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15 Games Like Subnautica

15 Games Like Subnautica

15 Games Like Subnautica

Those who are looking for games like Subnautica will find this article just perfect. Subnautica mainly supports the survival genre and wit it adventure and action come along. Here player takes place in the single-player mode where a lot of exploration blows up your mind. Like its name, the game takes place on the aquatic planet where your ship gets crashed, and now you are on survival.

Gameplay is set on survival that means you have to stay protected against creatures and other bad factors. The camera is the first-person perspective that let you explore, collect, fight, and many other activities in the beautiful aquatic world. Now, I’ll take you further on explaining the similar games.

Similar Games like Subnautica


Games like RustRust specializes in survival genre that allows the multiplayer mode where players from different places can live the adventurous life of Rust. Here you fight against all the environmental conditions plus other odds. Due to the amazing gameplay Rust in just no time collected a large number of fans and since then Rust has been incredibly growing.

Here you get a single change in which you have to prove yourself by fighting against all the constant fear and the dark sides in the gameplay. The game is full of strange things where Artificial Intelligence sets the enemies on trying to kill you.

On what platforms can Rust game be played?

Rust can be played on Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, Macintosh operating systems


3079It sets you in the 3079, so you can feel the advancement of technology in that sci-fi environment. You have landed on a strange planet where the water goes on between Humoids and Neanders. There are demons too who just know destruction and are way more aggressive. You are with Humanoids, so you support them fighting the battles, but you can take Neanders’ side too.

Gameplay needs you to try all the weapons and items that come in a huge variety. There are guns, armour, and other advanced weapons that help you completing quests and continue finding your way back home.

On what platforms can 3079 game be played?

3079 can be played on Linux, Mac, PC

Planet Explorers

Planet ExplorersThe game is based on the adventure role-playing genre where you act as a wanderer in the strange land just after you crashed. As it is vast so the exploration is the open world where plenty of depth is present in the content. The player can choose from the three modes before getting the multiplayer environment.

Gameplay takes place in the future 2287 after you crash and now you colonize the place to survive. Getting Through several harsh environments, you explore and gather materials to build the required structures and tools.

On what platforms can Planet Explorers game be played?

Planet Explorers can be played on Linux, Mac, PC


xenominer steamThe game brings you space survival plus a sandbox based game that sets you in the sci-fi environment. You are alone to survive on the alien planet where you regularly survive and gather things to be safe there. The game gets you night and day cycle where exploration happens only in the night and be safe in the daytime. This all makes it one of the similar games to No Man’s Sky.

Gameplay needs you to complete several tasks, and with each completion, you progress. Resource collecting gives you tools to survive and build your spaceship and this way things go on.

On what platforms can Xenominer game be played?

Xenominer can be played on PC, Xbox 360

The Long Dark

The Long DarkThe fifth one that comes among the Subnautica like games is The Long Dark. Here the player is supposed to survive in the environment that is not so human-friendly. As per the storyline, your ship crashes, and now you need to find out essential items to survive.

Gameplay allows you the first person perspective where you enjoy impressive landscapes. It features you two types of modes: story and sandbox. In the story, you access a number of stories that guide your route, and in the sandbox, you use maps and survive in different areas. Player needs to manage resources like food, water, wood, and others to keep the survival further.

On what platforms can The Long Dark game be played?

The Long Dark can be played on Linux, Mac, PC, PS4, Xbox One


FarskyAnother aquatic-themed survival game that brings a lot of adventure and action. The game gets excited after your marine crashes into the ocean and now every second is a challenge where you have to live. Here using the parts of your crashed marine and gathering other materials you craft useful things to survive.

Gameplay is purely survival where players explore the depths of the ocean and collect things. Also, there are dangerous species ready to hunt you, so it’s better to look after your ass and be saved. A lot of activities always keep up the excitement to be in the game such as crafting, hunting exploring, constructing, etc.

On what platforms can Farsky game be played?

Farsky can be played on Linux, Mac, PC

Stranded 2

Stranded 2The game poses spectacular 3D environments that always motivate you to take your game forward. Here the survival genre happens on an island where you are alone to live and by gathering resources and crafting necessities you can survive. The game’s content holds pretty depth so you can be engaged or hours.

Gameplay offers you two modes: story and sandbox and each of them fill you with several objectives, so you don’t feel lack of the content. Harsh environments and enemies keep your will alive and managing your exhaustion, hunger and dehydration level is vital too.

On what platforms can Stranded 2 game be played?

Stranded 2 can be played on PC


Murdered- Soul SuspectThe next one is Miasmata that serves on the list of Subnautica like games. It follows the same survive genre where you have to protect yourself from the virus spreading around on the island. For the graphics, it seems a unique game having impressive surroundings. Also, the sound system is decent enough, and it seems like developer took good care of every single detail.

