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15 Games Like Mini Militia

15 Games Like Mini Militia

15 Games Like Mini Militia

Are you here to get games like Mini Militia? If yes, this is the right place. Mini Militia is based on the shooter theme that takes you in the 2D mode on your Android and iOS devices. Here you enter the Officer Candidate School to get trained by Sarge. Sarge is your trainer who teaches you all the things from basic to advance.

The gameplay can be performed in Survival and Multiplayer mode. In survival mode, you focus on survival fighting against all the odd using your weapons. In Multiplayer, you enter the area with other players and access various maps. Enough on Mini Militia, let’s head to the similar games.

Similar Games like Mini Militia

Pixel Gun 3D

Pixel Gun 3DYou can take it as a combo that offers pixel and Minecraft experience the shooter-themed environments. The game follows the fast-paced combats in 3D. This one focuses on survival and action genre where several campaigns serve you with plenty of depth and content.

Gameplay focuses on fast-paced combat system where you learn shooter mechanics. There are maps to go through and weapons to set the fire against the enemy. Here you jump, shoot, reload, and go ahead to complete the missions. The game modes offer both Single and Multiplayer mode. The single-player mode takes you through the stories whereas Multiplayer features several maps.

On what platforms can Pixel Gun 3D game be played?

Pixel Gun 3D can be played on ANDROID, IOS

Blitz Brigade

Blitz BrigadeAnother game that promotes shooter experiences and available for smartphones that operate on Android and iOS. Here you can go for the 6V6 battles, and it feels a lot excited to play the team based drama. You can choose from the six classes and enjoy the shooter aura on mobile devices.

Gameplay allows both Single and Multiplayer where Single player focuses on the ease, so players learn before they step into Multiplayer. There are various modes in Multiplayer like arenas where you can play the life and death matches. As you continue playing you get skills and currency that can be spent on various upgrades.

On what platforms can Blitz Brigade game be played?

Blitz Brigade can be played on ANDROID, IOS, PC

DiepThe third one among these Mini Militia like games takes you the character of a fighting tank. Here you aim to shoot out the enemies all around and get bigger. The more wisely you play, the more enemies you flush and growth. This can be played even in the browser where you command a tank and battle against other tanks.

This is purely a multiplayer game where you use the mouse clicks in the gameplay to throw the bullets in all directions. By the time, your tank gets more bullet heads and makes you powerful.

On what platforms can game be played? can be played on ANDROID, BROWSER, IOS

LOSTGUNS: Multiplayer Shooting

LOSTGUNS- Multiplayer ShootingLostguns is ready to give the similar experience like MIni Militia. The game follows the same concept yet very addictive. You just get the app and start the game in the available modes like deathmatch, team deathmatch, gold robot and bomb installation. Each mode comes with a different shooting oriented objective.

Gameplay is identical to other ones on this list. You join as a fighter and make use of the assigned weapons. By the time you will learn the control system that you use to make actions and move your character. As you level up, you can upgrade your weapons and make even destructive actions.

On what platforms can LOSTGUNS: Multiplayer Shooting game be played?

LOSTGUNS: Multiplayer Shooting can be played on ANDROID

Rocketball: Championship Cup

Rocketball- Championship CupAll Android users can have this incredible game that is a combination of soccer and car game. It is a championship cup oriented game where players get a lot of action. Here you choose from the available cars in your choice of color and get it to the game. With every completed mission you also get coins that you can spend and apply some cool upgrades.

Gameplay focuses on moving that soccer ball into the aim using your car and team. Driving at the right pace get you aim, and you get the victory. Strategies can be applied as well such as you can get a boost and get a head start.

On what platforms can Rocketball: Championship Cup game be played?

Rocketball: Championship Cup can be played on ANDROID

Soccer Rally 2 World Championship

Soccer Rally 2 World ChampionshipIt is the game that blends soccer and car in the perfect amount just like the previous one, so it brings the ultimate adventure of action and strategy. It is for both Android and iOS and as a result, it always gets love from the users worldwide.

Gameplay brings you basic tutorials, so you learn to control. The motive is to get the championship by taking the soccer ball into the goal area. Either you can use a wheel to rate the car or arrows for left and right direction. Brake and accelerator controls are also on the screen that just needs a push to work.

On what platforms can Soccer Rally 2 World Championship game be played?

Soccer Rally 2 World Championship can be played on ANDROID, IOS

Oh My Heroes!

Oh My HeroesA game where players know only smashing the opponent and this way it covers the place among the Mini Militia like games. For the action, it is a well-known game where you experience fast-paced battles, and so it needs the presence of mind in the game.

