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Interesting Facts About Gambling and Its “harm” on Example of Great Britain

Interesting Facts About Gambling and Its “harm” on Example of Great Britain

Gambling can be very dangerous in many regards, like addiction, money laundering, various scams, etc. That is why gambling should be banned or monitored by the government, thanks to official permits. By issuing permits for gambling, the authorities have taken on the responsibility of ensuring supervision and compliance with basic requirements. The risks involved in the gambling business are divided equally between the state, represented by the supervisory body, and the legal participants of the market.

Often, there are situations in which the coordinated development of a branch of the industry generates numerous victims. The ban on gambling advertising, even if it has nothing to do with this situation, is a perfect example.

It is already customary to impose restrictions with the humanitarian mission of taking the prerogatives of consumers under guardianship, making completely unfounded arguments that it allegedly destroys the morals of society.

This attitude leads to a disapproving view of the image of the gambling industry, becoming the occasion for the spread of myths about gambling or certain kinds of dysphoria. All these factors certainly affect operators’ profits.

Gambling Addiction

The danger of becoming completely addicted to popular online roulette or other casino games is very high, but that is if the user abuses the entertainment. In contrast to gaming addiction, a fair parallel can be drawn by comparing those who abuse gaming to those who spend a large amount of time with a glass of hot drinks.

Trends in Gambling Restrictions in Great Britain

Returning to the inclinations accompanying the various bans on gambling and everything related to it, it is worth highlighting a number of basic restrictive principles enacted at the legislative level over the preceding years.

In April last year, regulations restricting the statute of operation of Internet terminals with fixed doubles (FOBTs) went into effect. Many thousands of FOBT centers have ended their operations and are eking out a miserable existence. If the existing commitment continues for at least two years, the FOBTs in the UK will decrease by 2 thousand units, and the Internet gambling providers of 11 thousand people engaged in the gambling business will simply lose their jobs.

At the same time, if you consider the industrial representatives, the legal organizers lose up to 60% of profits. At the same time, the organizations which operate them more and more often resort to the help of the providers which have gone into the shadows. They, as a rule, are not subject to mandatory conditions. This variant of management did not achieve the originally set task. At the same time, the entities exercising total control expressed their dissatisfaction with this assertion.

At the same time, the United Kingdom considered the admissibility of the embargo on the emblems of online operators on the jerseys of soccer players. This factor gave the verdict to eliminate the sponsors of gaming resources.

The latest innovation introduced by the government was a ban on credit card payments for gaming accounts. Not long ago, a famous magazine in Britain described a case in which one gamer used nine credit cards to pay for online payments required for gambling entertainment.

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Following the principles of the new Certification Articles Rules, it is mandatory for online resource providers to go through a registration process with GamStop’s Self-Exclusion program. Consequently, the governing bodies, if you listen to the words of the Minister of Culture Helen Westley, have given a sense to all relating to the world of online entertainment that they are mandatorily responsible for the conduct of social business entertainment.


Undoubtedly, a business built on online gambling has a peculiar specific nature that is in any way related to the possibility of acquiring a manic online addiction to gambling entertainment. Not only the providers of the gambling industry but also the authorities should be taken into consideration.

Consequently, the ways invented to limit the operation of not prohibited gambling business draw a lot of attention from ordinary users. There is also a calculation of the people who will be left without a livelihood and how many clients will resort to the help of underground gaming operators.

According to a recent law, online gambling entertainment industry announcements are not banned in England. There are some limits. For example: engaging in advertising of online games is allowed only to people who can speak at any forum, meeting on their own.