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5 Reasons iGaming Fans Might Choose a New Casino Over an Established One

5 Reasons iGaming Fans Might Choose a New Casino Over an Established One

5 Reasons iGaming Fans Might Choose a New Casino Over an Established One

Today, there are hundreds of online casinos to choose from, so finding a reliable site with the best games, bonuses, promotions, and the most reliable and responsive player support that won’t let you down can sometimes prove challenging, especially for new players who haven’t ever played at an online casino before.

Even seasoned players sometimes struggle to decide which site to join when they fancy a change of scenery, and you now find that many players opt for new online casinos that are less than a year or two old.

Let’s discover why online casino players choose new online casinos over older, well-established ones that have been around for more than ten years.

Important Things to Look for in a New Online Casino

New online casinos always pop up, but it’s often hard to tell if they can be trusted because they usually haven’t been around long enough to build a decent track record.

Before signing up to an online casino, ensure that it’s fully licensed and regulated, preferably by a mid to top-tier licensing authority, and that a reputable operator controls it.

Also, check that the new online casino you are considering joining has excellent reviews and a decent ranking score on the globally renowned online casino review sites, such as Finally, make sure that it specifically caters to players in your country.

If everything checks out, and you want to join that site, you can register a free account with them in under a minute by filling out their online registration form. The legal minimum age to play at online casinos is usually 18, but it can be 19 or 21, depending on exactly where you live. 

5 Reasons Why Players Choose New Online Casinos Over Older Ones

You may think that new online casinos are the same as older ones that have been around for five to ten years or longer. While, to a certain extent, that’s true, new online casinos must try harder to stand out from the crowd to attract new players, so they try to do things slightly differently.

For example, new online casino operators learn from the older, well-established online casinos and take the good bits that work from those sites, leave out the bad bits that don’t work, and then go above and beyond to make their new casino sites even better than the current competition.

Here are five reasons why players sometimes choose new online casinos over older ones:

  1. Newer online casinos tend to have more lucrative bonuses for new and existing members, with much lower wagering requirements attached to the bonuses
  2. The latest casino sites typically accept even more online payment methods to cater to a wider audience. They often accept a range of credit & debit cards, prepaid cards, bank transfers, digital wallets (aka eWallets) and even a few cryptocurrencies
  3. Top new casinos will have thousands of proven-performing games (and a few exclusive games that can’t be found anywhere else) from multi-award-winning online casino software providers/game development studios
  4. The player support agents on new casinos are usually friendly and professionally trained, demonstrate high levels of customer service, and will be on standby 24/7 via live chat, email, and toll-free telephone
  5. The modern, user-friendly, and intuitive websites are typically easy to navigate and are far more appealing than some of the older online casino websites

Some of the other reasons why players often choose new online casinos over older ones are that the loyalty rewards and VIP programs tend to be much better than on the older sites, and players can earn more redeemable loyalty points per $/€/£1.00 wagered than they can on the older casinos.

On the newer sites that accept cryptocurrencies, payments are safer, quicker, cheaper, and more secure. Your personal details are in much better hands because of the higher levels of encryption used to protect the website and your account.

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New online casinos may also have a range of safer gambling tools available for fully registered members, which allow them to manually set things like [daily, weekly, and monthly] deposit limits, session time reminders, win/loss limits, and spending caps.

Final Thoughts

There is a huge demand for new online casinos, and some of the biggest contributing factors that are fuelling the increase in these sites are better player protection, enhanced security, convenience, accessibility and device compatibility, more lucrative bonuses, better/more games, bigger jackpots, much tighter regulation and vetting of operators, and other new technological innovations.

If you decide to play at a new online casino, try to conduct some basic research before randomly signing up to the first website you come across.

The best new casino sites will also be monitored and frequently audited by one or more internationally accredited online casino testing agencies, enhancing their trustworthiness and fostering trust in these sites.

Never sign up to an unlicensed and unregulated casino, and never sign up to a casino just to claim a welcome bonus that sounds too good to be true because it normally is. Only bad things will happen on sites like this.

In other words, stick to the new casino sites with overwhelmingly positive reviews and ones controlled by trusted operators who have obtained their license to operate from a mid to top-tier licensing authority/gaming commission.