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17+ Games like IMVU

17+ Games like IMVU

17+ Games like IMVU

Games like IMVUIMVU started in 2004 where you could create your 3D avatars in a safe and fun virtual world. The best thing about it is that you can play it online for free, which makes it highly accessible for almost anyone.

In this particular universe, you have to choose to focus on some creative and to meet other people that share similar interests in the community of IMVU.

You can meet other players and also customize your 3D avatar to look like you or create something completely different. There are numerous features for customization, and you have to spend the game currency to buy different stuff.If you’re looking for more games like destiny, call of duty, diablo, huniepop, feel free to check our articles. You might find your next favorite game there.

Games like IMVU

We decided to present you 12 Games like IMVU that will make you enjoy during your free time:

Second Life

Second_LifeSecond Life is a terrific IMVU online alternative that you can play for free as much as you can. Linden Lab created and developed this virtual world game that was online since 2003 for PC and MAC. There are numerous possibilities that you can enjoy and also able to make real money by selling their virtual currency.

The game is perfect for late teenagers and above and contains people from all over the world. You can easily interact with other players and users, and to explore a vast game world. There are lots of items that will provide you the possibility to earn real life money through trading products with other users.

On what platforms can Second Life game be played?

Second Life can be played on Web, PC, MacOS, Linux

Lady Popular

lady popularLady Popular is another similar game as IMVU where you can have complete control over your virtual life as you try to become the best in the fashion arena, juggle a boyfriend and decorate your apartment. You can play it inside your browser from any device available that can connect to the internet.

At first, you will start by choosing an avatar and creating the physical appearance and other essential options. In the same time, you will have a possibility to change and improve its looks as you gain more money and levels. The main components of the game are fashion arena where you can battle with other opponents to earn more money and experience and to unlock additional game content.

On what platforms can Lady Popular game be played?

Lady Popular can be played on Web


our worldOurWorld is an excellent game that offers you a virtual world filled with online games and exploration for young teenagers and tweens. FlowPlay developed it so that you can play it through the browser, which is convenient because you don’t have to install it and have a hassle on your PC or smartphone.

First, you have to create an account and customize your avatar which will be your connection to the game world. As you become better and advance further, you can collect more currency and access more accessories and items to use. There are lots of mini-games available where you can play the even multiplayer game.

On what platforms can OurWorld game be played?

OurWorld can be played on Web, Android, iOS


Touch is dance-oriented world simulation game which is considered as one of the most popular games like IMVU. You can create your pop music and take them to somebody else. It contains excellent graphics and fantastic customization features, so it is the perfect way to enjoy and try to enter the world of stardom.

In the beginning, you have to create an account and choose gender and style that you will take. You can also name your character and build customizing effects that will help you later throughout the game.

It is similar to other dance games because you have to press the correct arrow key in the same time when visual tells you so on screen. 

On what platforms can Touch game be played?

Touch can be played on Web

Woozworld Review

woozworld-logoWoozworld is a perfect game that works as a virtual world with the possibility to connect it to the social network. It was online since 2009, and most players are teens and tweens.

It works like any other game with virtual world features because you will have to create an avatar and customize it accordingly. It is very similar as IMVU, but what makes it different is that you will be able to develop your house, explore the game world and hang with friends.

On what platforms can Woozworld Review game be played?

Woozworld Review can be played on Android, Web

Club Cooee

Club CooeeIf you want to enjoy in unique chat rooms that will provide you with the possibility to engage in virtual social media similar to other games like IMVU, then you have to try Club Cooee. There are always thousands of users online, so you will never feel like you are alone.

It also contains numerous features as any other world simulation game such as the ability to create your chat rooms and to customize an avatar with huge options such as personality and other great deals. It runs on any desktop, and it is much more focused on the social moment where you chat with other players on display.

On what platforms can Club Cooee game be played?

Club Cooee can be played on Web


habooHabbo is the perfect place where you can enjoy in virtual social networking without any additional problem. The best thing about it is it contains vast user base. You just have to create your avatar and meet new people and make friends.

Habboo started its life in 2000 which makes it longest lasting game in this particular genre of games like IMVU. It focuses on providing you with a quality experience in furniture games, chat rooms, and other features.

On what platforms can Habbo game be played?

Habbo can be played on Android, iOS, Browser

Gaia Online Review

Gaia OnlineGaia Online is a perfect game that started as forum based experience where you can connect with other players, chat and play games that you enjoy.

It became available for users from the whole world in 2003, and since then it grew from a simple community to forum based website where you can enjoy in numerous games with other players and users.

You just have to create your own Gaia avatar (Gaian) and customize it with countless options and possibilities such as skin, hair, eyes, gender, clothing and much more.

On what platforms can Gaia Online Review game be played?

Gaia Online Review can be played on Browser


onverseOnverse is a 3D world that you can explore without any additional problem. There are numerous optimization and customization options, so you will end up playing for hours. The best thing about it is that you can play on different operating systems such as Mac and Windows.

The best thing about it is endless customization options that you can choose. Other reasons for popularity is a possibility to chat with other people, create and explore the world. You can select different locations that are entirely fictional, and enjoy in unusual activities and additional features.

On what platforms can Onverse game be played?

