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Greatest Five Slots Based on Video Games

Greatest Five Slots Based on Video Games

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It’s the job of slot designers to find exciting themes for the games they create. There’s more chance of players trying them out at online casinos if the subject matter is already well known. This is why there have been several popular video games that have been turned into slots. Let’s take a look at five of the best you can play online this year.

Tomb Raider

It was 27 years ago that we were first introduced to Lara Croft. The video game was a massive success, and Tomb Raider has continued to be a big cash earner in other genres too. There have been movies (with another on the way, apparently), and players at online casinos can also enjoy the slot version too.

Whether it be an established or new UK online casinos it’s the slots section that many players immediately head to. The chances are that they’ll be keen to try their luck on this Tomb Raider slot.

The success of a slot game often depends on the quality of its bonus features. There are two in this excellent slot, and some big cash prizes to be won. It picks ‘em time in the Tomb Bonus with between three and five idols to choose from.

There’s cash to be won, so pick wisely. Then there’s the free spins feature, with 10 being initially given, but more can be won if your luck is in. You’ll want to get more as all the wins you get are tripled.

Resident Evil 6

Some video games are so successful when turned into slots companies just keep on releasing new ones. That’s been the case with Resident Evil which has repeated the success it had as a video game.

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It’s not the easiest of tasks to keep coming up with something a little bit different. That’s important, though, as players don’t want to keep playing the same kind of game time after time. In this game, there are four different bonuses for you to enjoy. That’s always going to delight any online casino player.

Each of the four character symbols is given its own bonus game. There are some great features included in the bonus games, such as free spins, expanding wilds, and sticky wilds too. Their presence ensures that you’ll have a great chance of getting some good wins.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

It’s also important for the slot game to bring back memories of the video game it’s been developed from. That’s just the same as when a movie becomes a slot game. The Call of Duty slot games will bring back memories aplenty of the video game you know and love.

Just like Resident Evil, Call of Duty has spawned several slot games. This fourth release contains two bonus features. One bonus here is that of the two, one of them can appear at any time during the base game.

Usually you’d be a bit concerned if a hand grenade suddenly appeared from nowhere. Not with this slot game; in fact, a soldier running across the reels and placing a bomb is great news for your online casino account balance as it results in more Battle Scene wins.

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You do need to trigger the other bonus, and three scatters are what you’re looking for. A second screen game is triggered, and it’s time to go to war with the enemy. Each kill will earn you a free spin, and more can be received with a successful headshot. Get five successive soldiers killed, and an Airstrike is won, and that sees a multiplier attached to future wins in the bonus round.


No one is ever going to complain about a game that contains expanding wilds. They always boost your chances of making some good profits. This slot based on the ‘Hitman’ video game can see players winning as many as 270,000 coins.

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When playing this at an online casino, you have the ability to select your own weapons and targets. This will prove important when you play the Contact Promo, and hopefully, some good wins will come along. There’s also a free spin round, so there are lots to enjoy here.

Space Invaders

There was a time when nearly everywhere you went, there’d be a Space Invaders video game. Whether it be an amusement arcade, a public house or even your local chip shop, you’d find one to play. Few players of the game will forget the sheer terror as the aliens picked up speed as they got lower and lower down the screen.

Now it’s been turned into a slot game and is just as popular. There’s a bonus round where memories of the initial video game will come flooding back. Those aliens are there to be shot at, and the more you can get rid of, the higher your win.