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15+ Best Sims 4 Mods

15+ Best Sims 4 Mods

15+ Best Sims 4 Mods

The Sims is the iconic and massively popular life-management sim that needs no introduction. It’s been incredibly popular since its first entry in 2000, and has only been getting more and more popular with each entry. The Sims 4 is no exception, and it’s been getting the same surge of post-release expansions and DLCs that the rest of the games get. Naturally, though, these expansions can’t cover everything, and there a lot of things fans want that hasn’t yet been covered by expansions and DLC.

The Sims 4 has gotten the mod treatment by its avid and dedicated community, though, so there is hope. The Sims 4 is a fun game anyway, but with the huge amount of mods available you can make it something amazing and endlessly replayable.

Check out these 15 mods that make The Sims 4 bigger, better, and more replayable. Also read – games like the sims 4.

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Here are 15 Sims 4 Best Mods

1. Houseboat

Houseboat -best sims 4 mods

Want to have your Sim(s) live in a boat? Well, now you can. This mod allows you to turn the decorative houseboats into fully-fledged houseboats. They’re small and compact, which creates an interesting design challenge. Find the best way to fit as much (or as little) furniture into your boat as you can and enjoy your new life on the water!

These houseboats come in three different colors: red, blue and turquoise. They act like a real boat with real flotation but do not fade away in close up situations. Your Sims will be able to freely navigate this houseboat just like a real home as long as there is an opening for them to board through.

Building your houseboat piece by piece can be difficult, to say the least, especially if it is your first time doing so. Luckily this mod has included visuals and step-by-step instructions to help you along the way, making your houseboat transition nothing but smooth sailing!

Download Houseboat.

2. Candle Making

Candle Making - best sims 4 mods

Candles are pretty cool. They’re fun, charming, and moody. Why not fill your home with them? Or make your Sims date nights’ extra romantic with these hand-crafted candles? This mod lets you create your own stylish candles and place them around your home to create your own mood.

This mod is more detailed than you may think. It also provides social interactions and computer interactions in dialogue, providing that depth in immersion. These candles provide different buffs and give custom rewards too, it is a very detailed mod.

Another great thing about this mod is that it is constantly being worked on by its developer! The last update was on December 1st, 2019, and it added a lot of new features and fixed a lot of bugs so that you can now enjoy this mod to the fullest! There are even new holiday features since when this was updated, it was the holiday season!

Download Candle Making.

3. Young Adults Can Have Kids

Young Adults Can Have Kids - best sims 4 mods

Why can’t young adults easily have and raise children in The Sims? If that’s something that interests you, this sims 4 adult mod might be for you. This mod essentially makes it easier for young adults to have and raise kids on campus. Neat!

How does this mod work? It allows you to pick and choose which files you want, to suit your preferences when installing this mod. That allows you to have full customization power over the extent of this mod. Some interesting features include: Uni-aging (which allows playable sims to grow up and age while they are still living on campus), moving out of college, adoption, school buses, and dorm rooms.

Since there are a lot of files that you can download and customize, you may worry about these files clashing or conflicting with any other downloads you have, but this mod features Hack Conflict Detection, to make sure none of that happens!

Download Young Adults Can Have Kids.

4. Old French Village

Old French Village  - best sims 4 mods

A cool and charming little settlement inspired by old-fashioned French villages. It offers 10 places to live, including that sweet mansion for Sims who like grandiosity, and a pub and café. Naturally, there will be some style clashes once you start decorating, but it’s still just a nice place to live. Impressively enough, modder catheney16 put together the whole thing using assets that were already in the game.

This style of French villages is has a fantasy like quality to it, almost as if all these old French villages were made in a Disney movie! The 10 individual cottages that are included all have a difference in styles and numbers of bedrooms. There is the largest building, the castle, that is placed at the top of each town, a secretive hidden garden, vegetable gardens, pubs, cafes, and these towns even have their own stream running through it. It is a beautiful mod with tons of content added, give it a try!

Download Old French Village.

