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6 Incredible Esports Industry Stats To Know

6 Incredible Esports Industry Stats To Know

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Video gaming is past the hobbyist activity as cutting-edge online games nowadays allow pro gamers to compete with each other to earn cash prizes. As a result, the eSports market now yields more revenue than the music and film industries.

After a downturn in the pandemic, eSports got into recovery mode this year. The ever-growing global mobile usage and online streaming platforms have been the major growth drivers for the online gaming sector in 2022.

Let’s delve into eSports stats for 2022, ranging from which country is No 1 in eSports to revenue share to help assess the future of the online gaming industry.

Top eSports Game

First thing first! What is the most popular eSport 2022 based on the average monthly players? Surprisingly, the old game titles still rule the market and hearts of eSports lovers. Here’s the list of the most competitive games of 2022, as reported by various statistical platforms.

PUBG: Around 380 million

Fortnite: Around 250 million

Roblox: Over 200 million

Minecraft: 170 million

League of Legends: Over 120 million

Highest eSports Market Revenue

With a whopping US $360 million market revenue, China is the global leader in the eSports industry. Furthermore, Hangzhou city in China invested about $2.22 billion to build an eSports town this year. This development can make China the capital of the online gaming world.

However, the rapidly growing eSports gaming trend in China among teens also became a concern for Chinese regulators. Hence, they levied strict regulations by limiting video game timing to three hours a week for school children.

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Besides, the US and Western Europe follow the trend with US $243 million and US $205 million of eSports revenue, respectively. According to stats, the US can presumably surpass China by 2023 due to the new Chinese video gaming laws.

Number 1 eSports Player

Who is the world’s best esports player? Johan “n0tail” Sundstein tops the rank in the eSports industry by earning the highest prize money, i.e., over $7.4m (£5.4m) as of March 2021. Formerly called Big Daddy, he is a Danish pro-Dota 2 gamer for OG.

Besides, the most highly-paid female eSports player is Canadian player Scarlett (Sasha Hostyn), who won nearly US $430,000.

Viewer Statistics

Online video games are gaining more traction yearly, with an ever-growing number of gaming enthusiasts stepping into virtual worlds. Today, top-tier tournaments like the LOL World Championship rope in millions of viewers globally.

Around 474 million people worldwide watched eSports in 2022, with more than half of the viewers from the Asia Pacific region. Besides, about 50% of the global eSports audience prefers watching competitive games more than once a month.

As per stats, 32% of the global eSports tournament audience ranges from 16 to 24 years old, while 30% are between 25 to 34 age group. Rest fall in the category of 35 to 64 age bracket based on GlobalWebIndex stats.

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Furthermore, eSports viewership is increasing massively in the US market every year. The country’s estimated eSports viewership figure is about 39.2 million in 2022, which can boost to approximately 46.2 million next year. The median age for the US audience is 29 years. However, American men prefer eSports gaming three times more than their women counterparts.

Based on other reports, there are also optimistic predictions about global eSports viewership statistics for the coming years. The expected figure for regular eSports fans can go up to 285.7 million and 291.6 million casual viewers by 2024. Further, Juniper Research predicts the number of esports viewers might reach the 1 billion mark by 2025.

eSports Betting Market

The video gaming trend is gradually moving toward the online betting world. Various virtual casino operators and bookmakers regularly offer eSports betting opportunities during major league tournaments. The competitive odds and generous payouts on these events entice several bettors from across the globe.

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Some popular eSports games that received the most bets in 2022 are Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA 2, and LOL. Moreover, eSports wagering not just opens an income source for gamblers but also generates a significant revenue stream for gambling site owners. Presumably, eSports betting revenue will reach around $1.4 billion globally by the end of 2022.

The industry truly has good future potential. Several positive reviews about renowned eSports bookmakers on confirm the trend is here to stay.

eSports Gaming Investments

Both venture capitalists and private equity firms are still investing in the eSports industry. Celebrities, sports teams, and athletes are also key investors in this segment nowadays.

According to Deloitte, the number of investments almost shot to double in 2018, which went from $490 million to $4.5 billion. These investments focus on steady functioning and development in the sector. Like traditional sports, the eSports valuation covers costs for game owners, tournament operators, franchises, broadcasters, ads, player rewards, and others.

Bottom Line

eSports is indeed a multi-billion industry. With the global eSports revenue expected to reach USD 12,494.3 million by 2030, the industry will continue to thrive. The time is close when eSports gaming will acquire the same status as traditional sports. For instance, the Olympics may introduce digital competitions. Undoubtedly, the outpouring popularity of eSports gaming ensures a bright future ahead.