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Gaming is Better for Your Cognitive Abilities Than You Might Think

Gaming is Better for Your Cognitive Abilities Than You Might Think

Games can make you smarter but not in the literal sense. Recent findings have shown that the experience of playing video games can actually improve our cognitive development. Abilities such as greater sensitivity to contrast, superior memory, and better eye-to-hand coordination are just a few of the advantages.

While certain beliefs and groups still condemn gaming for various reasons, a strong body of research continues to shed light on the cognitive benefits of video games.

In fact, this article summarises recent findings that show evidence of the positive effects of playing video games on critical mental processes such as attention, memory, perception, and decision-making.

Most studies related to action video games where gamers had to memorize details, move quickly and make decisions in a matter of seconds.

Benefit #1: Improved Problem-Solving Skills

Recent findings have shown that some areas of our brain may grow as a result of playing. These areas are linked to memory, strategic planning, and spatial navigation. But obviously, it takes some work on our part.

We don’t just get smarter by playing Fortnite or World of Warcraft all day. But rather, we should use video games as tools to develop new skills and master them in real life. Recent games have become much more innovative, faster, and more complex, and some of them are designed for the same reason: to improve your problem-solving, critical thinking, and understanding skills.

Because they all have certain rules, games provoke you to think carefully about how to deal with specific situations while abiding by those rules. Strategizing and decision-making are valuable skills you can learn by playing.

For instance, you will often be put in a situation where you have to make educated guesses, predict someone’s next move and weigh risks and rewards. Like in life, the faster you file for a medical negligence medical claim, the greater the chance of winning the legal game will be.

Benefit #2: Enhanced Memory

How often have you had to read or listen to instructions before playing a game so that you can recall them later in the game? Well, you might be happy to learn that playing video games can actually improve your memory.

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To understand the depths of this study, we will detail a few key associated terms. To begin with, we have our work memory which is capable of storing information temporarily. Then we have our cognitive skills, which are one of the main functions that our brain controls.

Both of these skills are directly linked, and, in fact, this connection is what really defines us as human beings.

However, the study concluded that people, most of whom had already crossed their period of childhood and were avid gamers, performed better with the working memory tasks that required mentally holding and using the information to get a result. It seems that repeatedly performing a complex action, such as video playing games, can help train muscle memory.

Benefit #3: Improved Spatial Navigation

One study found that players of shooter games reported an enhanced ability to think about objects in three dimensions. In fact, one of the most recent studies showed that even playing a game as simple as Super Mario can help increase size in brain regions responsible for memory formation, spatial orientation, and strategic planning.

These are valuable skills that can be developed thanks to video games. Spatial navigation, for one reason, could be necessary for a number of careers, including piloting. Studies have shown that in long-term gamers, the brain area responsible for identifying spatial and visual relationships among objects is enlarged.

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Benefit #4: Sharper Attention and Focus

Some would say that video games can harm your brain or ruin your social life, but studies show otherwise. According to a study, playing video games can modify the part of the brain that is responsible for attention and visuospatial skills.

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For example, playing video games can affect your attention muscle. Further research discovered that gamers exhibit improvement in sustained attention and selective attention.

Aside from improving attention and concentration, playing video games can work wonders for our mood. For instance, positive teaching of a game can help fend off negativity around us. Also, it can help keep you engaged in a pleasing activity so that you can avoid food cravings and erase bad memories.

Benefit#5: Help Develop Personal Responsibility

Have you ever wondered what video games can teach us? Well, they have a lot to offer, but the rest is up to us. Best of all, video games can teach us to be more responsible and perseverant. With different challenges, one more difficult than the other, video games can help you focus on your own actions.

This eventually will make you more comfortable and give you more power over the situations around you. Of course, this might not seem obvious when playing the game. A little effort on your part may help you employ these skills in the real world.

Overall, and according to a number of studies, video games can be beneficial for your cognitive abilities. But learning about these advantages doesn’t mean you should sit on the couch all day long. Reading, exercising, and spending time with family – all play a key role in keeping your cognitive abilities high and running. So make sure you won’t let a hobby drain all of your energy.