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35+ Best Oblivion Mods For PC

35+ Best Oblivion Mods For PC

Best Oblivion Mods

2006’s Oblivion brought the previously niche Elder Scrolls franchise into the mainstream. Though it is a great RPG game, Bethesda made some bad design choices and it is rather an old game for 2018. These mods should fix a lot of stuff without causing any crashes and FPS problems and are not game-changing mods. Also, all of them are easy, so you do not need any prior modding experience. Looking for the best online casinos Canada? Look no further than our top list of the best Oblivion mods for PC! From multiplayer options to new quest lines, we’ve got you covered!

An epic and huge fantasy world filled with quirky characters, interesting questlines, and a ton of variety in how you wish to play. Although the main story wasn’t all it could’ve been and has since been largely panned, the rest of the game’s content is superb, and the huge variety of mods only make it deeper, richer, and more replayable.

Here we will run down 36 of the best mods you can find for Elder Scrolls Oblivion, to make it an even more amazing game even 12 years later.

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Best Oblivion Mods

Unofficial Oblivion Patch

Unofficial Oblivion Patch

This unofficial patch is essential for getting into Oblivion Nexus on PC. This huge game-wide patch fixes 1,800 bugs and glitches, from the minor animation glitches to the floating rocks, holes in the floor, and see-through wall. There are also a couple of other patches for the DLC and expansions, too. You’ll be sure to want those if you’re planning on heading to the Shivering Isles.

Download Unofficial Oblivion Patch.

Character Overhaul (Version 2)

There’s no denying it, 12 years later Oblivion is a pretty ugly game. Some of its art may hold up well, but graphically it’s very dated. The faces in Oblivion may be the most obvious part of this problem. This mod aims to alleviate that. This is the only character overhaul mod you’ll need to have the faces and characters of Oblivion looking as good as they can. Essential for the best-looking Oblivion experience. This is one of the best oblivion graphics mod.

Download Character Overhaul (Version 2).

Oblivion Graphics Extender

Oblivion Graphics Extender

Another mod you’ll want if you’re looking for the prettiest Oblivion Nexus mods can make. The graphics extender mod does a great job of effectively overhauling the visual element of the game, at least from a technical standpoint. Improved textures, better lighting and shadows, character models, and more. A must for any Oblivion fan looking for a fresh look.

Download Oblivion Graphics Extender.

Oblivion Mod Manager

Oblivion Mod Manager

You may wish to use Nexus Mod Manager to manage your mods, but if you don’t, then this handy little dedicated manager for Oblivion mods may be just the thing for you. There are so many mods for Oblivion at this point, and if you’re a dedicated modder then you may wish to run Oblivion with potentially 100’s of mods. If you know you’ll be using a ton of different mods, then this mod manager could be very useful to you.

Download Oblivion Mod Manager.

Script Extender – OBSE

Script Extender – OBSE

Like with Bethesda’s other games, there are quite a few restraints on what you can do with the base game script. Many of the mods you’ll be installing, and many of the mods from this list, will require this script extender to work. In layman’s terms, it lets you install more mods and increases the capabilities of the mods you can install. If you’re looking to install any mods that are ambitious in size and scope, you’ll want to install this.

Download Script Extender – OBSE.

Stutter Remover

Stutter Remover

If you find yourself experiencing some performance issues, namely stutters and an uneven frame rate, see if this mod will fix your problems. Bethesda’s games may be wonderfully open and endlessly engaging, but they’ve never been short on technical issues. Oblivion is certainly no exception, and you may find it struggling even on the beefiest of PCs. It’s not your fault, it’s just the game. This mod should fix your problems.

Download Stutter Remover.

Oscuro’s Oblivion Overhaul

Oscuro’s Oblivion Overhaul

In Oblivion, the world around your levels at the same rate as you do, to keep things balanced. This overhaul mod changes that, making different areas have different level caps for enemies, and making the wilderness of Oblivion more dangerous and unpredictable. It also tweaks a number of other things, like making magic easier to cast, and making the AI for animals smarter and more reactive.

Download Oscuro’s Oblivion Overhaul.

Oblivion XP

Oblivion XP

If you’re not a fan of Oblivion’s unique levelling system, wherein you level in things by simply doing them over and over, this overhaul changes the XP system to more akin to something like World of Warcraft or classic RPGs like Baldur’s Gate, where you earn XP from killing enemies and completing quests. It changes the balance of the game, for sure, but it’s an interesting overhaul that may be appealing if you’re not a huge fan of the default levelling system.

Download Oblivion XP.

Enhanced Camera

Enhanced Camera

The Enhanced Camera mod overhauls the first-person camera mode, making it so you can actually look down at your own body (!!) and making scenes that would normally put you in third-person (like death, or execution animations) stay in first-person. A cool little mod that makes Oblivion more immersive, and makes playing in first-person more permanent.

Download Enhanced Camera.

Sound Sets

Sound Sets

If you ever get bored of silent, unvoiced protagonist, this mod might be for you. It gives your character dozens of new combat shouts, battle cries, and more. No longer will your character be a silent monk obeying orders and never uttering a word. There are a nice variety of lines and voices here, suitable for different races and genders. Good stuff!

