragon Souls – player.forceav dragonsouls # – It will provide you with the specific amount of Dragon Souls, you just have to add number instead of #.

Skyrim Other Commands

Skyrim Other Commands

Add NPC to Faction – Addfac <FactionID> <#> –

It will add targeted NPC to a faction and you can assign its rank by numbers between 1 and 4 instead of #.

Remove NPC from Faction – RemoveFac <FactionID> – You can remove any NPC from Faction.

Set Follower Count – set playerfollowercount to <#>

By setting this you can determine and set the number of followers. When you enter 0 that will clear all followers so that you can recruit more.

Set NPC as Reference – Prid <RefID>

You can set NPC as a reference, which means that you can use it with other commands. It is useful when you cannot find any NPC on the map and you want to use a command for help.

Execute a .bat – bat <name of text file>2 – You can execute .bat file so that you can batch commands.

Show all descriptions and commands – help <“Object name”> <#>2

It will show you all itemIDs for desired and searched items. For example, in case that you want to add orcish armour to your inventory, you have to find its id and add it through command that we have mentioned above.

Quit – QQQ – It will leave the game in a matter of seconds.

Kill all NPCs – KILLALL – You will kill all NPC in the area.

Set Time Scale – set timescale to <#> – You can set the rate of time through the passage in the game. 1 is real-time 20 is the default.

Set Weather – sw <WeatherID> – You can set and maintain different weather patterns and types.

Skyrim Movement Commands

Centre on Cell – coc <CellID> – It will teleport you to the centre of the cell.

Centre of the World – cow Tamriel <Coordinates> – It will teleport you to a specific location.

NPC Corpse Clean Up – WIDeadBodyCleanupCell – It will hold the bodies of all NPC that have died.

Move to NPC – player.moveto <NPCrefID> – It will move you to the location next to targeted NPC.


We have presented you complete cheat list and Skyrim console commands that will help you improve your gameplay and enjoy the game with much more satisfaction. There are cheats for almost any solution, so you have to read this guide thoroughly so that you can finally create a perfect game and enjoy all the way.


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