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15 Games like Movie Star Planet (MSP)

15 Games like Movie Star Planet (MSP)

Games like Movie Star Planet

Today you will find games like Movie Star Planet that focus on virtual world and different activities there. Movie Star Planet is, without doubt, the best game in this category but the alternatives are also worth your time. Here you stay in the virtual world, make friends, shop your fashion, and all in all, go social.

Movie Star Planet focuses on your aim of becoming a movie star. As a result, it gives you all the creativity and abilities to resent your talent on becoming a star. Also, users can create their own movies and clips that later can be presented to earn coins and currency. So now, just jump to the alternatives and get to know more about them.

Games like Movie Star Planet

Check out our 2018 collections of Best games like moviestarplanet that are online for PC, Xbox, PS4, Steam, Mac, Windows.


OurWorldOurWorld is one of the trending virtual games out there that offers a virtual social life to teenagers. Here the world is full of exploration, and the young characters make it worth playing. Just an account creation is needed, and after setting your avatar as per your choice, you are good to explore the different worlds of OurWorld.

Gameplay includes exploring the places, doing different activities and earn currency that can be used to get more upgrades to your character. This way you level up by roaming in different stages of the world and talking to people there.

On what platforms can OurWorld game be played?

OurWorld can be played on browser.

The Movies

The MoviesThe game offers you a combination of life simulation and business management. It seems a lot of fun to make friends plus managing your business to be the tycoon. It also feels like The Sims, so fans wanting a similar experience can go for this one. Here you manage your own movie studio and manage it in various aspects. Here you get the actors, create movies and get fame.

Gameplay sets you in the studio where you can perform several activities. Players execute several tasks at the movie studio, director the characters, and eventually complete a film. Also financial management takes place as you have to pay the actors and the supporting team.

On what platforms can The Movies game be played?

The Movies can be played on Mac, PC

Stardom: The A-List

StardomThe third one among the similar games like msp is the Stardom. The game focuses on getting the stardom or fame by performing activities in the virtual world. It is available for smartphones so it takes no time to get installed and play at your comfort level.

Gameplay is easy and entertaining where you take part as nobody, and gradually you get your journey of becoming a superstar. Here you talk, flirt, fight, get TV shows, make movies, and much more. There are clubs and restaurants to enjoy the nightlife.

On what platforms can Stardom: The A-List game be played?

Stardom: The A-List can be played on Android, iOS


touchTouch takes you to the virtual world where your activities mainly orient to dance. Here you establish yourself as a pop music star that starts the journey as nobody. The impressive graphics always appeal players to try this game at least once and also there is a wide range available for customizations.

Gameplay begins right after you choose the gender and the overall appearance. Several of cool options are there to choose for your character. Plates can use the keyboard to make character’s moves. The music does its job very well and feels realistic. This way there are some things to perform and enjoy.

On what platforms can Touch game be played?

Touch can be played on Web

Hollywood Story

Hollywood StoryHollywood Story is a perfect piece for those who ever dreamed of being a superstar. The game can simply be downloaded on your smartphones that takes you from zero and leave you as a superstar. Here you start from NYC and later attended several other locations till you make your reach to Hollywood.

Gameplay needs take part in several events going on and earn your points. Use these to upgrade you and surrounding things. This way you improve your stats and get a new apartment, hairstyle or wardrobe.

Gaia Online

Gaia OnlineIt is another social MMO platform where players from all over the world and take part in several entertaining activities. Here you can talk to other players using forums, play games after creating your avatar. So it is like a chatting game that brings up several games. Now, after all these years Gaia has been established as a huge community where users from the globe attend and have conversations.

Gameplay starts when you complete creation of the avatar known as Gaian. Several customizations can be done for hair, gender, clothing, etc. this way it makes itself as one of the similar games like MovieStarPlanet.

On what platforms can Gaia Online game be played?

Gaia Online can be played on Browser

City Girl Life

City Girl LifeNext game that feels like the Movie Star Planet is the City Girl Life. This one also hits the theme of being social in the virtual world where players from different corners come and enjoy the experience. It mainly focuses on being social and enjoys the city life that means taking part in fashion activities.

Gameplay starts when you leave the small place you used to live and enter the city like New York. Here you attend with other friends can start your city life. It needs hard work to get your goals and expenses management will be there too to pursue your dream of being successful.


Games Like SmallworldsSmallWorlds as its name focuses on the young ones as you can see in the characters. The game brings a social networking experience to children so they can enjoy the virtual world and have fun. The game features several environments where children can take part and make lifelong friends.

Gameplay includes roaming around in different parts of the game while interacting with other players. Here you just need to create an avatar, customize it and you are good to go with those adorable characters. Leveling up is also included so you can upgrade your stats howl being a gamer, an artist, explorer, crafter, etc.

On what platforms can SmallWorlds game be played?

SmallWorlds can be played on Browser

Hollywood U: Rising Stars

Hollywood U: Rising StarsHere you start getting fame just after you take admission to Hollywood University.

Being a smartphone game, Hollywood U: Rising Stars enables you to experience all the fame in just a few seconds.

You can choose your gender, make customizations and get ready to become a star. Here players experience the life in the university with their mates and seniors.

Gameplay focuses on meeting new people, make them your friends and increase your list of networking. You can also get them as your real life friend and continue the adventure of getting new outfits, attending with your friends, completing fun quests, etc.

Social Girl

Social GirlSocial girl is especially dedicated to girls, but anyone can take part in it and enjoy activities like shopping, hanging out, dating and much more. Being another one, it comes as one of the similar games. The game majorly follows the concept of being social, making finds, and getting fashionable. Here you can even find a boyfriend and go to dates with him.

