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65+ Best ESO AddOns for The Elder Scrolls Online

65+ Best ESO AddOns for The Elder Scrolls Online

65+ Best ESO AddOns for The Elder Scrolls Online

After playing Elder Scrolls Online for more than a year, I have selected 65+ best ESO addons for you to make it an even more amazing game even 12 years later.

Bethesda made a slow entry to MMO world with their game The Elder Scrolls Online in 2014 but with constant support to the game, it has come back better than ever. One of the best features it has is that it has hundreds of addons made the by the community. So if you are looking for the ESO best add-ons, today we will list the best The Elder Scrolls Online addons for you. You can check out Best Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Mods list here.

Since ESO is an MMORPG, it does not have any game-changing, overhaul addons or mods, but combining a lot of small but great changes can lead to a much better experience overall. So for that, we will a total of 65 most essential ESO add ons, just so you have options.

Best ESO AddOns

Votan’s Minimap

The first thing you need (in any game) is a minimap, and luckily Votan’s Minimap is a simple, great addon that does not interfere with your HUD or interface a lot. It makes the exploration and traveling around TESO’s world much easier and more enjoyable.


If you are a true completionist and want to complete every quest in The Elder Scrolls Online, here is an addon that will make your life easy: QuestMap. It marks every quest available on your map and makes them more manageable.
Download QuestMap.


As you can understand from its name, Destinations marks the various points of interest on your map, such as Crafting Locations, Solo Dungeons, Group Events, Group Delves. It also has support for French, German, Japanese or Russian and English names.
Download Destinations.


Skyshards are very important in ESO. They give you 1 skill point for every 3 of them you find, so you will want to discover as many of them as possible. This handy addon marks every skyshard on your map so you can go hunt for that 127 skill points right now.

Download SkyShards.


Just like other map addons, LoreBooks highlights all the books in the game. It divides them into 3 categories: Unknown Lorebooks, Collected Lorebooks and Eidetic Memory. You can see which one is which by their icons in-game.
Download LoreBooks.

Dungeon Tracker

Being the huge game The Elder Scrolls Online is, there are hundreds of different dungeons. To get all the loot, experience and fun, you will want to complete every ESO dungeon. This small addon lists every single one for you. You need to actually discover them to see the tips, though.

Lost Treasure

Lost Treasure is a great Elder Scrolls Online addon that shows survey locations and treasure map on your map. It also features a built-in minimap, if you do not have another minimap addon, which you can keep on your screen to locate treasure or surveys easier.
Download Lost Treasure.


HarvestMap is a good Elder Scrolls Online addon for beginners. It shows you every location you can find resources in, including resource nodes, chests and fishing spots. You can even turn on the Heatmap feature to show the density of the resources. You can find ores, clothing material, wood, runestones, flowers/herbs, and much more.

Download HarvestMap.

Votan’s Improved Locations

Another one of the essential ESO addon by Votan, Improved Locations reforms the “Locations” tab of the world-map to be much more useful. Locations are now categorized by alliances with your alliance being the first and you can also see the 5 locations you recently used at the top.

Votan’s Improved Quests

Like other addons by Votan, Improved Quests is one of the fundamental ESO addon. It sorts the quests you have way better than the vanilla game and categorizes them like crafting quests, guild quests, quests in other zones etc.


PvE is fun and all, but are you really playing Elder Scrolls Online if you are not PvP’ing? This essential PvP addon gives you every data about your PvP experience like your stats such as matches, wins, losses and has different modules for different PvP sections such as Duel and Battlegrounds.
Download PvpMeter.

Foundry Tactical Combat

Foundry Tactical Combat is a UI addon that adds a lot of needed combat data for you to see. Its features are Unit Frames, Active Buff Tracking, Combat Log, Scrolling Combat Text, Damage Statistics and Advanced Hotbar. Each one of them and configurable individually so you can choose which one to use or not.

Combat Metrics

Combat Metrics is one of the best combat addons for ESO for the people that want to know everything about their fighting data. You can see your total DPS and which skills contribute to it, detect the sources of the damage you took and check your buffs and debuffs. One of the must-have addons for every serious player.

Advanced Filters

Inventory management in Elder Scrolls Online can be a pain since the original filters are way too broad to give you any specificity. Advanced Filters comes as an absolutely essential inventory addon for ESO that fixes this by introducing new, more detailed subfilters.


Being able to analyze certain items is not present in the vanilla game but ItemPreview solves that. This handy, useful TESO addon allows you to preview armor, furniture and furniture recipes so you can make better decisions while
purchasing stuff.
Download ItemPreview.

Dressing Room Reborn

Dressing Room Reborn is a great ESO addon that allows you to save action bars and equipped gear as sets, so you can switch between your PvP and PvE build with one hotkey easily. It is not aimed at beginners since you won’t have enough items for 2 builds anyways but it is one of the fundamental ESO addon for experienced players.

