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How to Fake Location on iPhone iOS 17 ( 2024 Updated)

How to Fake Location on iPhone iOS 17 ( 2024 Updated)

How to Fake Location on iPhone iOS 17 ( 2024 Updated)

Are you wondering how to access extra app features or find friend on Tinder that may not be available in your region? In this updated tutorial for 2024, we’ll explore the latest methods and techniques to spoof your GPS location effortlessly. Whether you’re looking to prank your friends, access location-restricted content, or enhance your privacy, this comprehensive walkthrough will equip you with the tools and knowledge to effectively fake your location on your iOS device. Let’s dive in and unlock the possibilities of virtual travel with ease!

Reasons to Fake Location on iPhone 17

Many are reasons you’d want to fake your iPhone location. Faking your location can allow you to access geo-restricted content or cheat in games, apps, or websites. Plus, you get to enhance your privacy and hide real-time IP address information.

Note: While the action is legal on your device, please don’t spoof another person’s device or plan on a GPS spoofing attack.

How To Fake iPhone iOS 17 Location

Usually, there is no native way to spoof an iPhone’s location. However, you can utilize a third-party mock location app or jailbreak your device.

Using Professional Location Spoofer App Without Jailbreak

How To Use MocPOGO Location Changer for iOS 17

MocPOGO is the number-one iOS 17 location spoofer that allows you to fake your location without putting your iPhone’s operating system at risk.The tool is renowned for its reliability, safety, and unique features that work on the hardware and system level. MocPOGO lets you fake iPhone’s location and keep it in one spot or simulate movements while playing a game, including walking, cycling, or driving. In addition, its intuitive interface makes it easy to use as shown below.

Step 1: Install and launch

Download MocPOGO for iPhone and Click MocPOGO on your iPhone to start using the app.

Step 2: Enable developer mode

Ensure you enable developer mode on your iPhone to enable you to use its features.

Step 3: Search the desired location

Enter a location on the search bar and choose the specific coordinates. Choose between the following to fake iPhone location.

  • Teleport Mode: Enter the address or coordinates of the desired location and tap Teleport to successfully change your location. You’ll be required to configure the VPN.



Note: After changing your iOS location, all location-based apps will be localized to the fake location.

  • Two-Spot Mode: Two-Spot mode allows you to disguise GPS movements by directing your avatar to a certain route.



Select your favorite or random location on the map and tap on “Walk” to control the action.

While moving, slide the progress bar to customize the speed between either walking, cycling, or driving.

Step 4: Confirm Location Change

Once the process is complete, check the location on your iOS device to ensure the fake location was a success.

Key Features

Fake GPS Location – Instantly teleport your GPS to any location worldwide, including System Settings and individual apps, without having to jailbreak your iPhone.

Simulate GPS movement – Using the GPS Joystick function, you can simulate movement to control your in-game character without actually walking in real life.

Customized speed – Modify your movement speed to mimic walking, cycling, or driving along a custom route on your social or gaming map.


Historical records – MocPOGO maintains a log of your past locations and movements for easy reference on your next detour. Access them by clicking the “Time” button.

Collect spots and routes – By tapping the Star icon, you can save your favorite spots and routes in the city. Use the Favorites button on the right side of the screen to view them.

Why choose MocPOGO for iPhone Fake Location?

Instantly teleport iPhone GPS location – MocPOGO allows you to change your real-life geographical location and access geo-restricted games and media.

No jailbreaking required – MocPOGO lets you safely spoof your location without voiding your iPhone’s warranty.

See Also

No complicated steps for starters – With an easy-to-use interface, MocPOGO makes location spoofing accessible to everyone.

iOS 17 Compatibility – This tool receives regular updates to improve compatibility with the latest iOS versions, including location-based apps and AR games like PokemonGO.

Legal and safe to use – MocPOGO is reliable and secure. This location spoofer is trusted by users worldwide and ensures your data remains secure with top-notch encryption.


  • Requires an internet connection
  • Restart the device to restore location

iToolab AnyGo

iToolab AnyGo is a popular GPS spoofing locator that allows you to teleport your current iPhone iOS 17 location to anywhere around the globe. With this app, you can gain access to location based games and apps as well as enjoy any TV show worldwide. iToolab AnyGo offers more options than merely faking your current location, including;

  • Simulate GPS movement along a custom path with a joystick
  • Collect spots and GPX routes for the next use
  • Customized speeds such as walking, cycling, or driving
  • Displays cooldown timer for gamers


  • Spoof GPS location on your iPhone with no jailbreak
  • Fake locations instantly
  • Perfect for location-based social apps and games like Pokemon GO
  • Customize speed or follow favorited routes


  • Difficult to change locations simultaneously
  • You risk suspension with multiple fake locations

With Jailbreak

One of the riskiest ways to change your iPhone’s location is by jailbreaking it. Jailbreaking your iPhone has many consequences, including voiding the warranty. But if you’re still willing to take the leap, here’s how to change your location on your The process involves Cydia – a popular platform for jailbroken apps that are not supported by the official App Store.

iPhone using this method.

  • Install a jailbreak app like Zeon and jailbreak your iPhone.
  • Launch Cydia on your iPhone.
  • Search for The Anywhere app.
  • Install and open Anywhere.
  • Use the on-screen instructions to fake your location.

Unfortunately, iOS 17 doesn’t allow jailbreaking. Jailbreaking works for older phone with iOS 14 or earlier. Nonetheless, you can utilize a GPS location changer like MocPOGO to change your location dynamically. We strongly advise against jailbreaking your iPhone.


  • Easy to change location while on the move
  • No additional devices like computers needed


  • Serious risk of permanent damage.
  • You lose support for official updates
  • Your iPhone warranty becomes void
  • It’s a complex process
  • Drains your battery

Final Words

You can now prevent others from accessing your location, play geo-blocked games from anywhere, and more. Remember, you don’t need to jailbreak your device to fake location on iOS 17. MocPOGO is one click away. It doesn’t compromise your OS and void your warranty.


MocPOGO also maintains a record of your favorite and past locations, enabling you to reference your history and preserve routes easily. Download and try it today to enhance your social and online gaming experience by teleporting anywhere worldwide.


Are there risks when changing my location on iOS17?

Yes. Thus, ensure you choose a safe iOS 17 GPS location changer for iPhone. Location spoofer MocPOGO is a safe and simple solution that doesn’t require you to jailbreak your iPhone. Try it today and fake your location using a safe location spoofing app for iPhone.

How can I add a route as a favorite on iPhone?

While there’s no hardware-based workaround, you can use MocPOGO virtual location spoofer to collect spots or favorite routes on a map. You only need to click on the five-star beside the route, name it and add it to your favorite. Plus, you can view favorits with the Favorites button on the right side of the screen and start walking or driving along your favorite route again.

Can I fake my location on iPhone with VPN?

No. Even though most VPNs claim to geo-spoof your location, they can only mask or change your IP address. In that case, you should use a reliable GPS Spoofer like MocPOGO to change your real-life geographical location and simulate online movements.