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Kerala Lottery Chart 2015 Download Result

Kerala Lottery Chart 2015 Download Result

Kerala Lottery Chart 2015 Download Result

To understand the Kerala lottery results in 2015 with an overview of Kerala Lottery and types of Kerala lottery, browse through this section. Then, with Kerala Lottery Chart 2015 download result at your fingertips, explore the sub-sections in brief to better understand the different types of lotteries available for the residents of Kerala in 2015.

Overview of Kerala Lottery

The Kerala Lottery is a government-operated lottery that offers a chance to win large cash prizes. With daily draws, the Kerala Lottery offers one of the most accessible and exciting ways for residents to try their luck. The first draw was conducted in 1967; since then, it has become an integral part of the state’s culture. The lottery funds various social welfare programs, including healthcare and education.

The Kerala Lottery offers a wide range of prize categories, with the top prize typically being several crores of rupees. There are also lower level prizes that offer significant sums of money. Participants can purchase tickets for specific draws or enter multiple draws simultaneously.

One unique aspect of the Kerala Lottery is its transparent selection process. All draws take place in front of government officials and members of the public, ensuring fairness and impartiality. Winners are notified through public announcements and must claim their prizes within a specific time frame.

Pro Tip: Always ensure you purchase your ticket from an authorized retailer to avoid scams or frauds related to the Kerala Lottery.

Whether you’re a ‘Pick 3’ or ‘Karunya’ kind of person, Kerala Lottery has a game for everyone…except those who don’t like winning money.

Types of Kerala Lottery

Kerala Lottery conducted various draws every day, each of which has its unique category. These categories differ based on the involved prize amount and the draw schedule.

For instance, the daily lottery category includes very few prizes with minimal investment, while other categories like Akshaya or Vishu have more substantial rewards and higher ticket prices.

The table below shows the different Kerala Lottery types for 2015 with their respective prizes and draw schedules:

Lottery TypePrize AmountDraw Date

Daily        ₹1 Lakh        Everyday at 3 PM

Sthree Sakthi        ₹75 Lakhs        Every Tuesday

Akshaya        ₹50 Lakhs        Every Wednesday

Karunya Plus        ₹50 Lakhs        Every Thursday

Nirmal Weekly        ₹1 Crore        Every Friday

Karunya KR-23        ₹10 Crore        Second Saturday of the month

Unique details that haven’t been shared yet include that Kerala Lottery, founded in 1967 under Lotteries Department by Kerala Government, is one of India’s oldest lotteries. Moreover, it is one of the most prominent crowdfunded institutions in Kerala.

Kerala Lottery started as a medium to boost government revenue. Still, it became an important charity funding source since many social welfare projects are carried out through their proceeds. Almost half of their collected money goes to charity works and developmental projects in different sectors.

History reveals that criticism has always been part of its journey; however, Kerala Government never thought about shutting it down as they believe that charitable outcomes outweighed any negative aspect as it helps society and local development projects.

Get your bets in order because quantum physics is the only thing harder to understand than the Kerala Lottery chart in 2015.

Understanding the Kerala Lottery Chart 2015

To understand the Kerala Lottery Chart 2015 and its result, you must learn its importance and components. Therefore, to better understand the chart, this section titled ‘Understanding the Kerala Lottery Chart 2015’ with sub-sections ‘Importance of the Kerala Lottery Chart’ and ‘Components of the Kerala Lottery Chart’ will provide a comprehensive solution.

Importance of the Kerala Lottery Chart

The Kerala Lottery Chart offers an essential tool for lottery players to track and analyze the past winning numbers. The chart provides valuable information for players to make informed decisions when selecting their numbers. By studying the Kerala Lottery Chart, players can identify number patterns and frequency of those numbers being drawn, increasing their chances of winning.

Column 1        Column 2        Column 3

Kerala Lottery Chart        Data Analysis        Better Winning Chances

The Kerala Lottery Chart includes detailed information about each draw date, the winning numbers, the prize amount, and more. Additionally, the chart allows for easy analysis of specific periods or types of games, helping players tailor their approach based on their goals.

Pro Tip: Regularly analyzing and analyzing the Kerala Lottery Chart can help increase your chances of winning by allowing you to make informed decisions based on data analysis. Get ready to decipher the winning code with the Kerala Lottery Chart puzzle pieces.

kerala lottery chart 2015

The Kerala State Lottery Department issues a chart showing the details of all lottery draws conducted in the year. The chart contains valuable information like the prize amount, date of draw, name of the lottery, etc. Hence, it is a valuable guide for lottery players who wish to observe patterns and strategize their gameplay.

The Kerala Lottery Chart also includes other necessary information such as when ticket sales begin and end, how many tickets are sold, and how many winners there were in each tier. This comprehensive chart helps individuals plan their financial commitments with ease.

The Kerala Lottery has been active since 1967 and became legal in 1969, making it one of India’s oldest state lotteries. While initially offering just one weekly drawing, its success led to an expansion in games offered and even more ways to win. As a result, the chart has become an integral part of its operations over time.

Here are the details included in the Kerala Lottery Chart:

ColumnsDetails Included

Date of Draw        Specific dates of each draw throughout the year

Name of Lottery        Which specific type of lottery was drawn

Prize Amount (in INR)        The total amount awarded to winners

Winning Numbers        A list of numbers that won on each draw

Get ready to refresh that F5 button like it’s going out of style with these tips on downloading the Kerala Lottery Chart 2015 results.

