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Can Online Gambling Be Dangerous? 

Can Online Gambling Be Dangerous? 

Online gambling can be so dangerous and can also lead to death or other near-death experiences like depression, attempted suicide, and other unhealthy situations. While it comes with the perks of staking wherever you are so long as you have a smartphone, a credit card, and an Internet connection, this same advantage is also a disadvantage. A disadvantage because it ultimately leads to addiction, and when it becomes an addiction, it’s pretty much dangerous. The convenience of gambling online is that you don’t have to leave your house and walk down to a casino which can be discouraging at times. Gamblers must be of decent age and play the best online casino Australia real money responsibly so that they will have their best online gambling experience.

The rise of digitalization over the past years has created a bustling online industry of numerous things that pertains to humans. Gambling has received a major boost online due to the convenience that it affords. It’s difficult to say no to some mouthwatering gambling offers as they pop up on a smartphone or as one browses through sites. Many have benefited from it by coasting home with jackpots, while many are counting their losses and becoming unhappy by the day. 

Online Gambling Is Easily Addictive

Now that the question has been answered and it’s a big “Yes” that online gambling can be dangerous, let’s look at some of the reasons behind its dangerous potential. As earlier mentioned, online gambling comes with the advantage of playing wherever you are. You could be on a trip, in the toilet, in an event, while receiving a lecture in school, or eating at a restaurant, and you can place your bets. It’s the flexibility that makes it more addictive which is dangerous. With online gambling, you are not limited in any way so long as you have a smartphone, an Internet connection (which is a given), and a bank account. With these, you can bet anywhere you are and get addicted because it can become a daily affair. From the history and study of addictions, availability triggers it more than starvation of the item. So if your phone is part and parcel of your daily life, it’s very easy to get addicted to anything inside it. With addiction, you can place bets online daily and run into debts, especially if you keep running out of luck. This could lead to depression after a while, causing you to shut out the world, family, and friends, and in rare cases, suicide is involved. 

Prone to Fraudulent Cyber Attacks 

When gambling online, you are at the risk of being attacked by cybercriminals who devise various means to hack accounts and commit various atrocities of crimes. They can start by sending phishing emails with tempting offers of bonuses to eager gamblers who click and permit them to hack their accounts. From hacking these accounts, identity theft crimes can be committed, which can put just anyone into trouble.

Credit cards can be used to shop online and commit other illegal activities. Some fake websites are also out there, luring unsuspecting victims and swindling them with huge sums of money, which leaves them depressed and unhappy. If one eventually gets addicted, fraudulent attacks of these kinds can compound the problem and lead to suicidal thoughts. It’s almost difficult to play safe when one’s mind is geared towards winning online at all costs. This makes it very risky for online players who are loyalists. 

Online Gambling Can Be Sneaky

Online gambling can be done consistently without even your spouse knowing about it. It’s very sneaky, which is why it’s difficult to help an online gambling addict. The only solution is to take away the smartphone, which won’t be possible because the device in itself is another healthier addiction. Once people hide behind the convenience of smartphones and laptops, you can barely figure out what they’re doing. But when someone is always keeping late nights, you can tell he’s either drinking, clubbing, or gambling out there. It’s easy to track the person and start the process of remedying the addiction, but with online betting, the addiction goes undetected, and by the time anyone is aware, it’s already too late. 

Most online gambling sites make it too easy for newbies to become addicts with free versions and bonuses. These free trials are designed to favor the new player, so it becomes all too easy, and the player is inspired to continue. But as soon as he’s all in, the odds are twisted to favor the online site and work against the gambler. At this time, it’s too late to back out because the new player must have staked a lot and would want to recover losses. This will lead to more and more bets and more losses. In the end, it will turn out to be a recipe for unhappiness, but the gambler will never quit until his last dime is out, and he can go stealing just to keep up with the gambling. It’s that dangerous. 

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How to Manage Gambling and Make It Less Dangerous? 

The only way to manage gambling and make it less dangerous than it can be is to ensure you don’t get addicted. Once you’re addicted, it’s difficult to turn back. The addiction will lead to other dangerous events that will make life more miserable for any gambler. 

You can also play safe with the following rules: 

  • Ensure you research any gambling site and check out reviews at free firearms background check online before signing up.
  • Set daily limits for yourself and never exceed them no matter what; this can teach you discipline.
  • Understand all the rules before indulging in any online gambling activity. 
  • Use strong passwords to register. 


Online gambling can be very exciting but very risky as well. You have the convenience of playing wherever you are and winning big if you get lucky, but that same advantage can lead to addiction, thanks to the numerous tempting offers from the sites that you browse. It can also lead to various cyber and cyber-related criminal activities when your account is hacked or permit hackers to do so with phishing emails. It’s better to set daily limits for yourself on the amount you’ll bet and the time you are going to spend. This will encourage discipline and prevent you from going overboard with gambling.