Furniture Catalogue

There are hundreds of different furniture in Elder Scrolls Online and choosing which one to use in your house can be frustrating if you are obsessed with style. Furniture Catalogue gives you the full list of every furniture in the game and you can sort them with different filters.

Inventory Grid View

A list-style inventory may have worked for Skyrim since we did not have hundreds of items there but for ESO, it does not work. Inventory Grid View is an essential inventory addon that reforms the inventory to a grid view, allowing you to see much more items at once.

Itemization Browser

There are literally hundreds of different item sets in ESO and planning ahead for what you will be using is nearly impossible. Itemization Browser lets you browse and filter every single item set in the game and see its level and attributes.

Item Saver

As you know, you can deconstruct items in the game. If you are not a collector, you can usually just keep your set and deconstruct everything else but if you are a collector or want to keep certain items among hundreds of unnecessary stuff, Item Saver lets you create separate sets with those items, or you can mark them so you do not deconstruct them accidentally.
Download Item Saver.

Harven’s Trait and Style

This small quality of life improvement addon for ESO adds more additional information to a weapon’s/armor’s tooltip, those being armor/weapon style and knowledge about its trait and whether it is known, being researched or researchable.

Votan’s Rune Tooltips

This basic addon gives you more information about the runes you collect, like level/type of the resulting glyph and what it does specifically before you get to the enchanting table.

Urich’s Skill Point Finder

This life-saving ESO addon is a great tool if you want to earn as many skill points as possible. It shows you every skill point you did get and didn’t get throughout the entire game so you can go and hunt for the ones that you don’t have.

Harven’s Improved Skills Window

Another essential quality of life addon by Harven that makes our lives much better. It lets you preview next rank and upgrade information of active abilities and morph information of purchased abilities, making planning your build for the later much more easier.

Bag Space Indicator

Addons that show you how much space you got left is quite popular, but none of them is as configurable as Bag Space Indicator. You can choose to see Alliance Points, gold, bag space, Soul Gems, horse feed timer, research, timers, level and Experience. Plus, it does not obstruct your view while playing the game.

Votan’s Achievements Overview

This smart achievement tracking addon for ESO does things a little bit differently. Instead of just blandly showing you the of your progress -or lack of-, it shows you the progress of achievements that you are trying to get at the moment, so you don’t go looking for it among hundreds of others.

FCM Quest Tracker

There are a lot of quest tracker addons for ESO out there, but FCM Quest Tracker is probably the most adjustable. You can choose how many to show, share quests, remove quests, filter quests by zone, show quest on the map and
much more and it doesn’t obstruct you while staying on the right side of the interface.

Master Merchant

Master Merchant is a great shopping addon that lets you see your Guild’s top sellers are and what they are selling, allowing you to find awesome deals and help save you money. It provides many other trade-related improvements such as showing you guild sales and sales tax income.

True Exploration

If you are feeling extra masochistic while playing ESO, you can use True Exploration. It makes it so that the map will start as an empty piece of paper, but your character will draw everything he/she sees on your map as you travel the world of Tamriel. Immersive? Yes.


pChat is a chat addon for Elder Scrolls Online which gives you a lot more options with your chat window. You can keep your chat history, change account names with character names, copy texts, prevent spam, resize the chatbox. Your chatbox will also be much more colorful instead of grey texts everywhere.
Download pChat.

WPamA (What Pledges at my Alts)

If you have more than one character that you are running daily/weekly tasks on, this addon is for you. It keeps a track for World Bosses in Wrothgar, Vvardenfell and Gold Coast, statuses of trials, random dungeons, class, guild and craft skills and much more for your alternative characters.

Srendarr – Aura, Buff & Debuff Tracker

Another essential combat addon, Srendarr shows lets you track buffs and debuffs on yourself as well as others. Normally, these show via graphical effects or don’t show at all, but Srendarr lets you group & move buff types and track all your cooldowns and ability durations during combat.

Azurah – Interface Enhanced

There are hundreds of UI addons for ESO out there, and if you are using more than 5, it can get confusing pretty fast. Azurah lets you unlock the interface windows, allowing you to move them anywhere on the screen and scaled in size, which allows for a personalized experience and much less chaotic screen.

Awesome Guild Store

Unfortunately, the native game’s guild store interface is not really user-friendly with so few options. Awesome Guild Store comes as another great interface addon, letting you filter categories, and subcategories similar to Advanced Filters and adds range sliders for level, price and quality filters.


The simplest addon on our list is MultiCraft. In the native game, you have to click once each time you want to craft something, even if you have the resources for more. MultiCraft adds a spinner to all crafting professions, which you can set to a certain number, allowing you to craft as many items as you can with only one click.
Download MultiCraft.