Gameplay focuses on getting the crystal and its power that just fall downs in the land. Players frost get the heroes by choosing the roles as knight, archer, dwarf, priest, and mage. Then they get the assigned ability and skills which they learn to use and control while exploring the environment.

On what platforms can Oh My Heroes! game be played?

Oh My Heroes! can be played on ANDROID, IOS


IDARBHere players get the pixelated character with lots of customizations that motivate them to continue the game. Almost everything is customizable from your heart to your theme music. The game feels ultimate when you get speed and several cool upgrades while learning the mechanics.

Gameplay Needs to take the ball to your team by performing several actions like shooting, bouncing, etc. using the controls on the screen you can easily move it and make forward. The riskier you become and perform shots the more awards you get. Here you roll around according to the map that seems unending, and that means a lot of fun.

On what platforms can IDARB game be played?

IDARB can be played on PC XBOX ONE

Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball

Robot Roller-Derby Disco DodgeballThe game starts you in several areas where you play that dodgeball. The player focuses on catching the dodgeballs and throws them to attack your enemies. As you get going, you get to know several techniques of throwing it and make your enemy lose.

Gameplay lets you access several maps where you control a wheeled robot in the colorful auras. The game features fast-paced environments do you keep doing actions with flexibility. The knockout happens when the ball from your enemy hits you but catching the ball can make your opponent out.

On what platforms can Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball game be played?

Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball can be played on LINUX, MAC, PC The Game

Mitos is- The GameA cell eating game where your only purpose is to eat others and grow. This brings a lot of action and consciousness because your one wrong move and you are dead. The game seems a lot of fun and quite tough where strategy making helps you several times. Just stay away from other big faces and concentrate on the smaller ones.

Gameplay is dragging your mouse to move your cell on the screen similarly on the smartphones use the touch screen controls to move the cell all around and eat your enemy. This action and consuming the enemy makes it one of the Mini Militia alternatives.

On what platforms can The Game game be played? The Game can be played on ANDROID, IOS, MAC, PC


TransformiceThe gamer offered you both online playing and via the program file that you can download in your PC and MAC. The game has been in popularity since 2010 because of the excellent storyline and gameplay. Here you play as a mouse whose aim is to take the piece of cheese to the mouse hole. There are different maps to crawl in and get the cheese.

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Gameplay is pretty simple yet exciting where veery collection gets you points that you can use. Here arrow keys are used to make mouse movements with jumping and some other actions as well.

On what platforms can Transformice game be played?

Transformice can be played on BROWSER, MAC, PC


nebulous gameIt is a popular game that gives you free access being an android app. In the game, you aim to regularly grow up while saving your ass from bigger players and consuming the smaller ones. The more you sweat, the more you grow and get powerful that other smaller ones ignore getting near you.

Gameplay seems like any other eat and grow game eat just like and Mitos that I recently mentioned. Here you choose from hundreds of skins and confuse other players to save yourself. Once you get the achievement level, you unlock several rare skins and other upgrades.

On what platforms can Nebulous game be played?

Nebulous can be played on ANDROID

King Arthur’s Gold (LAG)

King Arthur Gold on SteamThe next one among the Mini Militia alternatives, the game offers you a multiplayer action mode. It takes you to the world of treasure and building structure and machines to defeat your opponent. Other than action, it features several other genres too like resources gathering, mining, building, etc.

Gameplay you take place on the map and initiate your journey to go through several other maps. Here battles happen, and once you win them, you get several upgrades and rewards.

So the main gameplay is performing combats, collect things and make useful tools from whatever you collect.

On what platforms can Carnal Souls game be played?

King Arthur’s Gold (LAG) can be played on LINUX, MAC, PC


Deepworld steamA game that features impressive graphics and brings you a great amount of adventure. Just like the previous one, this one also features you several genres in one. All the environments remain in 2D environments, but still, it bonds players to try Deepworld.

Gameplay needs you explore several environments and collect things that can be used later to produce something meaningful. Here combat also takes place as you got enemies to defeat and carry on the adventure. To get the basic tutorial, just a sign up required that is free to create and go straight to learn the mechanics.

On what platforms can Deepworld game be played?

Deepworld can be played on IOS, MAC, PC


TagProTagPro deserves your addiction as it is one of the incredible gameplay. Players are focused on taking the enemy’s flag and tag it in their territory. This idea always attracts gameplay to take the flag and defeat the opponent.

Gameplay can be played in two different modes, but the aim remains same. These modes are CTF and Neutral Flag, in CTF you take the enemy flag, and in another one, you get the designated flag to establish it in the right zone. You choose your team from red and blue and using the arrow keys you move the flag.

On what platforms can TagPro game be played?

TagPro can be played on browser.


Mini Militia is undoubtedly the addictive game, and you can expect the same from these games like Mini Militia.