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15+ Games like EVE Online

15+ Games like EVE Online

15+ Games like EVE Online

EVE Online is indeed a fantastic game that features the Space MMORPG genre. The game world takes place in the universe with all its superb and cool mechanics. All those spaceships, planets, weapons, and the entire solar system look amazing.

Those who have a special place in their hearts for space gameplays always go for the EVE Online. But you are not limited to just EVE Online because there is a big range of Space flight simulation games like EVE Online. These games allow all the features where you can customize your ship and build a new powerful one that can take off all your enemies.

Games like EVE Online

And just not the space adventure but these games also feature exciting activities such as mining, trading, even piracy other than having combats. Take pleasure of experiencing a new world with the same aura that presents you the MMORPG experiences. So indulge yourself in these fifteen games if you want something giant just like EVE Online.

Star Trek Online

Star Trek OnlineThe game features an MMO mode in the roleplaying genre where you are the leader and you take the position handle things further. The game is set in the space so you can feel all those universe objects while building customizing and fighting against your opponents. The developers really did a fantastic job in providing players the sumptuous visuals, deep music that follows your every track and the entire thing feels realistic. Also, you can’t go out of content here in the EVE Online. In the game, you are in the era of 2409 where galaxy wars are happening all around you.

On what platforms can Star Trek Online game be played?

Star Trek Online can be played on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems

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Planet Calypso

Planet CalypsoPlanet among is among the EVE Online like games that are very much fantastic and for the realistic feeling it also does a great job. The aura is really a unique experience, and the game features the MMO mode. Players can get real money by performing activities in this virtual world. Here you customize your avatar, your weapons and just get on the ground fighting all the monsters away. Even you do things like crafting and mining, so it’s quite good here to explore the world and find resources. The game gets you a free play, or you can invest a little anytime.

Star Conflict

Star ConflictAn MMO experience in the galaxy where you control your starship after customizing as you want and explore the universe. The game features 3D graphics that enhance the overall appearance and battles are fantastic too where you can choose our ship and stand against the enemy. Here noncombat ships are also available, but fighting and shooting feels like a heaven here. Weapons are everywhere and are too powerful and customizable so you can pick up as per your choice and vanish the odds. Here all the activities are easy to learn, and their tutorials help you very much. The mechanics take some time to understand, but if you are not a first timer in the galaxy, then it will be a charm to learn.

On what platforms can Star Conflict game be played?

Star Conflict can be played on Microsoft Windows, Linux


DarkOrbitAgain a space oriented game that takes you to experience the MMO where you have control on the spaceships and lead the game. The game is full of objectives, so there is plenty of exploration that is waiting for you. The game is straightforward to play as it’s accessible in the browser. Only account creation is needed and log in every time you want to play. Choose from the options for your avatar, weapons, spaceship, and all and you are good to go. You can choose from three’s space classes, and you will get the benefits of that particular class.

On what platforms can DarkOrbit game be played?

DarkOrbit can be played on Web browser, iOS

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Evochron Legacy

Evochron LegacyIn the game, you reach the galaxy with your spaceship and start exploring the space. Evochron Legacy is a space simulation where you roam just anywhere and expand your path using your creativity. There are several sections from which you can choose that include exploring, mining, crafting, trading and much more. If you want to know more then why not just explore it yourself. There are ample of missions that come with different objectives, and it’s fun to roam in the space when everyone is busy playing those kids game.

Ascent – The Space Game

Ascent – The Space GameGetting forward to present you EVE Online like games Ascent makes it place on the list. The game features PvE sandbox where you see space all around and stars that are uncountable. All the environments are ready to take you beyond your imagination power. You are supposed to build a new civilization as Earth is done with human empire and now people need a new place to set up their existence. So here you come as an explorer who first researched the area then do constructing, colonizing along with mining trading and other activities.

Elite: Dangerous

Elite- DangerousAnyone who wants to go deep in mining, crafting, trading and research the space can refer to Elite: Dangerous. The game is rich in all of these aspects that you perform in the universe and find hundreds of things every time you explore. The game allows a multiplayer gameplay that takes you in the year 3300 where technology is ultra-advanced and all mechanics as well. The game allows you to enjoy hunting, mining, piracy, trading, etc. that can be experienced in single mode or online mode. There are not just planets but stars too and solar system having their own moon, sun, and stars.

On what platforms can Elite: Dangerous game be played?

Elite: Dangerous can be played on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems

Vega Conflict

Vega ConflictAnother MMO game that takes you in the galaxy and lets you explore there. Using your strategy and little bit imagination you can have a great enjoy here. Vega Conflict is very well known for its spectacular graphics that attract players to have it more than ever. So other than playing out EVE Online, this one is worth trying that is full of advanced features and unique things. Updates happen, so you find new maps, paths, and other upgrades. These all fantastic things make it among the games similar to EVE Online. Get in the space world, and let’s begin exploring your friends and enemies.