Potion Maker (for Alchemy Crafting)

A useful addon for alchemy, Potion Maker lets you see every potion you could make with your current ingredients. You can then click on the desired potion and add the ingredients automatically to the potion table. It also shows you every discovered and undiscovered potion that has the ingredient you chose.

Craftstore DB

Crafting plays a big role in Elder Scrolls Online, so if you are going to try it at all -which you should-, Craftstore DB is the most important crafting addon in the game. It does a lot of things, but mainly it lets you keep track of every known and unknown recipe while also having full lists of every recipe and furniture in the game.

Binder (Updated)

When you start a new character on ESO, your keybindings get reset and this can get frustrating for people with multiple characters. Binding lets you save keybindings as sets and automatically replaces it with a single command when you start a new character.

Kill Counter

Kill Counter adds ESO to the pool of games in which you can boast about K/D. This simple PvP addon lets you keep track of kills, killing blows, deaths, players that have killed you, K/D ratio, siege stats, with which skills you have the most kills etc.
Download Kill Counter.

Loot Log

This is probably the smallest addon on the list with mere kilobytes. Loot Log shows every item you and your group has looted in the chat window. Additionally, it displays the traits of gear items in the log and character names and items are clickable links, so you can arrange deals with them.
Download Loot Log.

LUI: Extended

LUI: Extended is an all-in-one addon package that has multiple different functions. It tracks our buffs & debuffs, gives you combat info and has chat announcements such as receiving currency, loot tracking, achievements, lore books, collectibles, experience gain etc. It also has a module called Unit Frames, which allows you to relocate & resize unit frames that come from LUIE on your screen.

No, Thank You!

Just like every other MMORPG, ESO can get quite hectic after some time. All the notifications, UI pop-ups and chat messages feel overwhelming. No, Thank You! comes as a required addon in this scenario, letting you block unwanted messages, notifications and change some of the UI behaviors.

Raid Notifier

This essential PvE mod gives you a warning whenever you are on a raid and a raid boss is about to hit you, when you are under an effect or the boss is performing a certain mechanic. There are way more alerts in Raid Notifier and each one of them can be enabled/disabled.

Votan’s Fisherman

Fishing in ESO is weird: It can be peaceful or boring. If you find it boring, Votan’s Fisherman can let you watch Netflix while waiting, since it gives you a huge flash of light on-screen whenever a fish in on the hook. It also saves the water type of the fishing nods you have previously fished on, letting you use proper bait for it next time.

Circonians Addon Selector

ESO has hundreds of addons and our list isn’t that small either. If you are going to install multiple addons -which you should-, use Circonians Addon Selector. It lets you choose certain addons and save that bundle so you can test stuff and change back to your original setup easily.

SALTI – Currency Totals

This UI addon enhances the tooltip you see when hovering over your currency totals. Now you can see all your tracked characters’ current Gold, Telvar, AP, your total banked currency etc. Everything you need to know abot your belongings, right here.

Wykkyd’s Full Immersion

If you want to truly immerse yourself to the Elder Scrolls Online’s world or want to take a screenshot without annoying UI elements, Wykkyd Full Immersion lets you switch off even the default interface windows like Compass, Quest Tracker and Targeting Reticle.

Wykkyd’s Framework

Wykkyd’s Framework is a addon collection for ESO which has a lot of essential modules in it. Addons like Wykkyd Suite Manager, Enhanced Chat, Enhanced HUD, Macros and Toolbar are all great addons with each one having great uses for an overall better experience.

Bandits User Interface

So far we’ve only covered functional addons, but Bandit User Interface is more than that. It has functional modules like group and raid frames, combat statistics and notifications, buff and minimap but it’s more appealing to me was its 3 different styles of UI, which all look better aesthetically than the native game in my opinion.


Elder Scrolls Online is a big game and during your hundreds of hours of gameplay, you will loot thousands of items. This useful inventory management addon, Dustman, helps you clear your inventory from unwanted items. You can mark items as junk with dozens of different options such as depending on their rarity, traits, or quality.
Download Dustman.

Wykkyds Framework

Wykkyds Framework

One of the best ESO UI mods for a new player that’ll you want to install before even playing. A great package of handy tools, from an inventory space tracker, XP to next level indicator, UI customisation, and more. A must-have mod for anybody looking to mod their game and make it more customisable.

Download Wykkyds Framework.



A simple mod that may seem a little exploitative to some. It simply offers a keybinding that, when pressed, will teleport the player to the nearest Wayshrine for free. A handy little modification if you’re doing a lot of exploring.

Download Jumper.



Ingredients handily and clearly highlight items in a vendor’s inventory that are part of a known recipe. A great ESO mod for crafting that can save time that would otherwise be spent looking back and forth from your recipes to the vendor’s inventory.

Download Ingredients.



