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A Comprehensive Guide to Slot Game to RTP Rates

A Comprehensive Guide to Slot Game to RTP Rates


Meta title: A Detailed Overview of Slots Return to Player Rates

Meta description: Check out this detailed explanation about slot Return to Play (RTP) rates and find out why it is so important when picking your favorite slots.

Slots are ideal games for you if you are searching for a thrilling gaming experience devoid of complications. They are simple games that only require you to adjust your bets and spin the reels. Modern slot machines have incorporated advanced features like cascading reels, special wilds, and scatter symbols, but you don’t need to master them since they work automatically. However, before you choose to play any slot, you must understand the ‘Return to Player’ rates and the impact it has on you. Stay here for a comprehensive dissection of this measure and why you need to pay attention to it.

The gold of sirens slot is an exciting five-reeled 30 paylines game that is powered by EvoPlay. It has an RTP of 96.12%, what does that mean for you? Should you play it or not? These are the questions that this article will help to answer. RTP is a theoretical value expressed as a percentage that states how much a slot will pay back over a large number of spins to all players in the long run. It is closely related to the house edge, which is its inverse.

The RTP of 96.12% means that one will win $96.12 whenever they bet $100 over several spins. It is a measure of the generosity of the slot. However, do not imagine that it is an accurate measure of how much you will make in a gambling session since this is very unpredictable. It is calculated over thousands of rounds, so it cannot predict what happens in ten to twenty spins.

How is RTP Determined?

The calculation of the ‘Return to Player’ is simple. It involves taking the total amount of payouts, dividing it by the total bets, and multiplying by 100. However, the theoretical RTP could be different because it is affected by other factors like variance/volatility. The outcomes of slots are determined by well-calibrated random number generators. These generators ensure that the actual RTP is as close as possible to the theoretical one set by the developer.

What is a Good RTP?

With this in mind, it is easy to tell that the best slots are the ones with the highest RTP. There is no consensus about the acceptable limit, but most gamblers consider RTPs above 97% as high. These are generous slots that will result in more wins, though they may not be so big. Some of the most popular high RTP slots include Jack Hammer 2, Starmania, Medusa Megaways, and White Rabbit.

RTPs of below 94% are usually considered to be low. However, it is impossible to avoid them completely, because many jackpot slots that can lead to a life-changing win have such RTPs. You should be careful when playing them because they can easily exhaust your bankroll. Some of the renowned low RTP slot games include Mega Moolah, Magic Seven Deluxe, Mega Joker, Temple of Fortune, and others.


Most slots fall in the medium category, which ranges from about 94% to 96.9%. They include the likes of Blood Suckers 2, Dead or Alive, Jimi Hendrix, and many others. Even though they are all medium, you would prefer the ones that are above 96%. The Gold of Sirens slot belongs to this group, so it is an ideal slot to play.

Nevertheless, there is another factor that is closely related to the RTPs that helps to determine the ideal slot for you. Let us take a look at it.

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The variance is a measure that compares the size of payouts and the frequency of hitting them. The determination of the variance is not as simple as the ‘Return to Player.’ The developers use a complex science to determine this measure. However, you should understand its impact on your gameplay.

High variance slots have big payouts, but you will make winning combos less frequent. They are usually preferred by experienced gamblers who understand meticulous bankroll management. You should have a considerable budget and exercise lots of patience to excel in these games. Low variance slots, on the other hand, result in small frequent winnings. They are friendlier for gamers to play; hence can be an ideal choice for beginners.


Between the two extremes, you will find medium and low medium variations. These try to strike a balance between the size and frequency of wins. However, medium variance slots tend to bend towards the higher side while the low medium is inclined towards the lower side. The variance determines your gambling style. Players who love a bigger buzz will prefer the high variance slots because they have big risks and returns, while low variance offers vice versa.

Final Thoughts

The Return to Player rate is a theoretical value that shows the generosity of a slot. Players usually prefer high RTP slots since they offer more winnings. However, it is hard to ignore low RTP slots since they usually have big jackpots. Nevertheless, the choice of slot is dependent on other factors, and the variance is one of the biggest ones. A keen understanding of these two will help choose casino titles that suit your gambling style.