Onverse can be played on Browser

Active Worlds

Active WorldsActive Worlds is impressive virtual world game that you can play on Windows, through any browser that you can use. Since 1997 it exists online, and since then it became the leader of this particular genre.

The inspiration was to create a web browser for all parts of AW has become the main idea of the game. The gameplay is similar to any other games like IMVU, where you can explore the 3D universe, create your content, browse the web and chat with other users. Most active users spend their time in building aspects which is similar to any other virtual world games.

Avakin Life

Avakin LifeThis is an excellent mobile application that will give you the possibility to create a virtual life on both Android and iOS devices. It is one of the best alternatives to IMVO for Android because you can customize your avatar, house, apartment and meat different array of people on social locations.

As in any other game from this genre, you have to create an avatar at the very beginning, including race, gender, skin color, hair, mouth, eyes, face and all other additional things that you can do to customize it to look like you want.

On what platforms can Avakin Life game be played?

Avakin Life can be played on OS, Android


KanevaThis particular social game started first as a multiplayer online gaming experience, but soon afterward they shifted into the 3D virtual match in 2006. It expands traditional features of world simulation genre because you can use it with the only browser, and there is also social networking built-in feature. These elements became widely popular because it is a great place to meet new people and find other exciting stuff to enjoy in a 3D environment.

You will get all features as any other games like IMVU, such as thorough customization of your 3D avatar and possibility to control the virtual home that you can decorate later.

On what platforms can Kaneva game be played?

Kaneva can be played on Browser

If you’re looking for more games like dark souls, card of humanity, lash royale, age of empires, GTA, agario, feel free to check our articles. You might find your next favorite game there.


TwinityThe last one in the category of games like IMVU that is well-made for adults and provide them different fashionable dress sense. You come here as a stranger in the 3D environment and go home with several of friends for a lifetime.

The game is happening in cities like Berlin, London, Singapore, and other major cities, due to the customization, you look impressive, make friends, and enjoy doing things more than you do in real life. The main bonus here is that you are allowed to upload your photo to the game. Later, you can do customizations, so the avatar exactly looks like your real face.

On what platforms can Twinity game be played?

Twinity can be played on Windows

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Mode: Multiplayer

The Sims

As possibly one of the most popular Life-Simulation games, The Sims has been around for years. Developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts, the game is a simulation of multiple characters living in Sim city. 

You can live a full and adventurous virtual life in this world, and it’s grown extremely popular because of the control that the players have. You can have multiple characters that you control, or create legacy sims where you take care of 10 generations. Popular challenges keep surfacing in this world amongst the fans such as the Apocalypse Challenge, the 100 Baby Challenge, and the Homeless Challenge. 

On what platforms can The Sims be played?

The Sims is compatible with Android, iOS, PC Windows, Mac, Xbox 360, Ps2 and Ps3. 

Desperate Housewives: The Game

Based on the uber-popular TV show soap, this game is a Life Simulation, Virtual World, MMO, and RPG for all the Desperate Housewives fans around the world. The game itself a dramatic prequel to the TV show, as you show up as a new resident on Wisteria Lane. 

The game revolves around building new friendships and solving the mystery of a murder case. Through finding clues, engaging in gossip and lies, you’re completely immersed in this world. 

On what platforms can Desperate Housewives: The Game be played? 

Desperate Housewives: The Game is compatible with PC Windows and Tablets


This is a game specifically designed for young girls (around the age of seven). This free to play online Virtual World Simulation revolves around shopping with in-game currency, socializing with other online players, and increasing stardom. It’s a little girl’s dream with constant makeovers, shopping for stylish clothes, and going to parties all the time. 

It’s definitely an addictive game, judging by its popularity (454,364,437 players!), but adults might find this game too boring for their liking. 

On what platforms can Stardoll be played? 

Stardoll is an online game that can be played on any device. 

Virtual Droid

This open-world three-dimensional simulation game is similar to IMVU. You can either play solo or with your friends as you socialize with thousands of other players online. With multiple interactive maps, the game world is massive for exploration and travel. You can also customize your character and take part in parkour challenges. 

Other features include downloading skins and chatting with other players with instant translation. Full of addicting mini-games, this is an enjoyable game for many. The creators of the game are also planning to soon include features to build your own house, so we see this game getting as sophisticated as The Sims franchise. 

On what platforms can Virtual Droid be played? 

Virtual Droid can be played on Android. 


Games like ROBLOX

Roblox is one of the earliest games in the genre of virtual reality. With over 1 million players daily, it’s still massively played all across the globe. In this game, you can role-play in adventures in different worlds, as well as hang out with your friends in new locations to be explored. The community creates different worlds so you always have access to new ones. 

With customizable avatars, you can build inventory and collectibles along with bonus rewards. This game is family-friendly and also suited for kids and teens.

On what platforms can Roblox be played? 

This game has cross-platform support, so you can play on PC Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Xbox.


We have presented you with 17+ Games like IMVU where you can enjoy your utterly different life through the massive virtual world all around you. Play with people from across the globe, be a neighbor with someone from different continents.

At the very end, you have to know that these games don’t have any purpose or finishing, but the main idea is to control your life as much as possible.