A small window that calculates your XP-per-hour. Handy for tracking how long it’s taking you to level and how much longer until you hit the next level. A nice little modification for people who need more data above all else.

Download XPview.



Not all that necessary if you have Foundry or XPView, but still a nice mod to have. It tracks the XP you earn, and how much you need to level, in your chat log, so you’ve always got a log of the XP your earning.

Download insMobs2Level.

Lore Books

Lore Books

Just like Sky Shards, Lore Books marks lore books on your map, so you won’t have any problem collecting them. If you’re a lore nut who wants to learn as much as possible about Tamriel and its many factions, this mod is just right for you.

Download Lore Books.



A great mod that allows you to customize your mini-map in a variety of cool and stylish ways. Try out the many different shapes, aesthetics, and more to find the minimap that suits them best. Very nice!

Download MiniMap.

Multi-Quest Tracker

Multi Quest Tracker

By default, vanilla ESO only lets you track a single quest at one time. This simple modification changes that, and, as the name implies, allows you to track multiple quests at one time. Much more useful, especially when you’re just mopping up handfuls of minor quests.

Download Multi-Quest Tracker.

Stop Right There!

Stop Right There

This neat little improvement tells you exactly when to “stop right there (criminal scum)” so the guards don’t have to tell you instead. A very handy mod that can save you from getting in trouble with the law whilst also letting you focus on picking the lock.

Download Stop Right There!.

Reshade 3.0

Reshade 3.0

A nice ESO graphic overhaul mod that aims to add depth to shadows and dark areas, and remove the strong blue tint that vanilla Elder Scrolls Online has. Simple to install, and quite pretty if set up right. The only graphical mod you’ll really need to make The Elder Scrolls Online look sharper and more vibrant.

Download Reshade 3.0.

Dolgubon’s Lazy Writ Crafter

If you want Master Writs without spending hours on crafting Writs, this AddOn is for you! As long as you have the items in your inventory, one click is all you need to do. This saves you a ton of time as this Addon does fully automated crafting including smart stone selection and craft multiplier. 

It also provides you with stealing protection, along with auto loot writ rewards, writ reset reminders and a pet hider. 

Note that Provisioning and Alchemy are not supported for crafting in this AddOn. 

Once you install it, all you need to do is visit a crafting station. 

Download Dolgubon’s Lazy Writ Crafter


The Auto-Research AddOn immediately starts researching when you’re at a crafting station. Once you configure your priorities, you can cut down on long research times by this AddOn that gets your character to automatically research the next item from the stockpile. 

Keep in mind that you have to also install a few libraries for this AddOn to work in the intended way. This AddOn will store up to 10 research items in your bank, so you’ll have enough in store for months. This is especially useful if you’re one of the many who tend to neglect research even though it’s an integral part of the game. 

Equipment pieces are also chosen according to their quickest research times (i.e. number of traits). 

See Also

Download Auto-Research

Champion Point Slots

We all know how frustrating and time-consuming it can be to spend time in the Champion Point Slots in ESO. This AddOn is packed with features to make the entire process much easier. 

With different configurations, you can easily allocate champion points, create them from scratch, clone, rename, and import.

With your point slots organized and now you can easily keep a track of all of them with the drop-down bar. 

You can also summon this UI with a keybinding or a slash command that you set. 

Download Champion Point Slots

Undaunted Pledges Utilities

If we could change one thing and one thing alone about ESO? How conscientious you need to be while organizing and keeping track of everything. 

This AddOn lets you focus on the game while managing the guilds, questlines, and dungeons for you. It adds a category within the daily journal itself where all the undaunted pledge data is organised. 

It also will give you a daily reminder of the dailies to be completed along with Auto Abandon feature. 

You can also enable a Dungeon Achievement Tracker that lets you know about any missing achievements when entering a dungeon. 

Download Undaunted Pledges Utilities.

Port to Friend’s House

If you’re lucky enough to have friends that play ESO with you, you’ll want this valuable feature that makes the game much more social.

With this add-on, you can visit your friend’s houses (and secondary houses) with a quick keybinding. Of course, they need to give you the right to enter!

And if you’re a real ESO social butterfly, you’ll appreciate that you can define keybindings up to 10 favorites. 

Download Port to Friend’s House.

How to Install Elder Scrolls Online Mods

If you are looking to mod your game, installing ESO mods is actually pretty easy thanks to a tool called Minion. Now we will go step by step as to how to install ESO mods.

  1. Go to
  2. Get the software and install it.
  3. Now with this software, you can easily install ESO mods, back up your files or uninstall them with ease without having to manage your files manually.
So this is our list of best eso addons for beginners and advanced players alike. Though the game suffered at the start, with updates and the support from the community with these awesome addons helped the game rise from its ashes. So if think we have missed an awesome addon, let us know below!
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