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Add to the Schedule: The Leading Games to Be Released This Summer

Add to the Schedule: The Leading Games to Be Released This Summer

Add to the Schedule: The Leading Games to Be Released This Summer

This summer promises to be hot not just in terms of weather, but also with an array of exciting game releases. From July through August, a mix of indie projects and major AAA titles are set to hit the market, catering to gamers of all preferences. Here are some of the standout games to keep an eye on. And if you’re looking for some extra excitement this summer, you might want to check out the Stay Casino no deposit bonus for a chance to win big while enjoying your favourite new games.

Games Coming Out in July

Frostpunk 2 – July 25

July’s highlight is undoubtedly Frostpunk 2, the sequel to the acclaimed survival game. In this game, players will once again face the harsh challenge of building and managing a city in a post-apocalyptic world plagued by freezing temperatures. You’ll need to make tough decisions to ensure the survival of your citizens while exploring the frozen wasteland. The game promises new mechanics, deeper storylines, and even more strategic depth than its predecessor.

But that’s not all for July. Here’s the full list:

  • The First Descendant – July 2 Dive into an epic sci-fi shooter where players become powerful Descendants, each with unique abilities and backstories. Team up with others to fight against formidable alien threats and uncover the mysteries of the universe.
  • Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail – July 2 The latest expansion in the beloved MMORPG series, Dawntrail, brings new quests, regions, and classes. Fans can expect epic adventures and breathtaking landscapes in this ever-expanding world.
  • Zenless Zone Zero – July 4 This urban fantasy action RPG offers a blend of stylish combat and engaging storytelling. Players will navigate a city full of supernatural occurrences and unveil the secrets lurking beneath its surface.
  • Anger Foot – July 11 A fast-paced first-person action game where players use their powerful kicks to defeat enemies and navigate challenging levels. Its unique gameplay and energetic soundtrack make it a must-play.
  • EvilvEvil – July 16 Step into a dark and twisted world in this gothic horror action game. Players will face off against nightmarish creatures and solve puzzles to uncover the sinister plot at the heart of the game.
  • Schim – July 18A unique puzzle-platformer where players control a small shadow creature, jumping from shadow to shadow in a beautifully stylized environment. It’s about exploration, puzzles, and light.
  • Dungeons of Hinterburg – July 18 This action RPG combines dungeon crawling with a charming art style. Players will explore mystical dungeons, battle monsters, and uncover ancient secrets in a vibrant fantasy world.
  • Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition – July 18: This event is a nostalgic trip back to the golden age of gaming, featuring classic NES games in a competitive format. It’s a celebration of retro gaming and a test of old-school skills.
  • Flintlock – July 18 An action-adventure game set in a dark fantasy world where players wield both magic and firearms. The game promises intense combat and a rich, immersive world to explore.
  • EA Sports College Football 25 – July 19 Football fans can rejoice with the return of college football to the EA Sports lineup. The game features updated rosters, realistic gameplay, and new modes that bring the excitement of college football to life.
  • Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess – July 19 A beautiful and atmospheric action-adventure game inspired by Japanese mythology. Players will journey through mystical lands, battling spirits and uncovering ancient stories.
  • Exophobia – July 23 A retro-inspired first-person shooter that combines fast-paced action with a sci-fi setting. Players will battle alien enemies and solve puzzles in a labyrinthine spaceship.
  • Kingdom Rush 5: Alliance – July 25 The latest entry in the popular tower defense series, Kingdom Rush 5: Alliance, offers new heroes, towers, and challenges. Strategize and defend your kingdom from waves of enemies.
  • Arranger: A Role Puzzling-Adventure – July 25 An innovative blend of puzzle-solving and role-playing elements. Players will navigate through intricate levels, solve complex puzzles, and uncover captivating stories.
  • Smite 2 – July 30 The sequel to the popular MOBA game Smite, featuring updated graphics, new gods, and refined gameplay mechanics. Battle it out in the arena with a pantheon of mythological deities.

Games Coming Out in August

Black Myth: Wukong – August 20

Black Myth: Wukong is a highly anticipated action-adventure game based on the classic Chinese novel “Journey to the West.” Players will take on the role of the Monkey King, battling mythical creatures and uncovering the secrets of a fantastical world. This game promises to stand out with stunning graphics and intense combat.

World of Warcraft: The War Within – August 26

The next major expansion for the iconic MMORPG, World of Warcraft: The War Within, will immerse players in new adventures and challenges. Expect new zones, dungeons, raids, and updates to gameplay mechanics and storylines that will captivate both new and veteran players.

See Also

Star Wars Outlaws – August 30

Star Wars Outlaws offers a fresh take on the beloved franchise, allowing players to step into the shoes of a smuggler navigating the galaxy’s underworld. With a rich narrative, engaging gameplay, and the chance to explore iconic Star Wars locations, this game is set to be a must-play for fans.

Here’s what else August has in store:

  • Tomba! Special Edition – August 1 A remaster of the classic platformer, Tomba! returns with updated graphics and gameplay improvements. Players will again join Tomba on his quest to rescue his friends and defeat the evil pigs.
  • Thank Goodness You’re Here – August 1 A whimsical adventure game with a unique art style and humorous story. Players will explore a quirky world, meet eccentric characters, and solve puzzles in this delightful indie title.
  • Steamworld Heist II – August 8 The sequel to the critically acclaimed Steamworld Heist, this game combines turn-based strategy with a steampunk aesthetic. Players will command a crew of robots on daring missions and tactical battles.
  • Cat Quest III – August 8 The third instalment in the beloved action RPG series, Cat Quest III, takes players on a new adventure in a charming feline world. Expect more exploration, quests, and cat puns.
  • The Crush House – August 9 A dark and intriguing narrative-driven game where players unravel the mysteries of a haunted house. The game features atmospheric graphics and a gripping story that keeps players on edge.
  • Stormgate – August 13 An epic real-time strategy game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Players will build bases, command armies, and engage in large-scale battles against other players and AI enemies.
  • Streets of Rogue 2 – August 14 The follow-up to the rogue-lite action game Streets of Rogue, offering more characters, missions, and chaos. Players can team up or solo in procedurally generated cities filled with mayhem.
  • I Am Your Beast – August 15 A unique action-adventure game where players control a powerful beast and its human companion. Together, they must navigate a dangerous world, solve puzzles, and battle enemies.
  • The Precinct – August 15 is a gritty crime thriller in which players take on the role of detectives in a corrupt city. The game combines investigative gameplay with action sequences, offering a deep, immersive experience.
  • Dustborn – August 20 A narrative-driven adventure game set in a dystopian future. Players lead a band of misfits on a cross-country road trip, facing challenges and uncovering secrets.
  • Tactical Breach Wizards – August 22 A tactical strategy game where players control a squad of wizards in modern-day tactical gear. The game combines magical abilities with strategic planning uniquely and engagingly.
  • Concord – August 23 An exploration-based adventure game focusing on storytelling and atmosphere. Players will journey through beautifully crafted environments and unravel a deep, emotional narrative.
  • Core Keeper – August 27 A cooperative sandbox adventure game where players explore underground caverns, gather resources, and build bases. The game offers endless possibilities for creativity and collaboration.
  • Squirrel With A Gun – August 29 An offbeat and humorous action game where players control a squirrel with various weapons. The game combines fast-paced combat with quirky humour and unique mechanics.

With such a diverse lineup, this summer is shaping to be a fantastic time for gamers of all genres. Whether you’re into strategic survival, epic fantasy adventures, or thrilling sci-fi escapades, there’s something for everyone. Make sure to mark your calendars and prepare for an unforgettable gaming season!