On what platforms can Vega Conflict game be played?

Vega Conflict can be played on Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Macintosh operating systems

Astro Lords

Astro LordsThis feels like a kingdom is established in the universe. Also, the 3D play keeps players engaged offering them the MMO. It is all about building the human race in the area you explore. It features a vast range of combats where real-time strategy happens so you can feel that adventure. You start with an asteroid where you are placed by the game, and from here you start exploring the other planets and space objects. Here you find out building so you can craft them, customize your spaceship and kill all the obstacles in your way.

On what platforms can Astro Lords game be played?

Astro Lords can be played on Android

Wurm Online

Wurm OnlineWurm features the MMORPG genre that brings you a fantasy world where the concept remains same as EVE Online and just the characters and environments are changed. Here you are on the mission of customizing the world with the resources you dig out. So anything is customizable and the genesis full of adventure where you can get pods from trees, find out ores, complete quests and much more. This one among the EVE Online alternatives takes just one-time account creation for free or premium. Free brings you the basic gameplay and to enjoy all advanced features you can subscribe to premium.

On what platforms can Wurm Online game be played?

Wurm Online can be played on Java

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DarkStar One

DarkStar OneIf your particular interest is in space combat and trading then this game fulfills your wish and give you a reason to be there. Players can have it on windows and Xbox 360 where the player can choose from various races and fight against whatever is in your way. You are Kayron Jarvis whose father has died, and the legacy comes to you which is that giant DarkStar One ship. It is full of ancient technology that enables you to discover the universe and know the truth behind your father’s death. So get ready to take revenge and explore the entire solar system and billions of stars.

On what platforms can DarkStar One game be played?

DarkStar One can be played on Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows

X3: Terran Conflict

X3- Terran ConflictX3: Terran Conflict is one of the games similar to EVE Online that combines combat and trading in the universe. You are set in the future, and here the future is the year 2938. You reach the space as Earth has several gates that open up in the X universe. Here conflicts are set where you are supposed to destroy your enemies and achieve things that will help you in the further game. The game offers you single player experience yet it is worth to play due to unleashing those billions of stars, thousands of planets, and quests that are endless.

On what platforms can X3: Terran Conflict game be played?

X3: Terran Conflict can be played on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh operating systems


PerpetuumThe game takes you a sci-fi theme and allows experiencing MMO where you find your own robots that are fully customizable. So you can fill them up with powers and get on the battleground. It is also a futuristic gameplay where you’re on a mission of discovering planets and find out essential resources for the human race as humans are out of resources. The game brings you several missions in that environment where you hunt, trade, mine, collect minerals and take the quests on and on. Updates are available time to time so players can find new objectives regularly.

On what platforms can Perpetuum game be played?

Perpetuum can be played on Microsoft Windows

Pirate Galaxy

Pirate GalaxyThe game allows you to play in the browser that brings you a sci-fi environment. You are in the galaxy for the purpose of exploration where you travel star to star and discover planets. You fight against all the enemies and gain resources or upgrades. The Game takes you plenty of missions with pretty impressive graphics. You have your own spaceship and finding different things you can always customize your ship before going to next journey. Here ships are for various purposes that are named as fighting ships, speed ship’s, engineer ships, and others. As you can guess by their name each of them, come with different abilities, and you can switch them whenever you want.

On what platforms can Pirate Galaxy game be played?

Pirate Galaxy can be played on Web browser, Microsoft Windows

Evochron Mercenary

Evochron MercenaryThe game is universe oriented that brings you the world of the universe and things like planets, stars, spaceships, weapons to survive and much more. So it is the last, but still, it is one of the fantastic EVE Online alternatives that need your survival in the space environment. Also, it is rich in the activities, so you don’t get bored of just exploration and fighting. There are various jobs to accept from, and then you just start with the one you choose like mining, transporting passengers, search resources, dogfights and other exciting options.

On what platforms can Evochron Mercenary game be played?

Evochron Mercenary can be played on Microsoft Windows

Minimum System Requirements for Eve Online:

  • CPU that supports SSE2
  • GPU with 256 MB VRAM or more that supports Shader Model 3 & DirectX 9.0c
  • Drivers: DirectX 9.0c (included)
  • Audio: that is Direct Sound compatible and supports SSE
  • HD: 20 GB free space (or more)
  • Network: ADSL connection (or faster)
  • DVD-ROM: 2x-speed DVD reader (for boxed editions only)


EVE Online is undoubtedly an amazing game that introduces you the space world. These games like EVE Online offer the same aura and mechanics so you can feel the same gameplay via these fifteen games. So let’s pick up any of these and tell me if you get addicted to anyone from the list.