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How to Successfully Run a Gaming Blog While in College

How to Successfully Run a Gaming Blog While in College


You might find it both challenging and exciting to run a gaming blog while in college. College is associated with busy schedules for classwork. However, there is also ample spare time, which gives students the flexibility to engage in extracurriculars and personal ventures, including gaming and blogging. Although balancing class activities and running a gaming blog seems challenging, effective strategies can help you succeed in both pursuits. Here are some workable approaches to successfully run a gaming blog in college.

Pick a Suitable Niche

Picking the right niche is vital in any business because it helps you stand out in a crowded market and attract loyal fans or customers. Select a niche that will allow you to use your time and energy effectively by creating content that is relevant to your audience. An appropriate niche will also help you position yourself as a leader in the gaming blogging market because you’ll win a large fan base. With a fan base or loyal followers, it will be easy for you to create brand awareness and loyalty.

Create a Schedule

Although your school life should come first, creating a schedule will help you to know what to do and at what time. You should acknowledge that your academics should be given the first priority. You don’t want situations when you forget about an assignment and only realize it when the deadline is hours away, and you can’t do it or have to pay for essay.


Blogging is an art that requires commitment, and you can only run it successfully if you have a schedule that helps you manage your time effectively. It requires a lot of time and effort to create meaningful content. It means that you should allocate enough time for your blogging activities. You can only achieve this by having a schedule that directs your activities. You can use a personal calendar or planner to help you effectively allocate time for your school work and blogging to ensure a proper balance.

Use Blogging Resources Available on Campus

It can be easy for you resource-wise to run a gaming blog because you can access and use school computer labs and Wi-Fi to do your blogging activities. You can use the opportunity you have in college to save on the money you could have used to buy a computer, pay for software licenses, or pay for Wi-Fi. Furthermore, you can seek help from friends and classmates with knowledge and skills in gaming blogging to assist you produced quality content Take full advantage of the staff and students who can assist you in doing an amazing job with your blogging. Also, go for peer tutoring available in your college to acquire new skills and ideas to improve your performance.

Manage Time Well

Managing time properly is key to balancing studies and blogging. You need time to attend classes and to do your assignments. Unfortunately, when running a gaming blog, you must also allocate enough time for content creation. You will need to break your tasks into manageable portions to help you ensure that what needs to be done is completed at the right time. Both school work and blogging require a lot of time, and if you don’t manage your time well, you might be overwhelmed by the tasks and mess yourself up.

Also, proper time management will enable you to prioritize what’s urgent and most important. It is key in game blogging because it’ll help you post what is trending in a timely manner to engage your fans. You need to know what your blogging and class assignments entail and when they are due. It will help you set time limits for tasks and start working on them in a timely manner.

Be Flexible and Stay Organized

School life can be unpredictable as some events and extracurricular activities might come alongside class work. It requires you to be flexible and organized to ensure that you can fix time for your blogging activities. In a nutshell, flexibility will help you to adjust to changes in your academic calendar and properly fix your blogging activities in your schedule.

Monetize Your Blog

To successfully run your gaming blog in college, you might need money to sort your bills and other expenses so that you have enough resources to concentrate on your studies and blogging. You can achieve this by monetizing your blog through advertising, merchandising, affiliate marketing, or sponsored posts. Monetization will help you earn some money for running your blog. So, when you build a large number of followers, remember to make use of it by monetizing your blog.

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Remain Updated on Gaming Trends

People often focus on playing and following new trending games. It means that you have to stay updated on new trends to produce relevant content.


One way to do that is to subscribe to gaming channels and game developer sites. Also, follow other gaming enthusiasts online to see what they share and their opinions regarding gaming-related stuff.

Reach out to Experienced Bloggers

You might find it challenging to balance running a gaming blog and studying because they are both time- and resource-consuming. You can get yourself out of this situation by seeking help from experienced gaming bloggers. Such people can help you learn how to run your blogs and grow your audience. You can network through social media platforms, gaming events, and school events.

Wrapping Up

Balancing college studies and running a gaming blog can be easy if you employ the right tactics. Begin by selecting the right niche for your blog. It will make it easy to create content and build a good following. You should also make a schedule that incorporates both academic and blogging activities. A timetable will ensure that you prioritize tasks accordingly so you don’t lag in either venture. A schedule should be accompanied by proper time management to ensure every task is completed within the appropriate timeframe. Also, constantly update yourself on what’s happening in the gaming industry to have an easier time knowing what to offer your audience.