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Leading 8 Gaming Apps for Beginners

Leading 8 Gaming Apps for Beginners


Are you new to PC gaming, or do you want to join the trendy gaming community and need help knowing where to start? If that is the case, do not worry; this article aims to provide the details you need to grow your confidence and start playing PC games. So, shall we immerse ourselves in the exploration?

The Ideal Gaming Apps for Beginners

Any gaming expert cannot emphasize enough the value of investing in the proper hardware and software. Luckily, the gaming apps you need as a beginner are available online, and most are free. The bone of contention is how to establish the most appropriate ones.

Apps are being developed and released daily. Impressively, downloading them becomes a trial-and-error affair that most certainly installs tons of junk into your device’s system, resulting in the risk of exposure to malware that could interfere with important documents like research papers generated by your essay writing service provider. Furthermore, these junk files could make the processor overwork or hang.

Seeking help from a gaming expert makes the selection process easy. As a beginner, install the following as you start:


As its name suggests, Discord is a communication app best suited for online gamers. Forget about in-game chat because you can chat while gaming with Discord. It is your perfect communication hub, and these are its notable features:

•                Direct messenger

•                Chat rooms

•                Voice channels

Discord also allows you to join or create communities with like-minded people. It goes beyond its name to heighten your gaming experience.

OBS Studio

Apart from multiple players competing in the same PC game, the fun in PC gaming is the idea of a community to challenge you, inviting OBS Studio into the conversation. Besides sharing your statistics with other players in the gaming community, OBS Studio allows for live streaming; hence, you can showcase your tactics with other players. That way, you can learn from them.

If you are into streaming, OBS Studio allows you to share your gaming streams on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. So, if you are looking at the prospects of focusing on gaming and carving a career out of it, OBS Studio is the app to install.


If you have had the chance to interact closely with a gamer, you can confirm that Steam is any gamer’s saving grace. Steam is a game market and launcher, and should a player complain about a game not being on the platform, be assured it is a severe issue.


Steam presents an endless catalog of games, from free to paid options. It has a feature allowing you to organize your library and a Steam Deck to access them at your convenience.

Opera GX

If the first piece of information that interested you is Opera Mini, that’s also okay because Opera GX could comfortably be termed the gamers’ browser. Any gamer who has tried it knows that it is difficult for you to detach yourself from it and start using other options again. In that case, Opera GX is the app you need to install.

On the other hand, using other alternatives utilizes most resources that could be useful for gaming. Instead, with Opera GX, you can limit the RAM, CPU, and network bandwidth you want the browser to utilize. So, it will never affect your games. It also gives you access to tweaking your interests according to what would serve you best.


An epic gaming experience is a factor of good software and matching hardware to run the programs. Even though you might do your part to meet these criteria, frequently downloading apps often predisposes your hardware to junk files, slowing down or impeding your gaming experience. As such, you might need to install a cleaning app to weed out these junk files, and CCleaner is the best app to get the job done.

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CCleaner comes in two versions, a free and a paid-for option, and the two have proven to get the job done. It works by scanning all the files in your hardware and freeing up space by eliminating the junk files, leaving enough space for your CPU to run seamlessly.


Any PC gamer can attest that versatility is one of the reasons they prefer it over console gaming. PC gaming allows you to play Android games, especially if you have the right software. One app that adds to the versatility is Bluestacks. It lets users download or stream a game through the cloud or browser.


The selling point of this app is its robustness, especially when playing Android games. Once the Bluestacks app is installed on your PC, playing games on your tab or phone will never feel the same.


While most developers allow you to rejig and rebind the control, others do not. As a result, PC gamers complain about these rigid controls. Can you picture an app that removes this problem and enables you to readjust the game controls the way you want? Epic.

Keytweak is simple to use, and you can change the gaming controls by selecting a few options and prompts. It also allows you to change your keyboard’s standard settings once you are done.

MSI Afterburner

Any ardent PC gamer understands that when gaming, you do not always get all the power out of the computer’s components. However, an intelligent gamer knows that this situation is temporary, and by tweaking a few settings, you can get the most out of the components. MSI Afterburner bridges the gap by creating a loophole to seamlessly milk power out of your GPU.

Even though it was initially designed for MSI cards, the MSI Afterburner app works perfectly with AMD and Nvidia. It lets you tweak the clock speeds, power limits, and voltage for the best gaming experience. A caveat to using it is to ensure you do not push your PC beyond what it can handle since you risk overheating and ruining its components.

Having gotten thus far, joining the gaming community should not be as scary as you think. These top 8 apps guarantee to elevate your experience and build your confidence.