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ASTRONEER – Beginner’s Tips and Tricks

ASTRONEER – Beginner’s Tips and Tricks

ASTRONEER – Beginner’s Tips and Tricks

A lot of people complain about how difficult it is to play the game and how it is unplayable for a lot of people. And it’s not because the developers are lazy, they just don’t want to make it too easy for people who don’t know what they are doing. So here is a collection of first steps for you to get a hang of the game.

The history of ASCENDING is a long and glorious one. Originally developed in the mid-1980s by a 20-something scientist, it quickly became the go-to strategy game for forward-thinking astronomers, stargazers, and anyone who enjoyed a little bit of galactic strategy mixed with fast-paced action. The game was a huge success, with thousands of players worldwide, and the latest version (ASTRONEER) has been getting rave analysis from players of every level.

If you’re new to astroman, rediscover the galaxy for all of us. This guide is meant to be a primer on the basics, and the things that you should always be aware of when playing astroman in the first place. We hope that it will be of use to both new and long-time players alike.

This guide describes tips you can use to improve your quality of life with ASTRONEER. You can also learn how to make the best use of resources and other important elements in your environment.

Memory instructions

Don’t waste your shuttle’s valuable storage space!

  • If you need to take your packers with you on a trip into space, you don’t need to store them in storage compartments. Attach it to the side of your shuttle or rover if needed!
  • Remember, you don’t have to put the oxygen in the side slot of the shuttle, as the hologram suggests. You can choose one of the 2 items. Place a spirit level. For example, you can use a small basic starter kit.

Main contents of the manual : Conditioned oxygen system, power source (small solar panel, small wind turbine, generator), small conditioned platforms.

Don’t waste space in your backpack!

You can put an extra resource nugget in the craft slot of your backpack. Use it to your advantage

Increase platform capacity

If you have a large A-platform, you can install two small memory units with a total of 16 slots.
Be smarter and make the system more efficient instead of loading the platform with more memory. The larger of the two can hold 4 smaller storage units. You now have 32 slots and as much memory. Later in the game you can increase the storage capacity by using silos or barrels.


Advice on quality of life


Have you ever been in a situation where you couldn’t take something with you because it was out of sight? Don’t worry, there is a way to increase the range. Take out the field tool and it goes almost twice as fast!

Mix with extension!

Extension cords can be difficult to place. You install an extension cord and you don’t know if your cord is good enough or not. There is a simpler solution: Insert the extension cord into one of the slots on the auxiliary profile (near the shoulder), pull the extension cord out as far as it will go, then press the auxiliary connector button (default is C on the left and V on the right). The extender automatically adds where your cable ends.

Move the planet!

If you are lost in the middle of nowhere with no lighthouse, look to the sky and find a star. Once you see it, follow the star where the straight line points. It is visible on all planets and forms a circle around the planet’s equator. Your starting point on the first planet is always below or slightly above. Either way, if you walk in a straight line, you’ll get there eventually. It’s a good idea to place a network of colored beacons everywhere, so you can always see one and report your location.


Rapid acquisition and investment

  • If you see an object lying on the ground and you want to pick it up quickly, hold down the Shift key while clicking on the object with your left mouse button. It attaches automatically to the backpack.
  • If your base has a device that shows a hologram of the item you want (e.g. printer, chemistry lab), click on the hologram and the item will automatically be placed in the bin if it is in your inventory.

Resale of product sets

Having 3 maggot packs or extensions with 2 maggots each is annoying and leads to limited storage space. To regroup, just put all the gears/gears on the ground and push them up.

Packaging study

Normally you can only carry one large study object at a time, but what if I told you you could carry 12 at a time? That’s right, just do a little research with your packer. A lot of actors don’t know that


Bytes are very important in ASTRONEER, and there are many ways to get them. I’ll teach you the most effective ones!

See Also

Open research applications

Depending on the planet and depth (the deeper the cave, the better the samples), a small research sample will usually yield a few hundred to over 1000 bytes per analysis. You can also examine small samples in image space by tripling the number of bytes. Sometimes there is an important search object in the manual, which always returns a good number of bytes.

Agricultural byte

With update automation tools, you can create multiple infinite byte farms.

Find a rock, bush, or something else where small specimens are emerging from. These layers are resampled approximately every 30 minutes. Set up a small research station, consisting of a car room and a research room (don’t forget electricity, of course). Position the autostart so that it faces the samples and the examination area behind it. Allows you to search the room and discover an unlimited number of new bytes with each restart. By installing multiple stations, you can create a large number of passive bytes.

Installation bytes

Although it has become less efficient with the advent of automation, it is still a reliable way to get bytes.

Make a shallow floating base and plant the plant on it. This is not always the case, but in general the object to be studied should appear under the plant when it is fully developed. You can then collect the results and plant the plant. Be careful when planting, as some plants can still be aggressive/defensive towards you.

Searches for byte

One of the most effective, if not the most popular, methods of getting a large number of bytes very quickly and easily is the frozen byte strategy, the : Normally the player builds a shuttle and flies to the glacier pretty quickly. He circles around the caves in the glacier, scanning all the search samples he comes across, as each sample yields over 300 bytes. The execution time is about 20 minutes and we are talking about tens of thousands of bytes.