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The 3 Best Guns To Use In Apex Legends

The 3 Best Guns To Use In Apex Legends

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Are you looking to surround yourself with the best Apex Legends weapons? This handy dandy Apex Legends gun tier list will serve you well. Apex Legends owns 15 characters after the release of Season 7’s Horizon. While each has their own strengths and weaknesses, owning the right gun is an integral part in your success.

All of these guns can transform into more powerful shooter weapons with the right mods. With that said, these are the top three guns you want to search and own while playing competitive matchmaking.

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There’s no taking a risk on the Bier Haus Slot here. This gun is a sure fire damage producer. The mastiff used to come out of supply drops and was considered a gold tier weapon. After seasonal updates, it became one of the regular weapons that you can pick up when you drop from the start. Even though it’s not a gold weapon, it can put out a significant amount of damage.

The shotgun holes six in its magazine and can dish out 104 damage to the body, and an enormous 128 damage to the head. However, this is a drop from what it used to be, but you can reload with shotgun ammo, which was not the case before. Iron sights are useful, but finding the Digital Threat makes this a scary weapon because you can still see through smoke or Caustic gas with it on.

Volt SMG

The Volt came out in Season 6 and is one of the quickest machine guns that uses energy rounds. It deals 16 damage on the body and 24 damage if you can get headshots. The recoil is very easy to use, while iron sights give you a large target. However, attaching the 2X Bruiser sights with an extended energy magazine can really make this a mid-range danger.

Energy ammo is admittedly hard to find in the game, but with the new crafting system, having these worries is irrelevant. You can craft as much ammo as you want as long as you have the crafting material. The volt is an excellent machine gun, especially when you are playing in an enclosed circle.

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Speaking of deadly machine guns, the R-99 is a former legendary weapon (Season 6), but is back to being used as a regular weapon in Season 7. If you can get your hands on this light machine gun, it’s hard to outduel someone with this gun. The R-99 has the quickest fire rate out of any gun in the game, and deals out 12 damage to the body and 18 damage to the head.

Even though the R-99 is not legendary anymore, it almost feels like it in close knit battles. The R-99 starts with a limited ammo supply, which is why it is imperative to find an extended light magazine quickly. If you can find a Level 3 mag, you can take out opponents in one clip thanks to the fast fire rate. This is a gun that can literally carry you to victory.