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30 Absolute Best Game Boy Advance {GBA} Games of All Time

30 Absolute Best Game Boy Advance {GBA} Games of All Time

30 Absolute Best Game Boy Advance {GBA} Games of All Time

It was in 1989, the idea of playing a full-fledged game on a device transformed the entire world. The unique concept of Game Boy Advance caught everyone off-guard. The first edition of GBA games was an instant hit with everyone. It sold millions of copies within few months. From sports to puzzles, games for boys has got something for everyone.

Best GBA Games of All Time you have never played

Mario Golf: Advance Tour

Best GBA GamesIn 2004, Nintendo published a role-playing video game, which turned out be one of the best GBA games of all time. Camelot Software, the creator of Mario Golf, has developed three areas of interest in this game, the student lodging, the practice area and the golf course. The main concept is to give the players a real-time experience of the golf tournament. Mario Golf has a section where one can practice and hone their skill. One can play golf on the golf course against the leaders. Each section has got different challenges for the players. It has got many levels and excellent features. Mario Golf is an addiction you would hate to let go.

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Mario vs Donkey Kong

Best GBA GamesIn 2004, Mario vs Donkey Kong was published for the GameBoy Advance series. The game has got 100 levels of puzzles and hindrances for Mario. The concept of the game revolves around Mario. It is facing overcoming several challenges to win keys so that it can inch closer and get back all the toys from Donkey Kong. This GBA game is filled with exciting levels and animations. You will Find it challenging and super thrilling.

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The Legend Of Zelda

Best GBA GamesThe Legend Of Zelda Cap is One of the most action-packed GBA games of all time. It is the 12th edition of the Legend of Zelda series. It has a good storyline, a fascinating plot and incredible gameplay. Each level has different puzzles, which you need to solve. As you stride ahead, you need to kill enemies in Hyrule. The minish cap attached to your head will guide you to defeat the enemies and protect the kingdom.

Castlevania: Circle Of The Moon

Best GBA GamesKonami developed Castlevania: Circle Of The Moon, only for the GBA. It is still regarded as one of the toughest games of all time. If you lose once, you need to start over again. It does not save the progress, that’s why the layer needs to be very witty while handling this game. This game has an exciting storyline, where the demon hunter needs to kill all the demons staying on this earth.

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Metroid Fusion

Best GBA GamesEveryone loves action-packed games. Metroid Fusion is one such action jammed games published by Nintendo. This game is simple; you need to help Samus Aran in wiping out the aliens, who are trying to take over the control of earth. The initial levels are easy, but with the progress, the games get challenging and hard. You will find many weapons and guards to defeat the aliens.

Metroid: Zero Mission

Best GBA GamesIt’s no surprise that this Metroid: Zero Mission title also made it to the list of best gameboy advance games of all time. Here you find Samus on another planet, where she needs to fight space pirates. This game is little challenging as you will find Samus exposed to the vulnerable situation without her armor suit. To boost up the excitement level, many power-ups have been added. This is a must try for any GBA game lovers.

Spider-Man: Mysterio’s Menace

Best GBA GamesKickstarts one of the top GBA games of all time with your favorite Spider-Man. Spider-Man: Mysterio’s Menace rotates around Mysterio trying to cause trouble with his friends and Spider-man putting an end to all the distress. This game has some incredible power-ups to enhance the strength of Spider-Man. Collect all the suits to make Spider-Man more powerful.

Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land/Amazing Mirror

Best GBA GamesRole-playing games are quite popular in gameboy games. Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land/Amazing Mirror is one such game where you need to rescue Kirby from its self-created imaginative trap. You will find various levels with steep hurdles, which you need to, overcome and save Kirby.


Dragon Ball: Advance Adventure

Best GBA GamesGoku and his friends will make you fall in love with this game. This gameboy color game will take you through all the adventures of Goku. Dragon Ball: Advance Adventure game has the option to play multiplayer. It has got different missions which you need to complete to go to the next level.


Fifa World Cup Germany 2006 GBA Game

Best GBA Games Soccer will forever remain the favorite sports of everyone. If not for sports betting, then for FIFA games.  Fifa World Cup Germany 2006, focuses on all the international teams, which was a part of Fifa World Cup 2006. You can choose to play as your favorite soccer stars like Zidane, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Beckham and much more. The main drawback of this game is it has a low graphics quality. But still, it has managed to become one of the hotshot GBA games of all time.

Sk8 – Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

Best GBA GamesIf you want to perform some crazy tricks then go for Sk8 – Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2. This GBA game will take you through some insane stunts. The different levels are super exciting. The challenges will keep you hooked to this skating game.

Mario Power Tennis

Best Game Boy Advance {GBA} GamesAnother Mario game to make it to the list is Mario Power Tennis. It is one of the most enjoyable GBA games of all time. It is fast-paced and has many surprises stored for you.



Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX 2

Best Game Boy Advance {GBA} GamesBicycle games are not so popular nowadays. The excitement has somehow tamed down. But, Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX 2 has managed to lure in many players. This good GBA game has many exciting levels and super cool stunts.

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Super Mario Bros

Best Game Boy Advance {GBA} Games

Super Mario Bros is a another Mario game on the list, this time he comes with his brother Luigi. Here you need to explore 8 castles to find Princess Peach. The super cool levels are full of challenges. This game is quite simple, you need to run and jump, on the way collecting goodies and coins.


Sonic Advance

Best Game Boy Advance {GBA} GamesThis GBA game feature Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, and Tails. Sonic Advance revolves around how the team fights the Dr.Eggman to destroy his evil creations. Each character has some great power; together they form a fantastic team. You will meet many challenges. The graphics are good, and the levels are creative.

Super Donkey Kong

Best Game Boy Advance {GBA} GamesIf you love wild tricks and jungles, then try Super Donkey Kong. It features both Donkey Kong and Diddy. You will have to take wild turns, run through the jungle and complete al 40 levels to get back your banana hoard, which was stolen by Kremlings. This game is all about teamwork and helping each other. The challenges are cool and exciting.

Astro Boy

Best Game Boy Advance {GBA} GamesHe can fly, powerful and he also has an x-ray vision. Astro Boy is an iconic gaming character. You need to control Astro Boy to get back all the stolen money from the Professor. It is one of the most exciting games of all time. You need to defeat all your enemies and complete 10 levels to get the money back to your master.

Disney’s Aladdin

Best Game Boy Advance {GBA} GamesBased on one of the most loved characters of Disney Aladdin, this game has got unusual challenges. Here Aladdin needs to defeat all the evil forces to save his city and win the love of Jasmine, the princess. You won’t find Aladdin alone here; he is accompanied by his monkey friend and his genie. With the help of all the magical powers, they Stride ahead and destroy their enemies.

Super Puzzle Bobble Advance

Best Game Boy Advance {GBA} GamesSuper Puzzle Bobble Advance is one of the super exciting gem matching games of all time. The levels are full of fun. You need to match 3 or more gems to get rid of it. It is simple to play but quite addictive.



Best Game Boy Advance {GBA} GamesIf you want to test your word making ability, try out Scrabble. This best gba games you never played is the replica of the word making board game. You will be given few certain alphabets, and you will have to make use of those to make new words. This game not only tests your patience level but also increases the vocabulary. It has got different levels. It might sound easy but coming up with different words so is tough.