5. True Happiness

True Happiness - best sims 4 mods

This mod, created by roBurky, aims to make your Sims’ happiness more “fleeting, meaningful, and personal”. By default, Sims’ native mood is happy, and let’s be honest, nobody is happy 100% of the time. It’s just not realistic. This mod changes the default mood to be “fine”, and makes it so that Sims only become “happy” when something good happens, like starting a relationship, eating a good meal, working out, etc. The default state won’t make your Sims unhappy, though, so don’t worry, it will simply be  “fine” as the default positive mood.  

This mod adds a lot of UI changes and makes the whole happiness system feel much more real and immersive. It may make the game harder or grim at the beginning, but it also makes the game feel much more rewarding. When something really worthy of making your Sims happy happens to them, it will actually feel like their life has improved after experiencing that event.

Download True Happiness.

6. Get To College

Get To College - best sims 4 mods

One thing long-time Sims fans know is sorely missing from The Sims 4 is the ability to take your Sim to college/university.The Sims 2 and 3 had University expansions, but 4 is yet to get the same treatment.Until that expansion is released, this is the best way to get your Sim a higher education.

This mod adds the whole college system to the game.Once your Sim has aged to become a Young Adult, that will give your Sim the option to go to University/College.It even adds major areas of study to the game!Currently it adds three of those majors which include Physical Education, Music and Fine Arts.It also helps to create a campus by adding actual university buildings such as the Physical Education building, the Fine Arts Building and Music Building.To fully complete the college adventure, it even has a grading system where your Sims will have to work hard and endure sleepless nights to get the highest grades!

Download Get To College.

7. Playable Pets

Playable Pets  - best sims 4 mods

The semi-recently released pet-centric expansion, Cats and Dogs, is a great add-on for animal lovers. You get to make your own cats and/or dogs and have your Sims love and nurture them! What could be better? Well, what if you could play as these pets, too. That’s exactly what this amazing little mod does. A must-install for pet lovers!

What exactly does this mod do? It allows pets (cats and dogs) to be selectable/playable characters. They will each have their own needs and behaviors to choose from. The number of choices that each animal has is not the highest at the moment, but there is always potential of more interactions being modded in for them.  There have been constant updates up until December 2018, where there have been many fixes to the mod. This includes language translations, script updates and some gameplay issues being fixed. Overall, a well-developed mod that can still be used today!

Download Playable Pets.

8. Become a Sorcerer

Become a Sorcerer  - best sims 4 mods

A cool, weird, and wonderful mod that lets you turn your Sims into magic-wielding sorcerers that possess a variety of abilities. You can also choose your Sims’ alignment, using your powers for good or for evil. The choice is yours, and there’s plenty you can do with this fun mod.

This mod is very large and features many different abilities and spells that you can use for your SIms. This mod has been updated frequently over the years, with its last update being in November 2019. There is a large multitude of features that all start when you Sim investigates a Suspicious Lump of Clay to become a sorcerer. You can develop a reputation, have magical connections, dive into many different types of specializations, learn different spells and eventually become a master. There are even child and toddler sorcerers and although they can’t cast spells yet at such a young age, their time will come! A very comprehensive and detailed mod for magic fanatics.

Download Become a Sorcerer.

9. Tropical Getaway

Tropical Getaway  - best sims 4 mods

This Tropico-esque mod allows you to relocate your Sims to a sunny and beautiful tropical island. You’ll need the Outdoor Retreat and Seasons and Jungle Adventures pack for this to work, but once you do, this warm, warm paradise is yours to own!

This mod is one of the biggest modpacks for The Sims 4 ever created, and it is all for free! It completely changes the foliage and textures all around the world, transforming it into the lush, tropical beach setting that you would expect from a tropical mod. It also adds a new weather system with tropical storms and heatwaves, also it removes snow because obviously there is no snow in these areas. It has new UI added in, improved lighting and even allows your Sims to get into the water! Playing in the ocean, relaxing by the river, even sunbathing is added into this mod. For the full tropical getaway experience for you and your Sims, this mod is exactly what you need!

Download Tropical Getaway.

10. Custom Food Interactions

Custom Food Interactions  - best sims 4 mods

This awesome mod lets you add a plethora of food and food types that the base game doesn’t include. From mini pizzas to dumplings, soups, and canned foods, this mod is a great way to increase the variety of food on offer to your Sims. You can also browse for specific food mods, but you’ll need the base Custom Food Interactions mod first.