Download Sound Sets.

Level Uncapper

Level Uncapper

A simple mod that uncaps the maximum level that Oblivion lets you to certain skills and attributes to. By default, you can only reach level 100 in every skill. This mod changes that cap to 200 in the fields of weapon damage, hand-to-hand combat, and magicka cost, including Blade, Blunt, Hand to Hand, Athletics, Acrobatics, Marksman Illusion, Conjuration,Mysticism, Alteration, Destruction, and Restoration. Get more bang from your many different bucks!

Download Level Uncapper.

Weapon Expansion Pack

Weapon Expansion Pack

This huge weapon mod adds a whopping 625+ new weapons to the world of Oblivion, including new Amber, Madness, Mithril, Orcish, Fine Iron, and Rusty Iron weapons. It also includes a complete set of Orchish weapons, Mithril weapons (which are upgraded Silver weapons), and more. It also addresses more than 100 errors in weapons’ stats or level lists that the Unofficial Patch didn’t catch.

Download Weapon Expansion Pack.

Maskbar’s Oblivion Overhaul

Maskbar’s Oblivion Overhaul

Another overhaul mod that greatly changes many aspects of Oblivion. This mod adds unpredictable encounters, improved loot and equipment drops, the ability to feign death, introduces traps and the ability to disarm them, resource gathering, treasure hunts, and more. There’s a ton to explore with this mod, and it’s sure to offer a whole host of new content to explore.

Download Maskbar’s Oblivion Overhaul.

Lights of Oblivion – Road Lanterns

Lights of Oblivion – Road Lanterns

A neat little mod that adds roadside lanterns on many of the main roads of Oblivion. There are many lanterns added to paths leading to inns, towns, cities, and more. A cool mod for players looking for a more charming, immersive, and cosy experience. You also get the option to choose between five different lights.

Download Lights of Oblivion – Road Lanterns.

Martigen’s Monster Mod

Lights of Oblivion – Road Lanterns

This claims to make it so that “no two creatures are ever the same”. What this means is that all NPCs and creatures have their stats and characteristics randomized. Everything from size to combat stats, confidence, combat fighting styles, range customization, and more are randomly selected between a set range. It also adds a large number of new creatures, monsters, and enemies. Your fights will never get stale again with this mod!

Download Martigen’s Monster Mod.

Darnified UI

Darnified UI

A very handy UI overhaul mod that makes the UI less squashed and zoomed-in and more user friendly. It makes the font smaller, allowing more to be fit on the screen, and, as you can see in the image above, it redesigns the layout and structure of the UI. It may look intimidating, but it makes for a much more user friendly experience once you get used to it. It also adjusts the font and size of the subtitles.

Download Darnified UI.

Deadly Reflex

Deadly Reflex

Deadly Reflex is a mod that aims to add some much-needed depth and strategic layering to the combat of Oblivion. No longer will you simply be swinging and slashing in the general direction of your enemies. It adds a number of new moves and abilities you can use in combat, such as a dodge, the ability to stun enemies, and a well-timed finisher move. There are also some pretty brutal stealth kill animations.

Download Deadly Reflex.

Really Textured Normal Maps 

Best Oblivion ModsOne of the simple, small Oblivion graphics mods that reworks a lot of the textures of Oblivion without affecting the performance a lot. Also, it is not as big as Qarls Texture Pack and does not drop your FPS, so if your PC cannot handle Qarls, install this texture pack.

Download Really Textured Normal Maps.

Oblivion Nexus Mod Manager 

Oblivion Nexus Mod Manager A software every PC gamer should have, this mod manager allows you to search, download and install Nexus Oblivion mods with ease and it also supports a lot of other games. With it, you can install, uninstall and merge mods with ease and see the installation order.

Download Oblivion Nexus Mod Manager.

A Takes All 

A Takes All A simple Oblivion quality of life mod, it adds the key “A” the function to loot all items in a container, just like Fallout: New Vegas. Makes looting a lot smoother and faster. Requires Oblivion Script Extender.

Download A Takes All.

Toggleable Quantity Prompt 

Toggleable Quantity PromptA similar Oblivion mod to the previous one, Quick Selling allows you to sell items one by one with CTRL + click or sell an entire stack at a time by holding down Shift key. This makes the bartering process instant and a lot less tedious.

Download Toggleable Quantity Prompt.


BlockheadBlockhead is an Oblivion Script Extender plugin that allows you to override the inventory menu’s idle animations, override head and body assets of NPCs and override animations of NPCs on a per-NPC/per-Race basis. It is also necessary for some other mods.

Download Blockhead.

Wyre Bash 

Wyre BashWrye Bash is an awesome mod manager for The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion. What sets it apart is that when you uninstall a mod, it restores everything to the way it was so you can experiment fearlessly and it also can make more mods compatible with each other.

Download Wyre Bash.

