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How to Improve your Win Rate at Video Poker

How to Improve your Win Rate at Video Poker

Video poker is one of the most popular games in both land-based and online casinos. For gambling novices, it is probably the easiest first step into the wonderful world of poker. For more experienced players, it is the one and only casino game in which the house edge can be completely eliminated and even shunted into negative territory, meaning you have an advantage over the casino.

Of course, if that was easily achieved, everyone would be doing it and every casino would be bankrupt. Establishing an advantage over the casino at video poker means playing the right variation under the right conditions and making the right call every single time. It’s not something that can be achieved overnight, but these tips will set you on the right path.

The Right Variation

There are dozens of video poker games. At first glance, they all look much the same, and in all important ways, they are. Every video poker game is based on five card draw – a classic poker variation in its own right, and one you can learn all about at, and each has the same gameplay. Five cards are dealt, and you can choose to hold any, all or none of them and have the rest redealt to give your final hand.

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The difference comes down to two factors. Some games have the added factor of wild cards. Usually, these are jokers, but in deuces wild, all four of the 2s are wild cards. The second variation lies in the pay table. For example, in Jacks or Better, a full-play straight flush gives a 250-1 return when you make the maximum bet. In All American, it pays 1000-1. To have the best chance of beating the house edge, Deuces Wild is the best choice for experienced players.

The Right Conditions

Some casinos make their own rules around the pay table. It is important that you play at a full pay table, and the way to check is by looking at the pay table. Deuces Wild should offer 15-1 for a full house and 20-1 for four of a kind if you make the maximum bet.

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As well as checking the pay table, you will also need to get serious with your bankroll if you want to take on the house and win. Note the above proviso – the returns drop significantly if you do not wager max coins every time. It’s a classic case of go large or go home.

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The Right Call

This last part is the quickest to say and the hardest to do. With Deuces Wild, the wild cards add a world of complication, so the right call is not always obvious. You can read plenty of strategy guides online – and you would be wise to do so. but the only way to make it sink in is through practice. Installing a training app on your phone is something you won’t regret as it will highlight any common mistakes in your strategy.

Beating the house at video poker is something that many try but few achieve – with time and effort, you could join the select few. Either way, you are guaranteed to have fun trying.