How to Download Kerala Lottery Chart 2015 Results

To download Kerala Lottery Chart 2015 Results, you can follow some quick and easy steps. Additionally, you might find it helpful to take note of some useful tips for checking these results. Find out how to download Kerala Lottery Chart 2015 Results and learn some helpful tips for checking them.

Steps to Download Kerala Lottery Chart 2015 Results

To access the Kerala lottery chart 2015 results, follow these steps:

  1. First, visit the official website of the Lottery Department.
  2. Then, navigate to the “Results” tab and click on it.
  3. From there, select “Kerala Lottery Result” and scroll down to choose “Lottery Charts”.
  4. Finally, locate the Kerala lottery chart 2015 result and download it.

For unique details: The Kerala lottery chart 2015 includes a detailed list of all winning numbers from that year’s draws. It is a useful resource for those interested in analyzing past results and comparing them to current ones.

Pro Tip: Double-check the download file format before saving the chart to avoid issues with compatibility.

Get that lucky feeling by double-checking your numbers, because if you win, you’ll be saying “Kerala-fornia, here we come!”

Tips for Checking Kerala Lottery Chart 2015 Results

Kerala Lottery Chart 2015 Results can be effortlessly checked with a few simple tips. However, to ensure you don’t miss the chance to get lucky, here are some guidelines for checking Kerala Lottery Chart 2015 Results.

  • Visit the official website/portal of Kerala Lottery Department.
  • Search for the ‘Results’ tab and click on it.
  • Select the month and year of your desired Kerala lottery chart result.
  • Find your lottery number in the list published on the result page.
  • Carefully re-check and cross-verify your lottery number with the winning numbers.

Moreover, avoid haste when scrutinizing results as typographical errors have often caused discrepancies. Instead, analyze each digit carefully to rule out any form of mistakes.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to verify your winning ticket at an authorized lottery center before claiming your prize money.

Get ready to have all your lottery questions answered, because we’ve got the frequently asked FAQ’s right here for you!

Frequently Asked Questions about Kerala Lottery Chart 2015

To understand the commonly asked questions about Kerala Lottery Chart 2015, we have provided some quick insights for you. To comprehend the chart better, we have included two important sub-sections – How to read Kerala Lottery Chart 2015? and What are the prizes offered in Kerala Lottery Chart 2015? These sections will provide easy solutions to your doubts regarding the topic.

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How to read Kerala Lottery Chart 2015?

To comprehend the Kerala Lottery Chart of 2015, take a glance at the following details:

Column One:        Date of Draw

Column Two:        Lottery Name

Column Three:        Ticket Number and Prize Money Details

The above table holds valuable data on how to read Kerala Lottery Chart 2015. It displays useful information like the date of draw, lottery name, ticket number and prize money details allowing players to easily comprehend their winnings.

Each row in the chart signifies one lottery draw, which can be identified via its lottery number. The lottery name specifies its type and category ranging from win-win to Karunya lotteries. The third column depicts prize money for each winning ticket number.

To better understand, carefully check out each chart column in detail. Every draw has a unique code consisting of six characters from A to Z and numbers. Next, analyze how frequently each level is drawn in different lotteries.

Pro Tip: Invest cautiously within your budget while purchasing lottery tickets and do not go overboard while calculating risks. Winning the Kerala Lottery Chart 2015 is like finding a needle in a haystack, but at least the needle comes with a cash prize.

What are the prizes offered in Kerala Lottery Chart 2015?

The Kerala Lottery Chart 2015 offers various awards to the winners.

Referencing the prizes mentioned in the award chart, here is a tabular representation of the amounts rewarded under different categories:

Prize CategoryAmount Rewarded

First Prize        Rs. 1 Crore

Second Prize        Rs. 50 lakhs

Third Prize        Rs. 10 lakhs

Fourth Prize        RS. 5,000

Fifth Prize        RS. 2,000

It is worth noting that there are multiple winners in each category except for the first and second prizes.

Additionally, it should be noted that the Kerala Lottery Chart includes different lotteries such as Nirmal Weekly Lottery, Karunya Plus Lottery, Pournami Lottery, etc. Each lottery has different prize amounts specified in its respective chart.

Buying a lottery ticket can result in missing out on a life-changing opportunity. So don’t hesitate to grab your chance by participating today!

Win or lose, the real jackpot was the entertainingly confusing world of Kerala Lottery Chart 2015 we discovered along the way.


The Kerala Lottery Chart 2015 can be easily downloaded to see the results. This chart displays the winning lottery numbers along with the winning amount for each prize category. By referring to this chart, one can easily cross-check their lottery tickets to determine whether they have won any prize.

In addition to the above information, it is worth noting that the Kerala Lottery Chart 2015 is available in both PDF and HTML formats. This means one can download the PDF file or visit the official website of Kerala Lotteries to view the chart online. Moreover, this chart is updated regularly to ensure that it contains accurate and up-to-date results.

Many people may not know that Kerala Lottery is one of India’s most popular state lotteries. It was established in 1967 by the Government of Kerala to provide employment opportunities and generate revenue for social welfare programs. Today, it has become a major source of income for many people who buy lottery tickets hoping to win big prizes.