Gameplay is exciting just like any other here that gives you chances to meet new people and include them in the list of your friends, shop for your favorite things and upgrade your looks. Go on the romantic adventure and feel that breeze of romance with your boyfriend.

Lady Popular

lady popularLady Popular is another similar game as IMVU where you can have complete control over your virtual life as you try to become the best in the fashion arena, juggle a boyfriend and decorate your apartment. You can play it inside your browser from any device available that can connect to the internet.

At first, you will start by choosing an avatar and creating the physical appearance and other essential options. In the same time, you will have a possibility to change and improve its looks as you gain more money and levels. The main components of the game are fashion arena where you can battle with other opponents to earn more money and experience and to unlock additional game content. The popularity score means that you should enjoy in generosity, loyalty, devotion, creativity and other things that will boost your game elements.

On what platforms can Lady Popular game be played?

Lady Popular can be played on Browser


Mode: Multiplayer


Games like IMVUIMVU started in 2004 where you could create your 3D avatars in safe and fun virtual world. The best thing about it is that you can play it online for free, which makes it highly accessible for almost anyone.

In this particular universe, you have to choose to focus on some creative and to meet other people that share similar interests in the community of IMVU.


On what platforms can IMVU game be played?

IMVU can be played on browser.

Platform: Android, Browse, iOS, Mac, PC


Mode: Multiplayer

Animal Jam

Games like Animal JamAnimal jam is perfect for kids who want virtual life but with their farms and animals. The whole scenery is so adorable that you can’t miss playing it because children always find it as an addiction that they keep playing for hours. Other than your android and iOS devices, the game offers you a browser play that has absolutely no ads. It has no harm to kids and totally safe that enhances your child’s education and focusing skills.


On what platforms can Animal Jam game be played?

Animal Jam can be played on Browser, Android, iOS


Mode: Multiplayer


PoptropicaAnother Role-playing game is Poptropica that is famous since 2007 that came as a publication of Education Network. The game offers you compatibility with several platforms that include Windows, Mac, iOS, Nintendo and many other platforms. The game offers you both modes single-player as well as multiplayer.

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It is a game of islands where you complete each quest by visiting a different island. In the multiplayer mode, the game is a lot more exciting because you are not just playing but communicating as well and meet other players along the way. For each quest completed, you receive Poptropica points that can be used for making a purchase in the game for different needs. So, the game suits the same genre in which the Animal Jam lies. Play Now

On what platforms can Poptropica game be played?

Poptropica can be played on PC, Mac, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, iOS

  • Genre: Educational, Adventure, single-player with Massively multiplayer online game elements.
  • Mode: Single and multiplayer

Chit Chat City

Chit Chat CityIt’s like a big city where users are busy in their activities in the virtual world. It displays somewhat black and white visuals with colorful characters, and you can choose your favorite one. As its name, Chit Chat City offers you a virtual world where you can put your interactions with other players and make the world more enjoyable. Here you just not chat or communicate but you sell things by creating your own shops. Shop the game also gives you a motive with several tasks, and that makes it a worthy one among club penguin like games.


On what platforms can Chit Chat City game be played?

Chit Chat City can be played on Android

The Sims Mobile

The Sims Mobile is a mobile version of the full game. You can create Sims (with a limitation of up to 4, though most users can make only 2 until they significantly level up) and design the life that you want them to lead. It has the elements of the original game since you can still decorate your Sims homes with limited furniture (purchasable with in-game currency). 

The limitations of The Sims Mobile are the in-game timing. There’s no way to skip the long hours that your sim has to work at their day job, and dates will be an hour-long in real life as well. This means that you end up doing a lot of waiting around when you’re trying to collect XP or level up.

On what platforms can The Sims Mobile be played? 

The Sims Mobile Can be played on Android, iOS

Second Life

Many Second Life users will object to their beloved virtual world being on a list of ‘games’, since it is not considered to be a game at all. They make a fair argument: there are no predetermined rules or objective to the world of Second Life except for creating your avatar and bettering your life there. That happens either through creating clothing, objects, buildings, or purchasing them from the Second Life economy. You also get the chance to interact with other avatars. 

Second Life is an interesting phenomenon of virtual life. Harvard has taken lectures for classes on cyberspace in the world of Second Life, and you’ll actually find a virtual embassy for Sweden, Maldives and Estonia here.

On what platforms can Second Life be played? 

Second Life can be played on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh operating systems, Classic Mac OS


A taste of virtual world gaming for kids, BlockStarPlanet is an exciting game where they can either participate in block building or enjoy multiplayer games with friends. The player gets to design their own BlockStar that represents their unique style and personality through customization. With simplistic elements of Minecraft, this introduces kids to the concept of building worlds through ‘blocks’ to live in. 

They can also explore the creations of other players, and ‘remix’ their creations combined with that of others. With lots of mini-games, there’s plenty of opportunities for kids to ‘play’ and take a break from the creation. 

On what platforms can BlockStarPlanet be played? 

BlockStarPlanet can be played on Android, iOS

Club Penguin Rewritten

Ask 2000’s kids what their favorite activity after school was and there’s a good chance you’ll hear that logging on to Club Penguin was one of them. As one of the first exposures to a virtual world, Club Penguin was a fun snow-themed world filled with other kids from different countries. The Club Penguin Rewritten brings back the same beloved game but with enhancements. 

There are many more mini-games and it remains to be a safe and fun way for children to get into the web of social media. But it’s not just Gen Z kids that are using Club Penguin Rewritten: teenagers and young adults are returning to the game to relive their nostalgia. 

On what platforms can Club Penguin Rewritten be played? 

Club Penguin Rewritten can be played on Web browser


All these games like movie star planet are entertaining enough so you can spend hours without even realizing it. Join any that suits you the most and have fun in the virtual world with your new friends. You can also share your fun with us by commenting here.