Better Cities 

Better CitiesThis mod reworks the cities in Oblivion by adding new buildings, NPCs and quests to each one of them. It also redesigns some of the parts of the cities, making them look and feel much more realistic. You can choose which cities to change or rework all of them altogether.

Download Better Cities.

Midas Magic Spells of Aurum 

Midas Magic Spells of AurumOne of the must-have Oblivion mods, Midas Magic Spells of Aurum adds 290 new spells to the game along with new, fun quests as a way to obtain them. It prolongs the game’s length immensely, especially for mage characters, so if you love magic, you know which mod to install.

Download Midas Magic Spells of Aurum.

Natural Environments 

Natural EnvironmentsThis beautiful Oblivion mod adds a completely new atmosphere to the game by adding more than 40 new weather conditions along seasonal weather types and also fixes some small problems related to the environment with the native game.

Download Natural Environments.

Qarls Texture Pack III 

Qarls Texture Pack IIIThis huge Oblivion texture mod reworks every textures in the game (except clothes, armor, weapons, creatures, NPCs) and makes them look much clearer. It will affect the performance and it is rather a big mod regarding to the file size but it is worth the graphical upgrade.

Download Qarls Texture Pack III .

Better Dungeons 

Better DungeonsBetter Dungeons is an Oblivion mod that does what its name suggests: Makes dungeons better. It adds unique treasures and hidden areas to each dungeon by different methods, visually upgrades them and makes each one look as unique as possible.

See Also

Download Better Dungeons.

FOV Modifier 

FOV ModifierYou can normally change FOV that with the config file, but it causes bugs and changing it with a console command causes it to reset everytime you zoom out or talk to an NPC. This basic Oblivion mod allows you to change your FOV without all those problems.

Download here FOV Modifier.

Engine Bug Fixes 

Engine Bug Fixes Another bugfix mod for Oblivion, Engine Bug Fixes resolves a lot of known problems with the Oblivion’s dated game engine and makes the game more stable. Along with the Unofficial Oblivion Patch, this is a must-have mod for everyone looking for an all around better experience.

Download Engine Bug Fixes.

Really AEVWD

Detailed distant landscapes can really add to the overall gaming experience. The distant views in Oblivion were always lack-lustre. With this mod, all distant views are more vivid, with detailed forests, mountains, towns and cities looking much more realistic. 

If you’re getting mods to improve character design, don’t skimp out on the views! They make the beloved Oblivion world that much more immersive, due to the Really AEVWD mod building on textures as well as distant rendering.

This major enhancement balances image quality against performance to make your favourite game that much more enjoyable. 

Download Really AEVWD

Dynamic Map

This mod provides a detailed map that constantly updates to whatever changes you’ve made. Any mods that add new towns or cities that you downloaded will actually reflect in this Dynamic Map mod! It does this by reading your active mod list and creating submap areas to modify the Oblivion World map.

It also shows the colour of the Oblivion terrain in the map areas itself. You can even zoom into the map and out. There are four different base map choices: Elven Map Style, Terrain Map Style, Color Map Style, and Tamriel Heightmaps style. 

Download Dynamic Map


This mod makes being underwater in Oblivion so much more exciting. With scripted fish AI, over a 1000 respawns to the water and re-textured sea weed: the waters literally come alive. 

Keep a lookout for main wrecks with added treasure chests (some being especially valuable)! 

With this mod, you unlock much more unexplored and unprecedented territory, underwater.

Download AliveWaters

CandidENB Reborn

This is the ultimate ENB mod for improving the game’s graphics drastically. More than just an upgrade, you will feel like you’re in an entirely different game with movie graphics. The views are incredible. It’s recommended that you take a look at the requirements for this mod as well as your system’s screen settings to ensure that you’re having the intended indoor and outdoor brightness display. 

This ENB is meant to be played with Oblivion Reloaded for the best results!

Download CandidENB Reborn

Alluring Potion Bottle

The beauty of a mod is that you get to customize the game down to the T, taking care of the little things that drive you nuts. And if one of those little things for you is the same potion bottle for all potions, this mod will be worth its weight in gold. 

There are 108 original and new potion bottles designed in this mod! All beautiful and as mystical as the various potions they contain, this is a fun and sparkly mod to add to the game. 

Download Alluring Potion Bottle.


Although most Oblivion users probably experience the mild annoyance of having too many keys to search through in their inventory, the creative genius behind this mod actually thought of the most practical and commonsense way to fix it: by adding a keychain.

This mod will work with keys collected from any mod, and is compatible with OBMM/BAIN both!

Download Keychain

Best Way to Mod Oblivion with Nexus Mod Manager

We listed a ton of mods, but what is the best way to mod Oblivion? There a lot of different methods but the most known is Nexus Mod Manager (NMM). Believe it or not, you actually do not need Nexus Mod Manager to do this, most mods are easily installable manually if you follow the instructions on their files. If you do not want to do that, two best mod managers for Oblivion are Wyre Bash and Oblivion Mod Manager, so get those two instead of NMM.

These are 35+ of the best mods available for The Elder Scrolls Oblivion on PC. There are plenty more out there, but these are just some of the best to get you started.

Let us know if you think we missed anything!

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