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Have You Tried These Browser Games

Have You Tried These Browser Games

Browser games are growing in popularity. They are also growing in quality. Maybe you rejected them a while ago, but, as computer speed and power increases, they have really improved, and it might be time to give them another chance! 

Browser games are those that you can play directly in your browser, without downloading anything specifically for this game. 

On top of tips for getting into gaming in general, here are some important things to keep in mind if you want to dive into browser games, as well as an incomplete list of some of the best ones currently available. 

Benefits of Gaming In-Browser

When most people think of the best gaming options, they think of big clunky games that you have to download, pay for, and then on top of that pay for a monthly subscription. However, most browser games will be free of charge, which is just one of the ways it is more accessible. 

Another way browser games are more accessible is that you do not need a supercomputer to play them. Even though Moore’s Law predicts computer chip power doubling every two years, the most expensive games tend to use every bit of computing power, thus the goal posts are always changing and leaving us behind. Browser games tend to require something closer to the median family’s computing power. 

Another advantage is that you can play them from anywhere you have access to the internet. In other words, you can start your game at home, save your progress in your account, and then continue your adventure while you are spending holidays in your family’s home, or at the library. With other games, you would have to download the game to each different computer. 

Where to Find the Best Ones

There are a ton of options for people who want to get involved in browser gaming. Because developing a browser game probably requires fewer resources in terms of developers, we can really see a proliferation of browser games. With so many options, we need a few strategies for narrowing down the selection. Try defining which genres most interest you and then listen to the experts. 

If you start your selection process by looking at all the games available, this could easily be overwhelming. However, if you decide which types of games you want, this can really whittle things down for you. For example, if you like side-scrolling games, then you know you can avoid more strategic board games. Taking the time to make this decision will save you hours later.

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Some Examples of Popular Browser Games

To give you an idea of the variety of games that you can find within the browser category. You may be surprised just how complex and fun they can be! Here are some popular online browser games and what we most like about them! 

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Catan Universe

Many of us probably have heard of the board game Settlers of Catan. It has quickly become a classic. Well, now it is available in the form of a browser game. Now you can play with your friends no matter where they are in the world. 

If you want to enjoy this game or even play a few rounds to practice your strategy, this is a great and free opportunity. 

Town of Salem

This is a classic game of deceit. Every time you play the game, you are randomly cast as a townsperson, a neutral, or a member of their mafia. You then have to either protect the town’s members or work stealthily to kill them without being caught. 

This is a very fun game with lots of intrigues and infinite strategies and ways of carrying this out! Considering this is a free browser game, it is creative enough to give you hours of fun!