This mod adds custom interactions and other extra features that can be used to make those pizzas, dumplings, soups, etc. It also has a script inside that will add those interactions to various stoves and fridges in game. This mod is a project that is always being updated by its developers, with the most recent update being in October 2019. There has been a lot of work put into this mod post-release which is always a good sign when it comes to mods. It has updated support for Halloween foods and many different languages being supported.

Download Custom Food Interactions.

11. Less Musical Chairs

Less Musical Chairs  - best sims 4 mods

It might not seem all that interesting for some, but if you’re someone who hates how much Sims move around mid-conversation then you’ll get the appeal of this mod. Less Musical Chairs aims to make Sims do exactly that: it stops Sims acting they’re playing musical chairs so much!

More specifically, this mod prevents Group chat and Socializing from occurring. There is also a maximum number of Sims allowed to be in a conversation, that is set at two. Any group chatting that is aimed at your Sim, which will queue their chat onto your Sim, is prevented as well. If you want to speak to another Sim that is already in a conversation, it will remove the first sim for your Sim to get in! Removing all this jagged musical chair movement from the game is a really helpful tool that many can use and enjoy with this mod.

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Download Less Musical Chairs.

12. Height Slider

Height Slider  - best sims 4 mods

Oddly enough, when creating your Sims, you can alter their width but not their height. This simple mod changes that. You can now change the height of your Sims so that not everyone is the exact same size. It makes sense to me! Now not everybody will be the same height and won’t look so similar.

This height slider is one that has been updated many times with fixes to various bugs. Nowadays, animation has been fixed. Previously they looked very awkward and funny. There are many versions of this mod, with different height scales and adjustments, but the recommended one is heightslider1 (teens), as this is the most normal of the height sliders. Some other ones can make models appear too large and their portraits will then look strange. This mod even works with toddlers so you can enjoy adjusting them as well. There is also a list of conflicting mods within the post, so that if you have any issues about installing this mod that is handled as well.

Download Height Slider.

13. Replacement Paintings

Replacement Paintings  - best sims 4 mods

Once your Sim has been an artist for longer than two days, you’ll start to see the same paintings again and again. The lack of variety can really get dull. This mod allows you to pull in a huge number of abstract and classical paintings in from the web and put them up in your home once your Sim has painted them.

This mod comes with replacement files for many different types of painting categories (Classic, Abstract, Emotional, Impressionist, Pop Art, Surrealism), as well as the addition of the final category Realism and the Focus category to the Emotional paintings. These files will replace all the paintings that sims created. The old paintings that would be created were often boring and quite juvenile. This mod makes the level of paint matching the skill of the painter a lot better, the higher the skill the better the art. If you don’t like the pictures of the art included, there is also a tutorial on how to replace them with whatever you want to be included! Awesome stuff!

Download Replacement Paintings.

14. Gender Preference

Gender Preference mod

This mod may not be what you think. Gender preferences refer to the gender that your Sim is attracted to. You can make it a slider out of 100, meaning that you can make your Sims completely attracted to men and not women, completely attracted to both men and women, or partially attracted to one gender and entirely to another.

Specifically, this mod includes four options for your Sims love life:

– Preference male: Likes males
– Preference female: Likes females
– Preference both: self-explanatory
– Preference none: removes any gender preferences the sim may have had

There’s a lot you could do with this simple mod, and it’ll spice up your Sims romantic life.

Download Gender Preference.

15. MC Command Center

MC Command Center mod

This huge sims 4 pregnancy mod allows you control almost every aspect of your Sims’ lives, their world, and the people around them. You can scan a Sim to see if they’re pregnant (and even choose to terminate that pregnancy if you so wish), blacklist clothing items that you never see them on anyone, make it so your Sims have a shower and breakfast closer to when they get up, and much more. It’s a huge mod that could change the way you play dramatically.

This mod is very detailed and has strict rules that determine whether or not pregnancy can happen for a target Sim. This includes rules such as if there are no free slots in the house, they will not get pregnant. You can also choose your partner for your Sims! There is a ton of customization within this mod, and it truly is a completely new experience when using it. Give it a try!

Download MC Command Center.

These are 15 of the best mods available for The Sims 4 on PC. There are plenty more out there, but these are just some of the best to get you started.

Let us know if you think we missed anything!