Gameplay is a mixture of genres that bring you survival, puzzle solving, action, adventure, etc. here as being the scientist you explore the areas to find the cure of the virus that is taking human race down.

On what platforms can Miasmata game be played?

Miasmata can be played on PC

UnderWater Adventure

UnderWater AdventureJust like its name the game takes you to the underwater world where you experience the aquatic life and begin your adventure there. The game involves various genres that include underwater exploration, action, adventure, puzzle elements, and other entertaining factors.

Gameplay provides you single player mode where you find yourself in the underwater world. Due to the exciting aquatic world and all the landscapes, it can be quite addictive. So if you like the idea of trying out the survival genre in the aquatic world, then it is a must-have game where you live on the count of breathes and resources.

On what platforms can UnderWater Adventure game be played?

UnderWater Adventure can be played on PC


ABZUAnother aquatic life-based game that offers you plenty of adventure and exploration in the ocean. It also brings the action as you are surrounded by enemies too that are ready to eat you up. There is enough mystery to be solved while you gather resources for being alive. To start the game, you just choose the character and do the available changes and get ready to be in the water world.

Just like other games here, gameplay is Single-player that mainly focuses on exploration.

The beautiful looking ocean life attracts the most that every player wants to take experience and feel that pleasure of being in the ocean.

On what platforms can ABZU game be played?

ABZU can be played on PC, PS4

Seahorse 3D

Seahorse 3DThis one is charming when it comes to Subnautica alternatives. Seahorse 3D is another adventurous game that takes you to the aquatic life and lets you enjoy the adventure of a seahorse. The game is available for smartphones, so it comes very easy to download and play.

The beautiful ocean is the main thing that attracts layers to get it and try.

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Gameplay is based on doing explorations in the ocean so you can see different creatures in the ocean like Seahorse, Fishes, and Octopus, and several other adorable creatures. There are several mini-games to play, and that charming background music always keeps it realistic.

On what platforms can Seahorse 3D game be played?

Seahorse 3D can be played on Android, iOS

Endless Ocean

Endless OceanEndless Ocean offers you plenty of factors in the ocean world that makes it an addictive game.

It can be enjoyed either in Single or Multiplayer, and that is a very flexible option that many of the games in this genre do not offer. Here you get dropped into the Manoa Lai Island and start exploring the depth of water.

Gameplay starts after giving you some basic tutorials so you can understand the underwater world. After that, your journey begins where you explore and find more than two hundred of sea creatures. There are multiple levels to play and upgrades to get.

On what platforms can Endless Ocean game be played?

Endless Ocean can be played on Wii, Wii U

Depth Hunter

Depth HunterThe game starts in the broad world of water but taking action seriously as it involves the First-person Shooter experience. Here hunting of the sea creatures gets more serious than ever.

Gameplay gets you in the combats with the predators you find in the sea. Plus it features the enchanting beauty of the ocean life. Players keep going to find the hidden treasures and several other gems of the ocean world. There are over twenty missions in the game to complete, and each one comes with more difficulty do you get your skills filtered each time. Here you get different modes, missions, environments, upgrades, and much more.

On what platforms can Depth Hunter game be played?

Depth Hunter can be played on PC, Mac

Dive: The Medes Islands Secret

Dive- The Medes Islands SecretThis one also serves as being one of the Subnautica alternatives. It is full of factors like action, adventure, and exploration for most of the part. Here you are the hunter who hunts for treasure inside the sea being John Sanders. You are an experienced diver who is on the mission to explore the vast sea and find precious objects there.

Gameplay remains as both Single and Multiplayer and the controlling system is Side-Scrolling.

There are various levels, and each of them gives you excitements plus upgrades. Several sea creatures are there for your eyes such as shark, octopuses, jellyfish, etc.

On what platforms can Dive: The Medes Islands Secret game be played?

Dive: The Medes Islands Secret can be played on Wii

Aquanaut’s Holiday: Hidden Memories

Aquanaut’s Holiday- Hidden MemoriesAquanaut’s Holiday offers a single player mode and as being a journalist you go in search of William Bill Graber, a missing oceanographer. The player uses the Dolphin no.2 in order to conduct all the explorations in that deep ocean. Here clue collection also takes place where you visit the deep water freely and gather any evidence in the way.

Gameplay includes several locations that you can go in and find clues. Several other resources can be found to get yourself upgrades so you can get more time in the water. Game mechanics are simple that can be learned just after you get involved in the first mission.

On what platforms can Aquanaut’s Holiday: Hidden Memories game be played?

Aquanaut’s Holiday: Hidden Memories can be played on PS3


I hope you will love playing all these games like Subnautica. These fans offer almost same experience and even more in several aspects. Some suit the smartphones and many of them are for PlayStation and Wii U so you can go with whoever fulfills your needs perfectly.